3 Best Podcast Name Generators for 2021

Podcasts are the latest craze. People listening to podcasts are increasing day by day.

Latest studies revealed that 32 percent of Americans are listening to podcasts on a monthly basis. And there are currently 850,000 active podcasts and over 30 million podcast episodes.

Everyday new podcasts are getting launched. However, one of the biggest hurdles for beginners in starting a new podcast is finding a perfect name for the podcast.

If you are also struggling to get a perfect name for your podcast, continue reading this article till the end.

You will learn about some of the best podcast name generators that will help you to generate perfect and unique names for your podcast.

Let's get started.

3 Best Podcast Name Generators

Popular podcasts are related to niches like music, business, TV and film, education, health and fitness, technology, arts, science, sports, politics, news, and more.

Thus your podcast name should relate to the niche you're trying to cover.

Having a perfect podcast name will help your audience to connect with it better.

Here are the top 5 best podcast name generators.

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Copywriting Course Podcast Name Generator

Copywriting Course is a copywriting agency that provides copywriting training to entrepreneurs, content writers, and sales teams.

Their training focuses on increasing conversion rates by helping the trainee become a better copywriter.

They have also developed a podcast name generator tool that helps in generating podcast names.

Here is the link that takes you to the podcast name generator.

Once you’re on this page, you will be prompted with a simple form.

Enter your podcast topic, your name, and your city, as shown below.

Generate Podcast Names Instantly

As soon as you enter all the information inside the form, it will instantly generate not one or two but 100 podcast names.

Not only this, it has some additional features that allow even more possibilities when it comes to naming your podcast show:

  • Adding words like The, A, Your & others, in the beginning and words like Consulting, Group, Company & others, at the end. 
  • You can also try different fonts such as Normal, All Caps, Fancy & Cool.

Get started with Copywriting Course Podcast Name Generator today.

2. BNG

Business Podcast Name Generator

BNG is an all-in-one solution to generate names of different types of business like:

  • Podcast Name Generator
  • Domain Name Generator
  • Blog Name Generator
  • Brand Name Generator
  • and others

If you are wondering how to name your podcast inside this tool, just follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Go to the podcast name generator page.
  2. Enter the words for your podcast name and click on the Generate button.
  3. Choose the filter type according to your business or niche.

First, you need to enter the words that you want to be in your podcast name and then click on generate.

It will display lots of podcast names. Choose the one that you find best for your podcast.

Podcast Name Ideas Generator

Another excellent feature of BNG's platform is that it syncs with Go Daddy to check domain availability instantly.

If creating a website for your podcast is also in your mind, this feature will save you lots of time.

Get started with BNG Podcast Name Generator today.

Podcast Business Name Ideas Generator

BizNameWiz is another wonderful tool to generate name ideas for your podcast business.

If you are planning to launch for your business then this tool would be handy to generate unique and attention grabbing podcast names.

The tool is almost similar to the BNZ covered above. Here also you are required to enter words that you want in your podcast name.

As soon as you hit the Generate button, it will suggest different names for your podcast.

On the name suggestion page, you can select Industry Filter to generate related names to your business.

Podcast Business Name Generator

The tool also allows you to check domain availability with GoDaddy in case you want to create a site for your podcast show.

To select domain availability, select any of the podcast names, and it will display all the available domains that include your podcast name.

Generate your podcast name with BizNameWiz today.

These are some awesome sites to generate perfect name for your podcast.

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How To Create A Great Podcast Name

The name of a Podcast should grab the attention of your listeners and should be related to your niche.

A poorly named podcast will fail to drive new listeners. Your podcast name must be unique, interesting and memorable.

Here are some useful tips on how to name your podcast perfectly.

  • Pick a name that is directly related to your content, topics or information your podcast will produce.
  • The podcast name should be relevant to your audience. It doesn't make sense to name your podcast "Best Business Ideas" if your target audiences are sports enthusiasts.
  • Add your name in the title if you are promoting your name as a brand. By having your name in the podcast, you won't have to worry about what topic you speak upon.
  • Failing to secure a domain name for the podcast show is a mistake that you may realize and regret later. Once your podcast grows and creates an audience base, you may want a site that gives your podcast show much more visibility and branding. Thus, having a domain name early on for your podcast would be a very good decision.

Wrapping Up

Podcasts are not limited to specific sections. You can find a podcast in niches like music, business, TV and film, education, health and fitness, technology, arts, science, sports, politics, news and many others.

If you have a podcast name that your audience can relate with themselves would be a perfect beginning to your podcast career.

Which podcast generators have you used? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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