Otter AI Review: Is it the Best Transcription Tool?

| | March 21, 2024

Transcribing meetings, interviews, conversations, and lectures has always been a challenging task for many people. It requires a great deal of concentration and focus to take accurate notes, especially when dealing with complex topics or fast-paced conversations.

Fortunately, with the rise of artificial intelligence technology, AI tools are now capable of writing blog posts, generating marketing ads, creating eBooks, writing stories and also transcribing audios into text.

Thus, transcription has become more efficient and faster than ever before. is one such transcription tool that has gained popularity among professionals, businesses, and students alike. 

In this article - Otter AI Review, we aim to provide an in-depth review of, highlighting its features, benefits, drawbacks, pricing plans, how to use it, tips and tricks, alternatives and more.

Let's get started.

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Otter AI Review

What is Transcription Service is a leading transcription tool that uses artificial intelligence to transcribe audio and video recordings in the form of conversations, meetings, lectures, and interviews in real-time.

It was founded in 2016 by Sam Liang and Yun Fu, and since then, it has been immensely popular among professionals, individuals and businesses in different fields as a fast and efficient transcription tool.

The tool uses advanced algorithms to analyze the audio and video recordings and provide accurate and real-time transcriptions.

What sets apart from other transcription tools is its use of artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms, which allows it to accurately transcribe conversations in real-time.

The speaker identification feature of also makes it easy to differentiate between speakers, making it ideal for transcribing group discussions and interviews. offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use, even for beginners. It also integrates well with other tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, making it easy to transcribe online meetings and lectures.

One of the biggest advantages of is its affordability. Compared to other transcription tools in the market, offers a great balance between accuracy and affordability, making it an ideal choice for small businesses, freelancers, and individuals looking for a reliable and cost-effective transcription tool.

Otter also offer a free plan with features like English speech to text (including accents), speaker identification, automated summary, live transcription, and more. Get started with for free.

Key Features of

Otter AI Features transcription service boasts of several key features that make the transcription process smoother and easier.

So, what are the features of that makes it one of the best audio to text converters? Let's take a closer look.

1. Quality Transcription's accuracy and quality of transcription are pretty impressive.. The tool uses advanced algorithms to analyze audio and video recordings, making it much more accurate than traditional transcription methods.

The accuracy may vary depending on factors such as background noise, multiple speakers, and audio quality. However, Otter AI provides a high degree of accuracy, making it an excellent tool for professionals who need accurate transcriptions.

2. Real-Time Transcription 

Another feature that sets apart from other transcription services is its real-time transcription capability. This means that the software can transcribe conversations as they happen, making it ideal for live events, meetings, and interviews. 

This feature can also be incredibly helpful for people who have difficulty hearing or understanding spoken words.

2. Ease of Use offers a user-friendly interface where you can simply upload an audio or video file to the tool, and it will start transcribing it automatically. You can easily edit, format, and share your transcripts.

Additionally, the tool provides real-time transcription, which means you can see the text as it is being spoken.

3. Integration

Otter AI Integration

It integrates with various apps, including Zoom, Dropbox, Microsoft Team and Google Drive. You can easily import and export files to and from, making it easy to use in various contexts.

For example, you can use to transcribe a Zoom meeting, and then export the transcript to Google Drive for easy sharing and collaboration.

4. Pricing offers both free and paid versions. The free version provides 300 minutes of transcription per month, which is pretty generous compared to other transcription tools. 

The paid version provides additional features, including increased minutes of transcription, custom vocabulary, and team collaboration.

key features

  • Real-time Transcription: provides real-time transcriptions, which means that you can see the text on the screen as you speak or listen.
  • Speaker Identification: can identify different speakers and label their text accordingly, making it easier to follow the conversation.
  • Multiple Input: It accepts audio input from built-in mic, Bluetooth, and AirPods.
  • Collaboration: You can collaborate with others on a transcription project with real-time annotations and share the transcripts with them.
  • Integration: integrates with other apps such as Zoom and Dropbox, making it easy to use.
  • Folders: Easily manage and organize your transcriptions in separate folders.
  • Security: Offers TLS encryption and AES-256 encryption for real-time content. Pricing Plans offers the following paid plans - Basic ($0/month), Pro ($8.33/month), Business ($20/month) and Enterprise (custom price). Pricing Plans

Basic: If you want to try or have limited requirements for transcription, you can join the Basic plan which is completely free up to 300 minutes of transcription service (30 minutes per conversation). Other features that is offered under the Basic are real-time transcription, speaker identification, live transcription and more.

Pro: It include every features under the Basic and offer 1200 monthly transcription minutes with 90 minutes of transcription per conversation.

Business: Every features under the Pro is covered under the Business plan. It offers 6000 monthly transcription minutes with 4 hours transcription per conversation limit.

Why Use

If you have been working on transcription using traditional methods like taking notes by hand or using word processors, you may have noticed that it involves several challenges.

  • One of the biggest challenges of traditional transcription methods is accuracy. When taking notes by hand, it is easy to miss important information or misinterpret what was said. Similarly, when using a word processor, it is easy to make typing errors, especially when the speaker has a strong accent or speaks quickly.
  • Another challenge of traditional transcription methods is time-consuming. Taking notes by hand can be a slow and tedious process, especially when the audio recording is long. Similarly, using a word processor requires constant pausing and rewinding the audio to ensure accuracy, which can be time-consuming and frustrating.
  • Traditional transcription methods are also limited in their ability to handle multiple speakers or overlapping dialogue. This can make it difficult to identify who said what, resulting in a confusing and inaccurate transcription.
  • In addition, traditional transcription methods are often expensive. Hiring a professional transcriber on freelancing websites like Upwork can be costly, while relying on in-house staff to transcribe can take away from their primary duties.

With the development of advanced transcription tools like, many of these challenges can be overcome, making transcription faster, more accurate, and more accessible than ever before.

Thus, using a transcription tool like offers the following benefits that includes:

  1. Saves time: saves time by transcribing audio and video recordings much faster than humans can.
  2. Improves accuracy: The tool provides accurate transcriptions, reducing the chances of errors and omissions.
  3. Increases productivity: With, you can focus on listening and understanding the conversation rather than taking notes, which increases productivity.
  4. Less expensive: The cost of transcription using a tool like is less as compared to hiring a freelancer.

Who Can Use

Transcription has become an important tool in various fields such as academia, business, legal, and media. They can use a tool like to easily convert their recorded media into text and other formats.

  • In academia, transcription is used to transcribe lectures, seminars, and interviews. This helps students and researchers to revisit the content and make accurate notes. It is also used to transcribe research interviews, which provides a rich source of data for analysis.
  • In business, transcription is used to transcribe meetings, interviews, and conference calls. This helps to maintain a record of the discussions and decisions made during the meeting. It is also useful for creating minutes of meetings and for creating a searchable archive of important discussions.
  • In the legal field, transcription is used to transcribe court proceedings, depositions, and interviews. This helps lawyers to prepare their cases and to maintain a record of important information.
  • In the media industry, transcription is used to transcribe interviews, documentaries, and news broadcasts. This helps journalists to accurately report the information and to create subtitles for videos.

Thus, if your area of work falls under any of these fields as mentioned above, you can subscribe to to improve efficiency and productivity.

How to Use for Transcription?

How Otter AI Works

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use for transcription:

  1. Register your account: First, create an account on's website or download the app on your mobile device.
  2. Upload your audio or video recording: Once you're logged in, you can upload your audio or video recording to You can do this by dragging and dropping the file onto the upload page or by selecting the file from your computer.
  3. Start transcription: Once your file is uploaded, will automatically start transcribing the recording. The tool will identify different speakers and timestamp the transcription, making it easy to navigate through the recording.
  4. Review and edit: Once the transcription is complete, review the text to ensure accuracy.'s transcription may not be 100% accurate, so it's essential to review and edit the text as needed.
  5. Use the editing tools: provides several editing tools that allow you to make changes to the transcription. You can add or delete text, highlight sections, or even add comments to the text.
  6. Export the transcription: Once you're satisfied with the transcription, you can export the text in several different formats, including Word, PDF, and plain text.

Tips and Tricks for Using

So far in this review, we have covered an overview of this transcription tool, its important features, pricing plans, who can use it and more. While is simple to use, I have mentioned below some easy to follow tips that will help you get the high-quality transcription.

Tips and Tricks for using

  • Make sure the recording is of good quality: The accuracy of the transcription will depend on the quality of the recording. Make sure the recording is clear, and the speakers' voices are easily distinguishable.
  • Use speaker identification: The speaker identification tool by Otter can help you keep track of who is speaking during group discussions or interviews. Make sure to turn on this feature before starting the transcription.
  • Use keywords: allows you to search for specific words or phrases in the transcription. Adding keywords to the text can help you quickly find relevant information.
  • Use the playback speed feature: allows you to adjust the playback speed, making it easier to review the transcription and make any necessary changes.
  • Practice using the editing tools: provides several editing tools that can help you fine-tune the transcription. Take some time to practice using these tools to make the editing process more efficient.

With these tips and tricks, you can get the most out of Otter AI and create high-quality transcriptions with ease.

Drawbacks of

While is an excellent transcription tool, it has some drawbacks, including:

  1. Accuracy issues: While is generally accurate, it may not always provide perfect transcriptions, especially in cases of background noise or multiple speakers talking at once.
  2. Limited language support: supports only a few languages, which may be a limitation for some users.
  3. Cost: has a free version, but to access some premium features, you need to subscribe to the paid version, which may be expensive for some users. Alternatives

This Otter AI review would be incomplete, if I don't mention some of its closest alternatives. Some of the popular competitors include Rev, Descript, Happy Scribe and Temi.

Let's compare with other popular transcription tools and highlight their strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Rev: It is a professional transcription service that offers fast turnaround times and high accuracy. While Rev is more expensive than, it's a better option if you're looking for a professional-grade transcription service. However, Rev doesn't offer the same advanced features as, such as real-time transcription and the ability to highlight sections of the text.
  2. Descript: Descript is a transcription tool that offers unique features such as audio editing and collaboration tools. While Descript is little more expensive than, it's a better option if you're looking for a tool that allows you to edit the audio and text together.
  3. Happy Scribe: Happy Scribe is a transcription tool that offers accurate (85% accuracy) and affordable transcription services ($0.20 per minute). While Happy Scribe is cheaper than, it doesn't offer the same advanced features such as real-time transcription. stands out among other transcription tools due to its advanced features, accuracy, and affordability.

While other transcription tools may offer unique features or faster turnaround times, is the best option for those looking for a fast, accurate, and affordable transcription tool with advanced features.

Wrapping Up is one of the best transcription tools in the industry due to its advanced features, high accuracy, and affordability.

The real-time transcription feature of is a game-changer, allowing users to transcribe and review meetings, lectures, and interviews in real-time, saving time and increasing productivity. 

The speaker identification feature also makes it easy to differentiate between speakers, making it a great tool for transcribing group discussions and interviews. 

I hope this blog post on review will help you make an informed decision to use it as your preferred transcription service provider.

If you need a fast and efficient way to transcribe audio and video recordings, is definitely worth trying out.

The advanced features and user-friendly interface offered by makes it one of the best transcription tools in the industry, and it's no surprise that it's become a popular choice among professionals in different fields. Get started with for free using the link below.

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