6 Best AI Content Generator: Generate Quality Content At Scale

| | March 21, 2024

AI content generator are software that generate content with the help of Artificial Intelligence technology. They are designed to automate the process of generating content and can be used by:

  • Online businesses as a marketing tool, or
  • Digital agencies as a way to generate conversion-focused ad copies for their clients, or
  • Website owners to create high quality blog content within a short time.

The AI content generator is able to create unique and engaging content without any human input. It is able to do this because it is constantly learning from the text that it generates and from feedback that it gets from its users.

This AI software can be used for many different things such as generating blog posts, ad copy, press releases, product descriptions, email newsletters, stories and even eBooks.

If you're looking for the best AI Content Generator tool for your online business (blog, website, social media sites and others)? You've come to the right place.

In this article I'm going to cover some of the best tools that will help you overcome writer's block to create amazing unique content at scale.

Let's get started.

Note: This article contains affiliate links. When you click an affiliate link and make a purchase, we get a small compensation at no cost to you. See our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer for more info.

What Makes a Good AI Content Generator?

Following are the benefits or features you may want a good AI content generator to have:

  • It should be able to generate content for any niche or topic.
  • It should be able to generate a lot of content ideas in a short period of time.
  • It should also be able to create content that is relevant to the topic.
  • It should also be able to generate quality original content that will resonate with the target audience.
  • It should be able to create different types of content, such as articles, blog posts, ebooks, marketing ad copies, product descriptions social media posts, and more.
  • It should have a user-friendly interface that is easy for anyone to use.
  • It should have the ability to integrate with other platforms like WordPress, Google Docs and social media platforms.

5 Best AI Content Generator of 2022

Our Top 3 Picks

Jasper AI

#1 Jasper AI

Sign up for the 5-day free trial and get 10,000 words of free credit when you sign up using the special link given below. Get started today with Jasper AI.


#2 WriteSonic AI

Sign up for the free trial and get 6,250 worth of free credit. You get 70+ AI template, AI Article Writer, extension and more. Get started with WriteSonic today.

Anyword Review

#3 Anyword AI

Sign up for the free plan. No credit card is required. You get 1000 words of free credit every month plus access to 100+ AI writing tools. Get started with Anyword today.

1. Jasper AI (Formerly Jarvis AI)

Jasper AI Content Generator

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI (Formerly Jarvis AI ) is a content generator that uses machine learning and natural language processing to generate original creative content.

It can be used for many purposes such as generating blog posts, articles, email newsletters, marketing copy, Google and Facebook ads and even press releases. It is also capable of creating professional email templates, social media posts, and other marketing materials.

What content Jasper can write for you?

For different content needs, Jasper supports 50+ templates that can be used to create perfect content for your business or website. Here are a some popular templates offered by Jasper:

  1. Create perfect description of your product that include Attention, Interest, Desire and Action - AIDA Framework. This framework can be applied to many different areas of marketing including sales letters, email campaigns, and advertisements.
  2. Generate new marketing copies for your product using three important parts: the problem, the agitation of the problem, and the solution to that problem - PAS Framework. This technique is used to persuade an audience.
  3. Jasper is one of the best AI story generator, it can create unique, original and creative stories to engage your readers - Creative Story.
  4. Struggling to get new blog topic ideas, Jasper can help you find new topics for your blog content - Blog Post Topic Ideas.
  5. If your site content include "Listicle" and How to" style blog posts or articles, you can use this AI content generator to create perfect blog post outlines and list - Blog Post Outline.
  6. If you're into affiliate marketing promoting Amazon products, you can create engaging product descriptions to generate more clicks and sales - Amazon Product Description.
  7. Write attention driven email subject lines to boost your open rate - Email Subject Lines.
  8. Check out the full template here - Jasper templates.
Jasper Content Templates

Key Features of Jasper AI

  • 50+ templates to create almost any kind of content - AIDA, PAS, Blog Post Intro Paragraph, Facebook & Google Ad Headline, Facebook & Google Ad Primary Text, and more
  • Create content in 25+ languages - English, French, Chinese, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and more
  • Boss Mode feature to create original long-form content 5X faster - Blog Post, Stories and even eBooks
  • Supports integration with SurferSEO to optimized your generated content for SEO
  • Scans your generated content with Copyscape to ensure that the generated content is 100% plagiarism-free
  • Activate Grammarly to fix any grammatical or spelling mistakes in your content
  • Create folders to manage multiple projects and multiple clients
  • Priority chat support

Jasper Pricing & Plans

Jasper offers two pricing plans - Starter and Boss Mode

Jarvis AI Pricing Plans

Starter Plan: You can get the Starter Plan at $29 per month and is perfect for short-form content like headlines, tweets, and product descriptions. It comes with a 20,000 words/mo limit. You can increase the limit but would have to pay for each limits. For example, for 49000 words/mo would cost you $49 every month.

If you have a requirement for long form content - blog articles, stories, eBooks or marketing copies, Boss Mode is the plan you need.

Boss Mode Plan: Earlier, the price of Boss Mode was $119 per month. To make Boss Mode affordable to many, Jasper has introduced a new Boss Mode plan which now starts at $59 per month.

At $59/mo, you get 45000 words limit per month, which I think is sufficient to create enough content every month.

Jasper (Jarvis) has got 1,000+ five-star reviews on platforms like TrustPilotG2, and Capterra which shows that people are happy with the content generated with Jasper.

Jarvis Reviews and Ratings

Jasper offers a 100% risk-free 5-day free trial. If you're not happy with the content Jarvis wrote for you, simply email at [email protected] to cancel your account within the trial period.

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Writesonic AI Content Writer


Writesonic AI is a GPT-3 based content generator that can be used to create blog posts, Google ads, Facebook ads, product descriptions, and more. It uses artificial intelligence to generate quality content at scale.

It is mainly used by marketers, agencies and eCommerce brands to create engaging ad copies or landing pages that generates more clicks and sales for their business.

It offers 40 copy templates ranging from landing pages to ads. You just need to input your product's name and a short description. Writesonic will take the input and quickly generate lots of unique and click-worthy variants for your product.


Let's see in detail which types of content can Writesonic generate for your blog or business.

  1. If you're a business with a product, you can create conversion-focused landing page with engaging and SEO-optimized product descriptions.
  2. Writesonic is very popular among marketers as it creates highly engaging ad copies - Google ads, Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads. Currently, it does not support Twitter and Instagram ads.
  3. Bloggers who are facing finding blog ideas or generating blog content, can use Writesonic for blog ideas, blog outline and blog articles. It also has an in-built check for grammar and readability.
  4. If you're into eCommerce, you can generate Amazon product titles, product descriptions, features and more. You can also use Writesonic to create sales email that drives conversion.
  5. Currently, Writesonic support two copywriting framework - AIDA and PAS.
  6. Other miscellaneous content Writesonic can write are - press releases, company bio, personal bio, startup ideas, YouTube video copy and more.

Key Features of Writesonic AI

  • Writesonic AI uses GPT-3 based artificial intelligence technology to create unique and original content
  • 50+ content types to create content for your blog, product or ecommerce site
  • Creates content in 24+ languages
  • Supports copywriting framework like AIDA & PBS to create product description that converts
  • Offers both Pay-As-You-Go (for occasional users) and monthly recurring subscription (for regular users)
  • Free trial with 10 credits to generate landing pages, ads, product descriptions and more


Writesonic offers the following plans - Free Trial, Basic Plan ($15/month), Professional Plan ($45/month), Startup Plan ($95/month) and Agency Plan ($195/month).

Writesonic Pricing

Free Trial: Writesonic offes 10 free credits to new users to create blog post, landing pages, ad copy, product description and more. If you want to try Writesonic before upgrading to the paid plans, you can sign up for the trial and create content for free to see if it is the right AI content generator tool for you or not.

Basic Plan: It would cost you $15/month with 75 credits and 1 users seat. If you're a blogger and have a small content requirement, you can sign up for the Basic Plan.

Professional Plan: If your content requirement is more and need unlimited credit, you can sign up for this plan. It would cost you $45/month.

Writesonic offers a free trial with 6250 words of free credit. You can use this credit to create landing pages, ad copies or blog posts. Sign up for the free trial below (no credit card is required).

Anyword AI Content Generator


Anyword is another great AI content generator to get rid of writer's block and create unique, original content for your business or blog. It is an AI writing assistant that uses machine learning to generate articles, blog posts, and other types of content.

It is the first copywriting AI to offer a predictive performance score. Anyword uses a model trained on $250M worth of ad spend, coupled with your historical data to help you create expert-level messages across channels and formats.

Anyword powers the world's top brands, including CNN, PetCareRx, NBA, Red Bull, Ted Baker, and many more.


Anyword can generate engaging marketing copy for your social media campaigns, blog articles and . Check out below what content Anyword can deliver to you:

  1. You can easily create ad copy content for social media websites like - Facebook, Instagram, Google, Verizon, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and more. The AI can include your target keywords and create copy to target a specific demographics.
  2. If you want to create a perfect landing page copy for your product or online business, Anyword can help you generate and optimize headers, sub-headers, product descriptions, and CTA buttons for your landing page.
  3. Anyword is one of the best AI content generator for generating engaging and unique blog articles for your site. You can generate blog outline, article intro, conclusion incorporating your targeted keywords.
  4. If you're struggling to better your email open rates, Anyword can help you generate engaging email subject lines that will grab their attention of your subscribers.
  5. Generate SMS marketing copy that will motivate your target audience to engage and take action to make a purchase.

Key Features of Anyword AI

  • Create plagiarism-free unique blog articles
  • Like Jasper, Anyword can also create content in 30+ languages
  • Anyword analyzes your content with Natural Language Processing to rank it in order of what would perform best for your goals.
  • It uses AIDA and PAS framework to generate perfect marketing copy for you
  • Supports API for more advanced users
  • Generates effective copy and predict its performance before a campaign has even started
  • Ability to optimize landing page copy to show the right variation to the right audience at the right time
  • Offers 7-day free trial (no credit card required)
  • Free plan that offers 1000 words every month

ANYWORD Pricing & Plans

Anyword.ai offers the following plans - Free ($0/month), Basic ($29/month) and Data Driven ($99/month).

Free: This plan is completely free for first time users. Under this plan, you can create 1000 words of content to try Anyword AI to see if it can write perfect content for you or not. You can create social post, ad copy, product listings, landing pages, and emails. Blog post builder is not included in the free plan.

Basic: This plan starts at $29 per month. Under this plan, you can create blog articles, social media ad copy, landing page copy, product listings for Amazon & Shopify and more in 25+ languages. It also include blog post builders to create long-form blog articles. It offers 20,000 words per month, and one seat is provided.

The Basic Plan is perfect for bloggers and small marketing agencies.

Data Driven: This plan include all the features of Basic and allows to generate 30,000 words of content every month. It also include 1 seats and advanced features like predictive analytics and score. It will cost you $99 per month.

This plan is best for bigger agencies and businesses.

Due to its outstanding features and ease of use, Anyword has gathered many positive reviews and ratings (4.8 out of 5) on platforms like - Trustpilot, Capterra and G2.

Anyword AI User Reviews

If you want to try Anyword, you can sign up for the free plan. No credit card is required to sign up for the free plan. Sign up here.

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4. Rytr

Rytr AI Content Generator

What is RYTR AI?

Rytr is an affordable AI content generator that uses artificial intelligence to automate the process of generating content. It is a new way for businesses to create engaging and scalable content.

Rytr AI has been designed to take care of the heavy lifting for websites and online businesses that need to produce high volumes of content on a regular basis, freeing up their time and resources. It automatically creates engaging copy from templates, with minimum human input.

If you want to know more about Rytr in detail, check out my in-depth review of Rytr where I have explained all the benefits, features, ease of use, how to use it, pros and cons, price, alternatives and more.


Rytr offers 30+ use cases that can be used to generate content related to blogs, email newsletters, Facebook or Google ad copy, stories, product description and more.

You just need to choose your use case, add some input for context and Rytr will automatically generate content for you. Here are some content use cases that you can create from Rytr:

  1. If you're a blogger, Rytr can help you generate blog post outlines. You just need to select Blog Idea & Outline under Use Case and add your Primary Keyword. Rytr will automatically generate outline for your blog article. If you're not happy with the outline, you can select Ryte More to generate a new outline.
  2. After you generate your blog post outlines, you can make use of the use case - Blog Section Writing to let Rytr write a complete paragraph based on your Section Topic and Section Keywords.
  3. Generate creative & attention-grabbing copies in AIDA format for your product or services or brand - Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Same goes for Problem, Agitate, and Solution (PAS) copywriting framework. Just enter your Product or Brand description and Rytr AI will do the content generation for you.
  4. Write catchy emails that drives your email open rates. Select the right tone, for example - candid, enter the key points of your email, let Rytr do the rest.
  5. Rytr can help you generate original and creative ad copies for your social media campaigns - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. You can also generate ad copy for Google ads.
  6. If you're into writing, you can generate unique stories, from Story Plot use case. Just input your Story Idea and Rytr will automatically create story for you.
  7. Check out the full use case here - Rytr Use Cases
Rytr AI Use Cases

Key Features of Rytr AI

  • Rytr is powered by state-of-the-art language AI to generate unique and original content
  • 30+ use cases and templates to create almost any kind of content
  • Create content in 30+ languages
  • Supports 20+ tones of voice to create content in the right emotion - candid, formal, informative, appreciative, casual, convincing, enthusiastic and more
  • Supports AIDA & PAS to create perfect description for your product or brand
  • Powerful rich-text editor with useful features to improve the content quality - expand, rephrase, improve, paragraph and more
  • In-built plagiarism checker to check for content uniqueness
  • Download your generated content in .docx or .html format
  • Easily store and organize your projects in folders
  • Create team account to manage members of your team, project access, & billing from one place
  • Completely free plan for beginners


Rytr offers the following plans  - FreeSaver and Unlimited.

Rytr AI Pricing Plans

Free Plan - This plan allows you to write 10000 characters (not words) every month for free.

Saver Plan - At $9 per month, this plan allows to create 50000 characters worth of content. The plan also include access to 30+ use-cases, 30+ languages, 20+ tones, built-in plagiarism checker, access to premium community and custom use cases.

Yearly payment of $90/year instead of 12 monthly payment of $9 ($108/year) will get you 2-months absolutely free.

Get the Saver Plan here.

Unlimited Plan - This is the best plan by Rytr as it allows you to create as many content as possible. No limit on content creation whatsoever. It would cost you $29 per month (or $290/year, 2 months free). 

It include all the features of Saver Plan. Plus, dedicated account manager with priority email and chat support are some of its other notable features.

Rytr takes the best copywriting skills and combines them with machine learning to create content that is engaging and persuasive. Due to its awesome features and ease of use, it has gathered awesome ratings on review platform like TrustpilotG2 and AppSumo.

Rytr Reviews and Ratings

Get started with Rytr today to create unique, original and engaging content for your online business.

Rytr offers a completely free plan that allows 5000 characters every month with 30+ use cases, 20+ tones, built-in plagiarism checker and other features.

Copysmith AI Content Creator


Copysmith AI is another popular content generator that can generate high quality blog posts, ad copy, and product descriptions.

eCommerce and Marketing teams can use Copysmith to create ad copies that converts more shoppers to customers and generate more leads for their online business. They can also use the bulk content generation feature to create more content in short period of time.

Bloggers and small website owners can also use Copysmith to generate blog outline, blog post, product description and more.

The Copysmith interface is very easy to use and it has a wide range of features that will help you create the content you need.


Copysmith generate content that can bring more revenue to your business as it can create conversion-focused ad copy at volume. Below I have highlighted content that Copysmith can create for your blog and business:

  1. Ecommerce players can use Copysmith to generate SEO-optimized product descriptions, Google ads, SEO meta tags and more.
  2. Easily create ads for all major social media websites - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. it also allows you to write amazing Google ads and Amazon product description.
  3. If you're into affiliate marketing, you can create high-converting product reviews. You can also generate blog ideas, blog outline and blog post.
  4. For YouTubers, Copysmith allows you to create engaging YouTube video description.
  5. If you're looking for framework like - AIDA, PBA, social media captions, FAQ ideas and listicle, Copysmith has got you covered in this aspect too.
  6. Another great feature offered by Copysmith is branding. You can create amazing landing page for your product or business, create event press release, tagline for your brand and more.
  7. Check out all the templates here - Copysmith full features

Key Features of Copysmith AI

  • Copysmith AI creates unique and original content
  • 30+ templates to create almost any kind of content
  • Google Chrome extension to speed up your content creation process
  • Supports copywriting framework like AIDA & PBS to create product description that converts
  • Supports integration with Google Docs, Google Ads, Frase, Shopify and more
  • In-built plagiarism checker to check for content uniqueness
  • 7-day unlimited free trial for beginners


Copysmith offers the following paid plans  - Starter ($19/mo), Professional ($59/mo) and Enterprise (custom price).

All the three paid plans supports third-party integration with applications like Google Ads, Shopify, Frase SEO Enhancer, Zapier, Google Docs, WooCommerce and more.

Copysmith Pricing

Starter Plan: This plan will cost you $19/month. This affordable plan is perfect for beginners who have limited content generation requirement. The plan include 50 monthly credits which can be used to create 33,000 words per month on average.

Professional Plan: This plan costs $59/month and is perfect for those looking to create content at scale. It gives you 400 monthly credits which can generate up to 260,000 words per month, on average.

If you have more content generation requirement, you can contact Copysmith to sign up for the Enterprise Plan to get a custom quote.

Copysmith AI offers a 7-day free trial plan (no credit card is required). Sign for the free trial with the link given below and start creating highly engaging, original and conversion-focused content for your business.

Scalenut Content Generator

What is scalenut AI?

Scalenut is an AI-driven content creation platform that enables users to produce high-quality, original content quickly and easily. 

The powerful natural language processing (NLP) engine by Scalenut can understand and interpret your input, allowing it to generate content that is meaningful and relevant.

Who can use Scalenut?

Scalenut allows people from various fields such as content writers, freelancers, marketing managers, content strategists and business owners to create different kinds of content like blog posts, social media posts, eBooks, stories, email subject lines, and more.


Below I have mentioned the content types that you can create using Scalenut.

  1. Using Scalenut you can create long-form content eBooks, blog posts and even short-form content like compelling social media posts and emails.
  2. It is able to generate blog outline using the SERP analysis feature and frequently asked questions from Google, Quora and Reddit.
  3. Create engaging marketing copies eCommerce product description, Google ads copy, Google headlines, Facebook headlines, headlines & descriptions for LinkedIn ads and more.
  4. Scalenut allows you to generate email subject lines that can help you boost your email open rates.

Key Features of Scalenut AI

  • Offers 40+ AI templates to create almost any kind of content - AIDA, PAS, blog post, emails headlines, social posts, ads and more
  • Offers Cruise Mode AI writer to create an entire blog post under 5 minutes
  • NLP-powered AI writer help you create SEO-friendly content that help you drive organic traffic from search engines
  • Content Grade score to help you optimize your content for search engines
  • Topic Cluster tool by Scalenut allows to help you build topical authority and rank higher in SERP positions
  • Offer Chrome extension that allows you to use AI writer on platforms like Gmail, Google Docs, LinkedIn, Quora, Instagram, Twitter and more
  • Offer lots of free tools like meta description generator, blog ideas generator, passive to active converter and more
  • Offers a 7-day free trial on its paid plans


Scalenut offers the following paid plans - Individual ($29/month), Growth ($79/month) and Pro ($149/month).

Scalenut Pricing Plans

Individual: At $29/month ($17/month annual price), this plan offers 100,000 AI words which you can use to write blog post, ads, emails, social media post and more. 5 SEO reports, 40+ AI tools and 24 by 7 customer support are its additional features and benefits. This plan is best for individual bloggers and content creators.

Growth: If you need unrestricted content generation ability, you can subscribe to this plan which will cost you $79/month ($47/month annual price). The plan offers unlimited AI words, 30 SEO reports, 30 topic clusters, cruise mode, and more. The plan is best for growing businesses.

Pro: Large agencies and businesses can subscribe this plan for unlimited content generation and allows team members to join for content collaboration. It includes everything covered under the Growth plan. The price of Pro plan is $149/month ($89/month annual price).

Check the latest price here.

As you can see above, if you opt for annual billing you can save 40% on the regular monthly price. For example, the Growth plan monthly price is $79/month but if you pay upfront the yearly price, it would cost you only $47/month (40% saving on the regular price).

The user interface by Scalenut is very intuitive and beginner-friendly. The output quality of the AI is also great whether you are using it to generate long-form content or the short-form. You can join the 7 day free trial using the link given below.

What is a AI Content Generator Tool?

Content creation is essential to any successful online business; however, it can be quite time consuming and difficult.

That's why AI content generator tools are becoming increasingly popular. These tools are designed to help content creators generate content at scale and automate mundane tasks safely and efficiently. 

These tools are basically computer programs that are designed to generate content based on certain parameters. The AI content generator tool uses a variety of techniques, such as natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms, to produce content that is both unique and compelling. 

These AI text generator can be used to produce content for a variety of purposes, such as blog posts, social media posts, emails, stories, story plots and even eBooks. 

These tools are especially useful for content creators who need to produce a high volume of content quickly. They can save time, energy, and money, and can help content creators create content that is engaging and SEO-friendly.

Wrapping Up

AI writing is a type of artificial intelligence that has been developed to produce new content. This type of AI is often used by digital agencies and companies as a tool to generate content for their clients.

The idea behind development of AI Content Generator is that it can be used as a way to generate content at scale, meaning that it can do this with minimum input from humans.

The reason for this is that the AI will use algorithms and machine learning to create new content based on what has been written before. This means that it will take what has been written and make new sentences based on what it thinks might work best in the given situation.

This type of AI can be seen as an assistant for human writers, who often struggle with writer's block or coming up with ideas for certain topics or niches.

I recommend you to go with Jasper (formerly Jarvis) as it is currently the best AI content generator among all the tools. Sign up for the free trial and get 10,000 words of free credit.

Which AI writing tool you like the most? Please share your experience in the comment section below.

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Special Offer

Readers of Technicalwall.com who joins the Jasper free trial will get 10000 Words of Bonus Credit from Jasper. To get the bonus, sign up with the special link given below.

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