Best Audio to Text Converter of 2021 (Both Free and Paid)

There is tremendous demand in the industry to utilize audio content to its full potential by converting it into formats like TXT or DOCX.

To take advantage of this demand, various online audio transcription tools have started offering this service.

Basically, audio transcription is the process of converting an audio file into a text file. Audio to text converters can transform the following into text:

  1. Interviews
  2. YouTube videos
  3. A music video
  4. Voice memos
  5. Academic study
  6. Conference recording

There are many software and online services, both free and paid, that can easily convert audio files as mentioned above into the text format.

If you’re also looking for audio to text converters, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I have highlighted 3 best converters that can easily convert your audio recording into text.

Let’s get started.

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Best Audio to Text Converter of 2021

Happy Scribe Audio to Text Converter

Happy Scribe was launched in 2017 with the aim of helping people transcribe their audio and video content into text.

It has been used by 1 million users and has already transcribed millions of minutes in audio and video content.

By combining state-of-the-art AI with the expertise of world-class language professionals, Happy Scribe offers the following popular services:

  • Audio to Text Converter
  • Video to Text Converter
  • Free Transcription Editor
  • Automatic Transcription Software
  • Caption Generator

Happy Scribe has both free and paid plans for audio to text converters.

Let’s look at some of its key features and pricing plans.

key features

  • It supports 120+ languages
  • The audio can be converted into 40+ formats
  • Free transcription editor to transcribe audio manually
  • Paid service include automatic transcription software as well as human transcription service

Happy Scribes offers the following 3 ways to transcribe audio to text:

  1. Transcribe the audio manually with its transcription editor (FREE)
  2. Use its Automatic Transcription Software
  3. Book its Human Transcription Services

Transcription Editor (Free)

If you want a completely free solution to convert your audio into text, you can use the transcription editor by Happy Scribe.

However, you need to work manually to listen to the audio and transcribe audio to text.

To do this, you can add your media file or link to your YouTube video inside the editor.

Once your media is added, you can listen to the audio and convert it into text. You also have the option to replay the audio as many times as you need.

Automatic Transcription Software (Paid)

This is a paid video and audio to text transcription service by Happy Scribe. It would cost you Euro 0.20 per minute.

You can upload files from different sources - files saved in your computer, URL, videos link from Youtube, Vimeo, Drive, and more.

As soon as your media is uploaded, automatic transcription software will start transcribing your files. Depending on the length of the audio, it will complete the transcription within a few minutes with 85% accuracy that can be downloaded to your computer.

The transcription software can convert the audio to text in 120+ languages and export it in different formats - txt, word, pdf, json, final cut, premiere, avid and more.

Before upgrading to the paid plan, you can use the free trial of 10 minutes to try and test the quality of transcription service.

Human Transcription Services (Paid)

If you prefer conversion of audio to text by a real-person instead of an AI software, Happy Scribe has got you covered.

The service will cost Euro 1.70 per minute and conversion will be matched to 99% accuracy.

All other features of this service are similar to the automatic transcription software covered above.

Get started with Happy Scribe today.

Audext Audio to Text Converter

Audext is one of the fastest audio transcription tools to convert audio notes, interviews, lectures, meetings and more into text and other formats.

The Audext interface is quite easy to use. It can transcribe an hour of video in just 21 minutes which is one of the fastest transcription processes in the industry.

key features

  • Convert audio to text in minutes automatically with the help of AI
  • In-built editor to fast paced your conversion with features like highlight text, find & replace, customize playback speed and others.
  • Edit converted text without leaving Audext
  • Supports different audio and video formats: MP3, M4A, WAV and others.
  • Export transcribed files into different formats - TXT or DOCX
  • Audio transcription supports up to 10 languages
  • Works online. No need to install any software.

How Audext Audio to Text Converter Works?

  1. Upload your audio files in the Audext dashboard.
  2. Click to send the audio stream to the Audext cloud editor.
  3. The timed transcript immediately starts downloading into your project.
  4. Clear Audext tools help you efficiently review and edit the results at any convenient time.
  5. Export the converted file in TXT or DOC format.

Audext has multiple paid plans. One can get 1 hour of transcription at only $12 or get it done at only $5 with the subscription.

Get started with Audext audio to text converter today.

Watson Speech to Text Converter

Third audio to text conversion software on our list is IBM Watson Speech to Text.

The software can easily convert your audio or voice into written text in 7 languages in real-time.

The IBM Watson Speech to Text service provides APIs that use IBM's speech-recognition capabilities to convert different languages into transcripts of spoken audio. 

The service can transcribe speech from various languages and audio formats. English, French, Spanish, Brazilian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, German, Portuguese, and Mandarin speech can be converted into text using this service.

key features

  • Powerful real-time speech recognition
  • Highly accurate speech engine
  • Built to support various use cases

Real-time speech recognition

The software automatically transcribes audio from 7 languages in near real-time. The software has the capability to identify and transcribe what is being discussed in the audio.

It is able to transcribe even lower quality audio to text. It supports variety of audio formats and programming interfaces (HTTP REST, Websocket, Asynchronous HTTP).

Accurate search engine 

It can accurately recognize product names, sensitive subjects or names of individuals and others and convert them into text and other formats. 

Built to support various use cases

The software is also able to convert audio into text in various use cases. It includes real-time transcription for audio from a microphone, to analyzing 1000s of audio recordings from a call center.

To check how IBM Watson Speech to Text service works, you can check out the following demo link-

To try IBM Watson Speech to Text service, you can:

  • Record audio with your microphone
  • Upload pre-recorded audio (.mp3, .mpeg, .wav, .flac, or .opus only).
  • Play one of the sample audio files.*

IBM Watson Speech to Text service, would cost in the range of $0.01- $0.02 per minute depending on the tier level you’re in.

Get started with IBM Watson Speech to Text to convert audio to text today.

Who can use Audio to Text converters?

Students - To transcribe lecture speech into readable notes.

YouTubers - To transcribe videos into text and use them to create subtitles for their videos.

Podcasters - To convert podcast episodes into text which can be used to create blog articles.

Journalists - To convert interviews or press conferences into readable text.

Businesses - To transcribe recordings of conference meetings into text.

Lawyers - To transcribe court session recordings to text and save them securely.

Doctors - Voice recording in the form of prescriptions and other medical records can easily be transcribed into text.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have covered some of the best and popular audio to text converters that can be used by professionals for converting their audio recording into text.

These online audio to text converters can completely eliminate the need to hire a human transcription to do the job.

To do the conversion job faster and with great accuracy, you can use any of the converters highlighted in this article.

I would recommend you to start with Happy Scribe as it is cheaper and very accurate.

Which converter do you like the most and why? Please offer your comment below.

If you like the article, please take a moment to share it with your friends.

Best Audio to Text Converter

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