What is a Digital Flipbook? All You Need to Know in 2024

| | March 6, 2024

Flipbooks are a form of animation that uses sequential images to create illusion of movement. They are usually created on paper and then animated by flipping through the pages.

There are two types of flipbooks: Paper Flipbook and Digital Flipbook

Paper flipbooks can be made with any type of paper whereas digital flipbook require special tool called flipbook maker or flipbook software.

When we talk about flipbooks in actual business sense, we mainly mean digital flipbooks. If you find any reference to flipbook inside this article, please be sure that we're talking about digital flipbooks only.

In this article, we will learn mainly about digital flipbook:

  • What is a Digital Flipbook?
  • Types of Digital Flipbook
  • Why use a Digital Flipbook?
  • Best Tools to Create a Digital Flipbook

Let's get started.

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Check out this video from my YouTube Channel to learn how to create a flipbook using Heyzine for free. The video is in Hindi language. English language users can follow the English sub-titles included in the video.

What is a Digital Flipbook?

A digital flipbook is a digital version of a paper flipbook. It is a series of images that can be flipped through using a mouse or finger swipe. The images are usually animated and may include sound effects. Digital flipbooks are typically used to showcase products, services, or other items to potential customers.

A digital flipbook is usually created from a set of still images that have been turned into an animation sequence. The sequence can be programmed so that the viewer can scroll through the frames by clicking on one frame at a time, or scrolling with their mouse wheel or finger swipe across the screen.

Now a days, businesses are using digital flipbooks in marketing campaigns because they allow companies to show off their products and services in an engaging way without having to spend money on expensive production budgets and professional animation.

Many online tools has also been developed that quickly convert a PDF into an interactive flipbooks. These tools are called Flipbook Maker or Flipbook Software.

Some of the popular flipbook maker tools are Flip PDF Plus, Heyzine and Designrr.

To use these tools, you just need to upload your PDF and it will automatically convert it into a digital flipbook.

See a Digital Flipbook in Action

Below is a flipbook that I have created using Heyzine. To embed the flipbook on this web page I have taken the HTML code offered under my Heyzine Dashboard and added it on this page.

To turn pages on this flipbook, you need to click on the icon (arrow) on the bottom right of the flipbook or you can also click on the navigation button (next, previous) of the control button on the left of the screen.

To learn more, check out this blog article - How to embed a flipbook on a WordPress website.

Types of Flipbooks

The types of flipbooks are mainly classified by the type of materials used to make them.

  1. Paper Flipbook. The most common type of flipbook is paper-based and it is usually used as a marketing tool or to tell an interesting story. Thus, a paper flipbook is a physical book that has been cut in half and then folded to create two pages. The pages are then attached together with a metal or plastic ring, and the rings are used to turn the pages.
  2. Electronic Flipbook. An electronic flipbook is a digital book that is designed to be viewed on an electronic device like a computer or tablet. It will usually have buttons or arrows on the side of the screen which you can use to turn through each page.
  3. Multimedia Flipbook. A multimedia flipbook is a digital book that contains video, audio, animations and other interactive elements. This type of flipbook can be viewed on any device with an internet connection and it can also be downloaded onto your computer for offline viewing.

Digital flipbooks are becoming more popular nowadays because they offer more interactivity than paper-based ones. Digital flipbooks are often used for presentations, advertising, training materials, etc.

Why Use a Digital Flipbook?

Digital flipbook is an excellent way to present your product or service because it allows you to combine text, images, videos, and sound into one cohesive story. This can help you create a memorable experience that will stay with your audience long after they have seen it.

Most people prefer flipping through pages of a flipbook rather than scrolling on a website, which is why this type of marketing strategy has become so popular in recent years.

Digital flipbooks have been around for a while now. They are the perfect way to create a presentation of your business. The best part is that they are interactive and can be shared on social media, which makes them more likely to go viral.

An interactive digital flipbook can contain:

  • text
  • audio files
  • video files
  • clickable links
  • opt-in forms to collect leads
  • shopping carts

I would like to present a few use cases for flip books:

- A flip book can be used as an advertisement for a product. It can be used in various forms, such as a video or an animation.

- A flip book can be used as an educational tool to teach children about animals and their habitats.

- A flip book can be used as a storytelling medium for children's books.

One of the main advantage of using a digital flipbook is that they are easily shareable. You can share the link of your flipbook on your website, emails or with your followers on social media pages - Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

You can also embed flipbook on your website. You just need to get the HTML code and paste it on your blog or website.

Thus, digital flipbooks are a great marketing tool for businesses because it helps them reach more people, make more sales and share their message in an interactive way.

Best Tools to Create Digital Flipbooks

There are many tools available that can be used to create flipbooks, but not all of them are equally good. Some tools are more suitable for beginners while others are better for professionals and experts.

Below I have mentioned two of the best flipbook software that you can use to create interactive flipbooks:

Flip PDF Plus Flipbook Software

Flip PDF Plus is a popular flipbook maker that automatically converts static PDF or images into HTML5 flipbooks.

It allows you to make your flipbook more engaging to your audience by adding elements like - table of content, audio, bookmark and more. It also offer pre-built templates, themes, and animated scenes that can be easily customized to meet your needs.

You can also measure performance of your flipbooks such as traffic, page views, duration, bounce rate by integrating it with your Google Analytics account.

Flip PDF Plus is available as a download for both Windows and Mac operating system. You can purchase Flip PDF Plus at a one time price of $129 instead of recurring monthly payment.

Designrr Flipbook Software

Designrr is another very popular flipbook maker tool that I personally use and recommend. This is an incredibly special tool because it help you repurpose your existing content (blog post, YouTube video, old PDF, Word document) into a flipbook or an eBook.

Thus, you don't need to create anything from scratch. You just need to select the source and Designrr will convert it into a flipbook in few seconds.

Currently, Designrr can help you convert the following source documents into a flipbook:

  • Blog Post
  • Word Document
  • Old PDF
  • Facebook Post
  • Video

Or alternatively, you can also create a flipbook entirely from scratch.

Designrr offers an easy to use editor that is user-friendly and offers tons of customizable element (table of content, font, audio, video, links, header & footer and more) that you can add to your flipbook to make it more interactive and engaging.

Designrr also offers hundreds of customizable templates and you can create unlimited flipbooks with a single account.

If you want to learn more, check out my article - Designrr review, where I have explained its features and benefits, ease of use, price, integration, pros & cons and more.

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Wrapping Up

Flipbooks are a great way to engage with customers on a deeper level. It is more personal and interactive than just sending them an email about your business. You can include video, sound, images, and text in the flipbook and make it as long or short as you want.

They are often used for marketing purposes because they can be customized for any topic or niche and can be shared easily on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

If you want to boost conversion rate for your marketing campaign by generating more sales or simple want to increase brand awareness or build leads, flipbooks can help you achieve that.

I would recommend you to try Flip PDF Plus (a downloadable software) or Designrr (repurpose your existing content). Both these flipbook software are available at a one-time price instead of monthly payments.

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