5 Best AI Copywriting Software of 2024 for Content Writers & Marketers

| | March 21, 2024

AI copywriting software is a type of software that uses artificial intelligence to generate text. It is a computer program that uses natural language processing, machine translation, and other types of AI to generate new text.

AI writers are able to generate content for a variety of purposes, as well as edit and improve the existing text.

Who can use AI writing software?

  • Content creators: To generate high-quality and unique content free from grammatical mistakes or plagiarism
  • Story writers: Who are struggling with writer's block or need a little help coming up with story ideas for their content
  • Bloggers: To generate unique, original long-form blog articles at scale
  • Companies: To generate content for their websites or social media account on a regular basis.
  • Digital agencies: To generate all kinds of marketing ad copies to generate the highest possible ROI for their clients

In this article, I'm going to compare and review some of the Best AI Copywriting Software of 2023 in terms of their features, benefits, ease of use, pricing and more that can help you generate top-quality content every time.

Let's get started.

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Best AI Copywriting Software

What are the Best AI Copywriting Software?

Our Top 3 Picks

Jasper Review

Jasper AI

Sign up for the 5-day free trial and get 10,000 words of free credit when you sign up using the special link given below. Get started today with Jasper AI.



Sign up for the free trial and get 6,250 worth of free credit. You get 70+ AI template, AI Article Writer, extension and more. Get started with WriteSonic today.



Sign up for the free trial and run 3 content optimization for free. Get started using the link given below and optimize your content to rank higher.

AI copywriters are able to produce better content than humans because they have access to more data than humans do. They are also be able to provide a more diverse range of content because they don’t have human limitations such as emotions or biases.

That being said, let's get started with the Best Copywriting Tools of 2023.

If you're looking to generate long-form content 5X faster than a conventional writer then Jasper AI is the tool you need.

Jasper AI Content Generator

JASPER AI overview

Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence based copywriting software that can generate content for businesses at scale. It is a new and revolutionary way to create content for your business without having the need to hire writers or do the job yourself.

With the help of Jasper AI, you can generate long-form content like blog articles, stories, eBooks, reports, email newsletters, marketing ad copies and more. If you want to learn more, check out my article - Jasper AI review, where I have explained all of its important features & benefits, price, pros & cons, ease of use, alternatives and more.

While using Jasper, you just need to enter your input text to guide the AI in the right direction to create the right content for you. Else, it can create irrelevant content. This is basically true for almost all AI writing tools.

It offers 50+ templates for creating different kinds of content that is original and free from plagiarism. It is also trained to write content in 25+ languages. Here are all the important features of Jasper AI.


  • 50+ content templates: Jasper AI offers more than 50 copywriting templates that can be used to create almost any kind of content you can imagine.
  • 25+ languages: Apart from English, Jasper AI can write content in languages like Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Chinese, Danish, Italian and more.
  • Boss Mode: To create long-form content, Jasper AI offers Boss Mode feature.
  • Grammarly: Grammatical error in content is considered bad for user experience. Thanks to Grammarly integration with Jasper, you can generate content free from any errors.
  • SurferSEO: With SurferSEO integration, Jasper allows you to optimize your content for SEO.
  • Copyscape: Jasper AI creates original content every time you hit the generate button. If you're not sure, you can use Copyscape to scan your generated text for duplicate content.
  • Project Folders: Easily manage or organize your content in different folders for different projects.

JASPER AI pricing

Jasper AI doesn't offer any free plan, however, you can join the 5-day free trial to try all of its premium features. The paid plans offered by Jasper are - Starter Plan and Boss Mode Plan.

Jasper AI Pricing Plans

Starter Plan: At $29/month, you can create content worth 20,000 words per month that include blog articles, ad copies, product descriptions and more.

Boss Mode Plan: This plan starts at $59/month that lets you create 50,000 words of content and include everything under the Starter Plan. You can create long-form under this plan.

Check the latest pricing here - Jasper Pricing Plans.

Special Offer

If you need an AI copywriter that produces high-quality output every time you hit the Generate button, I would recommend you to give Jasper a try. Jasper AI offers a 100% risk-free 5-day free trial. Additionally, as a Technicalwall.com reader, you will get 10000 Words of Bonus Credit from Jasper if you sign up with the special link given below.

Must Read: Jasper AI vs Copy AI

WriteSonic AI Copywriter

Writesonic overview

WriteSonic AI is another very popular AI-powered copywriting tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you write better copy. The AI software can help you create almost any kind of content - Blog Articles, eCommerce Product Descriptions, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and more.

For example, if you're looking to create a blog article, you can direct WriteSonic to write a blog intro, blog outline and long-form content within seconds.

If you have an eCommerce store or have a store on Amazon, you can use this AI writing assistant to generate amazing product descriptions, product features and product titles for your product.

Ad agencies and marketers can use the tool to create highly-engaging marketing copies for their ad campaign running on Google Ads or Facebook.

Other AI content that WriteSonic can produce include - ads for LinkedIn, SEO-optimized meta tags and descriptions, titles, descriptions, intros and outline for YouTube videos, high-converting landing pages, email newsletters and more.

WriteSonic offers 80+ powerful AI writing tools to improve your writing - content rephrase, ai article & blog writer, sentence expander and more.

300,000+ marketing teams, agencies and freelancers already use WriteSonic every day for their content writing needs. Some of the bigger brands that uses WriteSonic include Google, Todoist, Wix, Moodle, Schneider Electric and more.

WriteSonic offers a free trial for beginners who may want to try out its features before upgrading to the premium plans. Under the free trial, you can generate content worth 6250 words. Paid plans start at $10/month for 30,000 words.

key features

  • 70+ AI templates to write any kind of content
  • Write content in 25+ languages
  • Write conversion-focused landing page copy
  • AI Article Writer to write engaging and unique content
  • Offers Sonic Editor that works exactly similar to Google Docs for creating draft copy
  • Supports integration with third-party marketing tools like Zapier, Semrush
  • Offers browser extension that you let write on Google Docs, Gmail, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Guides, tutorials and webinars to help you scale your content production
  • Offers a completely free trial

writesonic pricing

WriteSonic offers the following pricing plans - Free Trial ($0/month), Short-form ($10/month) and Long-form ($13/month).

WriteSonic Pricing

Short-form: The plan starts at $10/month (for annual billing) which gives you the ability to generate 12,000 words of premium content. The pricing plan is flexible which means that you can easily increase your word limit by paying more. For example, by paying $16.67/month you can produce 62,500 words of content. Please note that AI Article Writer is not included in the short-form plan.

Long-form: This is the most value for money plan by WriteSonic. At $13/month, you can generate 47,500 words of content like long-form blog articles, write stories, write marketing ad copies, write eBooks, and more. Other advanced features include - AI Article Writer, Sonic Editor, Bulk Processing, Custom Branding, Priority Support and more.

WriteSonic AI is a great tool for any copywriter. It can help you improve your writing skills, and produce better copy for your blog or marketing campaigns. Get the free trial using the link below and explore all the features of WriteSonic.

NeuronWriter Content Optimization Tool

neuronwriter overview

Third best AI copywriting tool on our list is NeuronWriter. It is a new AI tool but works wonderfully well to write SEO-optimized content to help you rank higher.

One of the best things about this tool is that it is designed to help you write content quickly and easily. It's artificial intelligence tool that analyzes your content and automatically generates a content optimization score out of 100.

It also give keywords recommendation by scanning through your competitor's content. By following the recommendation you can improve your content score that can result in higher ranking in search engines.

In addition to being a great tool for writing SEO-optimized content, NeuronWriter is also a great tool for managing your content. This means that you can keep track of your content and make sure that it is always up-to-date. This is a great way to ensure that your content is always relevant and fresh.

To start using NeuronWriter you just need to enter your Main Query (keyword). You can also multiple keywords if you want. Then you need to select search engine of your choice. For example, Unites States, if you're target audience is mainly from US. Now select language and click on the Start button.

Neuronwriter Content Writer

As soon as you hit the Start button, NeuronWriter will scan the Google Search for the top-ranking websites and present you with the top 30 results. Out of 30 results, it automatically select the top 10 results for content optimization.

Now click on your main query, it will open the content editor where you can optimize your content by analyzing and adding keywords as recommended by NeuronWriter.

Neuronwriter Content Score

As you start adding more content, NeuronWriter will automatically start giving you a content score out of 100. A high content score will mean that your content is properly optimized for SEO. A score of 80+ would be a perfect score to achieve.

NeuronWriter Content Writing Editor

NeuronWriter pricing plan starts at €19/month that allows you to perform 25 content analyses and offers 15000 AI credits for content generation. Interlinking, content planner, schema data explorer, content sharing, content management are some its other important features.

 If you need more credits, you would have to upgrade to the higher-tier plans. Check out the latest pricing plans here.

key features

  • Ability to add single query or multiple queries to generate content recommendation
  • Supports multiple search engines around the world - US, UK, Australia, China & others
  • Allows to choose up to 30 competitors from the suggested list after analyzing your query
  • Suggest content score of your top competitors
  • Calculate score of your content by analyzing your Meta Title, Meta Description, length, readability and more
  • Automatically suggest H1, H2, H3 headings by analyzing your competitors
  • Offers an AI tool that can generate short-form content
  • Ability to import your existing content for optimization
  • Supports multiple search engines around the world - US, UK, Australia, China & others
  • You can export your content in the following formats - Docx, raw HTML, minimal HTML


NeuronWriter offers the following pricing plans - Bronze (€19/month), Silver (€37/month), Gold (€57/month), Platinum (€77/month) and Diamond (€97/month).

I would recommend you to start with Bronze as it is the most economical plan and allows you to optimize 25 blog articles every month and gives you 15000 worth of AI credits that you can use to generate content for your articles. If you need more features and credit limits, you can always upgrade to higher plans.

NeuronWriter can help you identify the key phrases and words that are most relevant to your topic, and then provides you with a report that shows you how often those phrases and words are being used by your competitors. This information can be very valuable in helping you to tweak your content so that it is more likely to be found by Google and most importantly rank you higher than your competitors on Google Search results. Get started with NeuronWriter using the link given below.

Anyword AI Copywriting Software

anyword overview

Anyword is another hugely popular AI copywriting software that optimizes your ad copies to bring more conversions and drive more sales to your business.

It is the first AI copywriting tool to offer a Predictive Performance Score that smartly evaluate potential to engage with your audience, their demographics to help you choose the best copy.

Creating marketing ad copies tailored to specific audience is the key to your ad campaign success. And Anyword does exactly that. Using Anyword, you describe your target audience - male or female, college students, moms, working professional and more. By defining your audience, you get the high-converting copy to be displayed before the right people at the right time.

It offers a tool - AI Ad Copy Generator that allows you to create ad copies for platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

You can also generate content for landing pages, blog articles, email content, social media content, product descriptions, SMS and more.

Anyword offers a completely free plan for beginners. Paid plans start at $29/month which gives 20,000 words of credit every month along with other features like 100+ AI writing tools, blog post wizard and more.

If you want to learn more, check out the Anyword Review where I have compared in detail its features & benefits, ease of use, pricing, alternatives, pros & cons and more.

key features

  • Generate high-quality marketing ad copies using its real-time Predictive Performance Score and analytics
  • Anyword uses AIDA and PAS copywriting framework to generate perfect marketing copy for you
  • Produces content in 30+ languages
  • AI Ad Copy Generator to create high-converting ad copies for Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram & more
  • Create highly-optimized landing page copies with optimized headers, sub-headers, product descriptions and CTA buttons
  • AI writer to generate full-length blog articles
  • Generate engaging email subject lines to boost email open rates
  • Completely free plan for beginners

anyword pricing

Anyword offers the following plans for its users - Free ($0/month), Basic ($29/month) and Data Driven ($99/month).

Free: Under the free plan, you can create 1000 words of content every month. Though the word limit is very less, but you can try the plan to check whether Anyword is the right copywriting software for you or not.

Basic: At $29/month, this is the plan that I would recommend you to join. Under this plan, you can generate 20,000 words of content every month with other notable features like 100+ AI writing tools, 200+ data-driven copywriting tools, blog post wizard and more.

Data Driven: You need to pay $99/month to create 30,000 words of content every month. If you need more credits, Anyword allows you to easily increase your limits by paying for the extra credits.

Special Offer

Readers of Technicalwall.com will get 20% Discount on Anyword paid plans. To get the discount, sign up with the special link given below and use the code - Anyword20.

Rytr AI

rytr ai overview

Another popular AI copywriting and content generator tool that has gathered excellent reviews and ratings (4.9 out of 5) across third-party platforms like Trustpilot.com, G2 and Capterra is Rtyr AI.

Not only that, it is one of the most affordable AI copywriting tool available. Paid plans start at only $9/month and also offers a free plan for beginners.

Rytr is an AI-powered content generation tool that helps businesses create engaging content at scale - blog post, product descriptions, marketing ad copies and more.

After using Rytr AI for the last couple of months, I feel that it is one of the best AI tool for creating blog post outline, ad copies, AIDA and PAS framework copies and story plots.

If you want to learn how Rytr AI can help you generate unique and original content, check out my article - Rytr AI review, where I have compared its interface, features, benefits, price, pros & cons and more.

key features

  • Affordable: Rytr is one of the most affordable AI copywriting software.
  • GPT-3 AI: Rytr uses GPT-3 AI technology and machine learning to generate content
  • 30+ Use Cases: Supports 30+ use cases - blog idea & outline, blog section writing, AIDA, PAS, email, product description, Google & Facebook ad copies and more.
  • 20+ tones: Rytr generates content in 20+ tones of voice - appreciative, candid, informational, formal, critical, funny, urgent, inspirational, convincing and more.
  • Rich-text editor: The Rytr text editor comes with powerful features - expand, improve, rephrase, shorten and more, to help generate more content in less time.
  • Plagiarism checker: If you're worried about duplicate content, you can use the in-built plagiarism checker to check the generated content for plagiarism.
  • Folder management: If you're working for clients or have multiple websites yourself, you can easily organize and manage your content in different folders.
  • Free Plan: Free plan for beginners that offers 10k characters every month

rytr AI pricing

Rytr AI comes with a complete free plan that allows you to create content worth 10000 characters every month.

However, as a beginner you may like to join the free plan to see what exactly Rytr AI can write for you. Once you're satisfied with the output, you can upgrade to the premium plans.

Rytr AI Pricing Plans

Rytr AI offers the following paid plans to its users - Saver Plan ($9/month) and Unlimited Plan ($29/month).

Saver: This plan is ideal for someone who is not looking to generate content at scale. Such users can get best return for their money as it allows 50,000 characters every month which is sufficient to create around 8-10 articles of 1000 words each. It will cost you only $9/month.

Unlimited: For heavy users this plan is perfect as it gives you ability to generate unlimited amount of content at only $29/month. Both the paid plans comes with common set of features already discussed above.

If you want to save more buying any of the above paid plans, you can opt for annual billing to get two months free.

Rytr AI offers a completely free plan that allows you to explore all the premium features before upgrading to the paid plans. Sign up for the free plan using the link given below.

What is AI Copywriting?

Copywriting is the process of creating marketing materials such as website content, brochures, and email campaigns. It is a specialized form of writing that is designed to persuade the reader to take a specific action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a service.

It is a highly skilled profession that requires a deep understanding of human psychology and sales techniques. The best copywriters are able to distil complex concepts into simple, easy-to-understand language that motivates the reader to take action.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of businesses using artificial intelligence (AI) to create marketing copy. This has resulted in the teremendous growth of AI copywriting tools. These tools uses algorithms to generate persuasive marketing materials.

There are a number of advantages to using AI tools for copywriting. 

First, it can help you save time by automating the task of creating marketing materials.

Second, it can help you create more personalized and targeted materials, as it can analyze data about the reader and generate content that is specifically tailored to them. For example, Anyword AI that is pioneer in generate highly-relevant ad copies for your target audience.

Third, AI copywriting can help you create materials that are more effective than those created by humans. This is because AI can analyze data about what works and what doesn't work in marketing, and then use that information to create more effective copy.

AI copywriting is still in its early stages, and there are a number of challenges that need to be addressed before it can be widely adopted. However, the potential benefits of AI copywriting are significant, and it is likely that we will see more and more businesses using it to create their marketing materials in the future.

What are AI Copywriting Software?

As discussed above, AI Copywriting software uses artificial intelligence technology to generate content for a given topic. They have the ability to understand human language and generate text in response to input.

One of the most popular use cases of AI writing tools is in generating content for websites. Websites need new content every day and this can be time-consuming and expensive if done manually by a human writer. Using an AI writing tool like Jasper AI, companies can automate the process of generating new website content, saving them time and money in the long run.

The use of AI assistants by marketing ad agencies is also increasing. There are many reasons for this development. One of them is the high demand for content that needs to be written on a daily basis.

That is why marketing agencies uses these AI copywriting tools to generate content for their clients at scale. Another reason is that it saves them a lot of time and effort. These tools allow them to quickly and easily generate high quality content that would otherwise take a lot of time and resources to create.

What can AI Copywriting Software Write?

Most AI copywriting software can write almost any kind of content - blog articles, product descriptions, stories, eBooks, landing page descriptions and more.

Here are the few use cases that you can expect an AI copywriting tools to write for you.

  • Long-form blog articles along with blog post titles, blog intro, blog outline, blog conclusion
  • Meta titles, meta description for your blog articles
  • SEO-optimized your content by recommending the right set of keywords
  • Marketing ad copies for platforms like - Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter, Instagra, Pinterest
  • Conversion-focused landing page description with the right blend of headers, sub-headers, product descriptions, CTA buttons, opt-in forms and more
  • Engaging email subject lines and email newsletter content that boost email open rates and subscribers engagement
  • Create highly-engaging and unique stories for your readers
  • Create high-quality and informative eBooks for your audience that you can offer to your site visitors to build an email list or sell them for a profit
  • Create content in more than one language, most AI tools are able to write content in 20+ languages on average
  • Create ad copies using popular marketing framework- Attention, Interest, Desire and Action
  • Write compelling product descriptions for your product listed on your own eCommerce store or Amazon
  • Generate YouTube video titles, description and script outline
  • And many more

Can AI Copywriting Software Replace Humans?

Will copywriting be automated? Can AI copywriting software replace humans? The answer is straight NO. They are not able to provide the same level of creativity and emotions that human copywriters can.

AI copywriting is still in its early stages, and there are a number of challenges that need to be overcome before it can be widely used. One of the main challenges is that NLP algorithms are not yet able to write copy that is as creative or compelling as that written by humans. They can, however, produce copy that is accurate and error-free.

Thus, they are not a replacement for human copywriters. They are just assistants that can help content writers by getting rid of writer’s block and generating content ideas at scale.

One more thing you should take care of is that sometimes these AI writing tools generate completely irrelevant content. Especially some facts and figures generated by these tools can be factually wrong.

That is why it is recommended to use AI software as an assistant only. You can take the content generated by the AI tool, tweak it as per your requirements.

Copywriting vs Content Writing

Many people confuse between copywriting and content writing.

Copywriting is a form of communication that is written to persuade someone to take an action, buy a product or service, or believe in something. It relies on the use of words and phrases that are designed to be attention-getting, persuasive, and often emotional.

Thus, copywriters use words and phrases to promote a product or service in a way that makes the reader want to buy it. They write advertising copy, landing page descriptions, promotional email newsletters and more.

To generate large amount of marketing copies, businesses rely on popular AI copywriting software tools like Jasper AI or Anyword.

Content Writing on the other hand is a form of writing that conveys information about a particular topic. It can be used in many different mediums including websites, blogs, social media posts and articles. It usually contains facts and data supporting the main topic.

If you want to learn more, check out this video on 3 differences between Content Writing and Copywriting.

Wrapping Up

The software covered above are some of the most popular and best AI copywriting tools of 2022.

Bloggers, website owners, YouTube channel owners and marketers can use these tools to generate content at scale and run perfect marketing copies for their ad campaigns.

I hope that this article would help you choose the best AI copywriting software for your online business or blogs.

I would recommend you to start with Jasper AI as it is one of the few tools that is able to generate high-quality unique content that can boost engagement with your readers. You can also produce ad copies, landing page copies, stories, product descriptions, write eBooks and more.

Get started with the Jasper AI free trial using the special link given below and also get 10,000 words of free credit.

Which AI copywriting software you like the most and why? Please share your experience in the comment section below.

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