5 Best Product Description Generator to Boost Conversion

Product descriptions are one of the key elements that influence a consumer's decision to buy a product.

In order to make the right decision, customers need to know how the product will work and how it benefits them.

The best way to inspire a customer is by describing the key benefits and features of your products.

To write a product description, you're left with three options:

  • Write by Yourself. But writing engaging and click-worthy product descriptions all by yourself every time is not easy. Especially if you have an eCommerce store with lots of products.
  • Hire a Copywriting Expert. The quality of your product description copy will be excellent with the right emotion and call-to-action but it may be too costly.
  • Use Product Description Generator. These are AI tools that can help you create engaging and persuasive product descriptions in seconds. They are cost-effective and save a lot of time.

But the problem is there are too many AI content generator tools all claiming to be the best in the industry.

In this article, I have compared some of the best product description generators in terms of features, benefits, ease of use, and price, that can help you write perfect descriptions for your products.

Let's get started.

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How a Good Product Description Can Help You Sell More Products?

There are many ways to sell a product. One of the most effective is to write a proper product description.

A product description can tell customers about the features and benefits of the product, what sets it apart from other similar products, and how it will help them with their needs or desires.

It’s important to write a compelling product description that will convince customers that this is exactly what they need.

A good way to do this is by using persuasive words and phrases, including testimonials from satisfied customers, comparisons with other products in the same category, and more.

What is a Product Description Generator?

Product Description Generators are tools that generate product descriptions based on your input. This is a very useful tool for eCommerce owners who are looking for a way to create product descriptions without the need of hiring a writer.

The content that is generated by these tools may not be perfect, but it will get the job done. You just need to check the copy before publishing and self-edit it to make it perfect.

These tools can save time and money for small business owners who don't have the time or resources to hire someone to write their product descriptions.

How does the product description generator works?

The first thing that you need to do is to input the necessary data about the product, such as its name, price, color, material, size or any other technical or physical details.

The generator will then take this information and come up with an appropriate description for your product.

5 Best Product Description Generator of 2024

Our Top 3 Picks

Jasper Review

Sign up for the 5-day free trial and get 10,000 words of free credit when you sign up using the special link given below. Get started today with Jasper AI.

Describely AI Logo

Describely offers a 3-day free trial on its paid plans. Sign up for the free trial and try out its premium features for free. No credit card is required to join the free trial.

Rytr AI

Rytr offers a free plan that allows you to create 10,000 characters worth of content every month. Sign up now. No credit card is required to join the free plan.

Jasper AI Product Description Generator


Jasper AI (formerly known as Jarvis AI and Conversion.ai) is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that specializes in generating product descriptions, writing eBooks, blog posts, stories, and other types of content.

It has been designed to help marketers, bloggers, copywriters, and other professionals end their writer's block and create better quality content.

More than 50,000 plus content marketers around the world use Jasper AI to create content at scale.

It offers 50+ templates that help to write almost all kinds of content:

  • Product Description
  • Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) Framework
  • Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA) Framework
  • Creative Story
  • Blog Post Topic Ideas
  • Blog Post Outline
  • Facebook and Google Ad Copy
  • And more

If you need to write a creative and engaging description for your product, you can use the Product Description template by Jasper AI.

This template is particularly useful for people having an online store with lots of products. Check all the templates here - Jasper AI templates.

Jasper AI also offers an amazing template - Amazon Product Description, that generates compelling product descriptions for Amazon listings.

To create a really useful and conversion-focused product description, you need to feed Jasper AI with the right input - product name, features, benefits, price, etc. and Jasper will automatically create an engaging description for your products in a few seconds.

If you want to learn more about Jasper, you can also check out this article - Jasper AI review, where I have explained all the features and benefits, interface, ease of use, type of content it generates, price, pros and cons, and more.

key features

  • 50+ templates to write product description, blog articles, ad copies and more
  • Writes content in 25+ languages
  • Creates original, creative and plagiarism free content
  • Automatically save your generated content
  • Jasper Commands to guide Jasper to write exactly what you want written
  • Grammarly integration to check your content for grammatical and spelling errors
  • SurferSEO integration to generate SEO-optimized content 
  • Manage and organize your content, projects in different folders
  • 5 day free trial with 10,000 words of free credit

pricing plans

Jasper AI offers two pricing plans - Starter and Boss Mode

Jasper AI Pricing Plans

Starter Plan: - At $29 per month you can create short-form content like headlines, tweets, and product descriptions and allows you to create 20,000 words of content every month.

If you want to generate long form content - eBooks, blog articles, stories and more, you would need Boss Mode plan by Jasper AI.

Boss Mode Plan: Boss Mode plan starts at $59 per month which allows to create content worth 45,000 words every month. If you need more words, you can upgrade your limit also.

Here are some stats from popular review platform like TrustPilotG2, and Capterra where users of Jasper AI have posted raving reviews - over 1000+ 5-star ratings. Have a look.

Jasper Reviews and Ratings

From above you can see that Jasper is current one of the best product description generator tools in the industry.

Jasper AI offers a 5-day free trial for first time users. When you sign up for the free trial using the special link given below, you also get 10000 Words Bonus Credit from Jasper for free. To claim bonus, sign up using the special link given below..

2. Describely.ai

Describely AI


Describely.ai is another popular AI writing tool that offers templates to generate product descriptions, marketing ad copies, content improvement, blog content and more.

It offers a product description generator that can write product descriptions for online eCommerce businesses built on WooCommerce, Shopify and Amazon.

It also offers an SEO optimization feature in partnership with Frase to improve your content for SEO which will result in higher search rankings. 

The interface of Describely is super easy to use. To create a description of a product, you just need to enter the company name, product name, some important details of the product like technical specification & features, keywords for SEO (optional) and hit on the Generate button.

It would then automatically generate unique and engaging multiple copies of the product description.

In the below screenshot, I have entered a product from Apple Inc, entered some features and click on the Generate button. You can see that it has generated a wonderful description of the product.

Copysmith Product Description Example

Example of a Product Description generated by Describely

key features

  • Offers templates to create content related to blog, ad copies, product description, brain storming and content enhancement
  • Create unique, SEO-optimized and persuasive descriptions for your eCommerce products
  • Offers Content Rewriter to improve upon on your existing content pieces by rewriting it completely
  • Integrated with popular third-party applications like Frase, Zapier, WooCommerce, Chrome
  • Article Summary to summarize long form content in to concise sentences
  • Chrome extension to rewrite or enhance your content using artificial intelligence directly from your browser
  • Offers a 3-day free trial

pricing Plans

Beginners can join the 7-day unlimited free trial. The paid plan starts at $9/month for 14 products, $28/month for 50 products, and so on.

Describely offers a 3-day free trial on all its paid plans. No credit card is required to join the free trial. Sign up for the free trial using the link given below.

Rytr AI Product Description Generator


Rytr AI is one of the most popular and affordable artificial intelligence based tools that help content creators generate unique and creative content for their businesses, blogs, email newsletters, social media pages, eCommerce stores and more.

Like Jasper AI, Rytr AI also offers a number of creative use cases (templates) that helps to generate:

  • Marketing ad copies
  • Blog outline
  • Blog articles
  • Story plots
  • Business Ideas
  • Call to Action
  • Interview Questions
  • And more

And two such popular use case by Rytr AI that most content marketers use is Product Descriptions and Product Descriptions (bullet points).

You can use these two use cases to create unique and compelling descriptions for your product.

Rytr Product Description Use Case

Source: Rytr

In the above screenshot, you can see the interface of Rytr.

If you want to learn more about Rytr AI check out my article here - Rytr AI review. In this article, I have explained all the important features, benefits, ease of use, interface, screenshots and other details that will help you understand how Rytr works.

key features

  • One of the most affordable AI writing tool
  • Supports 30+ use cases and templates to write different types of content
  • Can create content in 20+ tones of voice
  • Rich-text editor with features like expand, improve, rephrase, shorten and more
  • In-built plagiarism checker that allows you to check for duplicate content
  • Download your generated content in DOCX or HTML format
  • Organize your content in different folders
  • Free plan offers 5k characters every month

pricing plans

Following are the plans offered by Rytr AI - Free PlanSaver Plan ($9/month) and Unlimited Plan ($29/month).

Rytr offers a completely free plan for beginners. Under the free plan, Rytr allows you to generate 10000 characters worth of content every month. Sign up for the free plan with the link given below. No credit card is required to join the free plan.

Anyword AI Product Description Generator

what is anyword ai

The third popular product description generator tool on our list is Anyword AI. It is also an AI-based copywriting tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate product descriptions, marketing ad copies, landing pages, articles, blog posts, emails and more.

eCommerce site owners had to dealt with creating lots of content at scale for the products listed on their site. As such it is difficult to come up with compelling product descriptions for each of their product.

Product Description Generator by Anyword AI can help such sites generate high-quality descriptions for eCommerce products without taking too much time.

This tool is best for bloggers also who are into affiliate marketing promoting products listed on Amazon as Anyword AI offers a template - Amazon Product Descriptions, for writing engaging and persuasive product descriptions for Amazon products.

To use this template, you just need to enter some basic details of the product like - product name, industry, a brief description, benefits and features. Using the information you provided, Anyword AI would automatically write a perfect description for your product.

Or you can use another feature under the template - Feature List that creates an Amazon-style bulleted list of all the important features of the products.

Anyword AI also offers a Predictive Performance Score to the generated output which determines the performance potential of your copy that helps you decide which variation will perform best with your target audience.

Check out the article - Anyword AI review, if you want to learn more about this wonderful AI tool.

key features of ANYWORD AI

  • Creates persuasive content for Amazon products, eCommerce products, blogs, social media ads, landing pages, email newsletters and more
  • Create content in 25 languages
  • Creates plagiarism-free content
  • Optimize or improve upon your landing pages to drive more conversion
  • Create marketing ad copies for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Taboola and Outbrain campaigns
  • Offers predictive performance score to let you choose the best copy for your content
  • Free plan that lets you create 1000 words of content every month

anyword ai pricing

Anyword AI offers the following plans - Free, Data Driven Basic ($19/month), Data Driven Unlimited ($239/month) and Enterprise (custom price).

Free Plan: This plan is completely free for first-time users. Under this plan, you can create 1000 words of content to try Anyword AI. You can create descriptions for your own products or for products listed on Amazon. You can also create social posts, ad copies, product listings, landing pages, and emails. Blog post builder is not included in the free plan.

Data Driven Basic Plan: This plan would cost you $79 per month. Under this plan, you can create 30,000 words of content every month. It also include blog post builders to create long-form blog articles. The Data Driven Basic Plan is perfect for bloggers and small marketing agencies.

Data Driven Unlimited Plan: This plan include all the features of the Data Driven Basic Plan. At $239 per month, you can create unlimited content and include 5 seats and advanced features like predictive analytics and score. This plan is best for bigger agencies and businesses.

Get 20% exclusive discount when you sign up with the special link given below. To get the discount, sign up using the special link given below and use the code - Anyword20 to claim 20% discount.

Frase.io Product Description Generator

what is frase.io

Frase.io is a AI copywriting tool that uses its own proprietary AI model to generate content for any industry and topic. It can be used by anyone, from bloggers to entrepreneurs, to professional copywriters.

It is an all-in-one tool that allows you to research your competitors to find keywords they are ranking for, create content briefs and write SEO-optimized content without leaving its dashboard.

Frase.io is a free product description generator that is completely free for use. You only need to subscribe if you need additional advanced features.

To start using Frase.io to generate engaging and unique product descriptions, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to Frase.io Product Description Generator. This link will lead you straight to the tool to create a description for your product.
  • Enter the Product Name, Keywords related to your product and choose the creativity level (optional).
  • Hit the Generate button to let Frase create a quality product description for you.

In the below screenshot, you can see the tool in action.

Frase.io Product Description Example

key features of frase.io

  • Offers a free product description generator tool
  • Offers SEO content creation workflow to generate SEO-optimized content
  • Offers AI writer to engaging and unique blog content or rewrite your existing content
  • Supports collaboration with team members
  • Easy integration with Google Search Console data
  • You can create your own content templates
  • Offers a 5-day money-back guarantee

frase.io pricing

Frase offers the following paid plans - Basic ($44.99/month), Team ($114.99) and Enterprise (Custom price).

Basic: At $44.99 per month price, you would get all the features as mentioned above with 1 user seat. You can write and optimize 30 articles every month with a cap of 10,000 AI characters per month.

Team: The plan include all the features of Basic. You can add additional seats at the cost of $25/month. Team plan would cost you $114.99 which is best for big agencies and teams.

Frase.io offers a 5-day money-back guarantee on all of its paid plans. If you don't like the AI tool you can claim refund within the guarantee period and get your money back. Give Frase.io a try by signing up using the link given below.

How to Generate Product Description using AI

Here I am going to show how to create engaging and persuasive product descriptions using Rytr AI.

To start using Rytr AI, you can sign up for the free plan using the link given below.

Rytr Free Plan

After signing up for the free plan, log in to the Rytr Dashboard and click on Start Ryting.

Below is a screenshot of the Rytr AI Dashboard interface. On the left side, you can select the language, tone, use case and enter your input (Primary keyword) for the content you want to generate. You can also choose how many variants you want to generate at a time.

Rytr AI Editor Interface

To generate a description of a product, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. To start creating a product description, you need to select New Document from the top right.
  2. Select your preferred language. Languages supported by Rytr AI include English, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, German, French and more.
  3. Select your tone. Rytr creates content in the following tone of voice - formal, convincing, appreciative, assertive, casual, critical, informative, inspirational and more.
  4. Choose a use case. Select Product Description use case here. If you want to generate description of your products in bullet points, you can select another use case - Product Description (bullet points).
  5. Product Name. Enter the name of your product or brand here.
  6. About Product. Here you need to enter details of the product such as model name, features & benefits, price, pros and any other specifications you may want to add.
Product Description Generated by Rytr AI

Above screenshot is an example of product description generated by the Rytr AI using the input given by me. As you can see in the image, I have enter product name as Apple iPhone 13 and provided some details like features, benefits, model no and more.

After entering the product details, I have selected the Rytr for me button.

In the above image, you can see that Rytr AI has generated a very good description for the product - Apple iPhone 13.

Please Note.

It is important to know one important fact which is common to almost all AI-based tools - Jasper, Rytr, Anyword and more. 

And the fact is that you must provide proper input to guide the AI tool. The input text provided by you becomes the guiding factor for the AI tool to generate relevant content. 

Another thing to consider is that sometimes your AI content writing tool may generate irrelevant content. 

In this case, you can again hit the Ryte More or Generate More option offered by your AI tool as the case may be, to generate relevant content. 

Wrapping Up

A product description is a text that describes a product, its features, and the benefits of buying it. It is important to write a good product description because it can increase the conversion rate.

A good product description should be concise, descriptive, and persuasive. It should also include at least one call-to-action which is usually an instruction for the reader to take some kind of action as a result of reading the text. For example: "Buy now!" or "Click here!"

If you're facing difficulty in generating conversion-focused product copy all by yourself, I would encourage you to use a product description generator.

I would recommend you to give Jasper AI a try as it is currently one of the most popular and most used product description tools around. Apart from writing great product descriptions, you can also use it as an AI copywriting tool to create blog articles, eBooks, stories, ad copies for Google or Facebook, emails and more.

Which product description generator tool do you like the most? Please share your experience in the comment section below.

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Sign up for Jasper AI free trial and get 10,000 words of free credit using the special link given below-

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