8 Best eBook Cover Creator Software (Both Free and Paid)

In USA, 20 percent of book readers prefer eBooks over physical ones, and 23 percent read an exact number of eBooks and physical books (source). In 2017, the print books had a share of 45% in sales that is now reduced to 39%.

Whereas eBooks share have now grown to 27% which shows people are now prefer to read digital books more in comparison to physical one (source).

If you're also into eBook writing and are looking for the best eBook cover creator software, you will love this article.

The goal of an eBook cover is to provide some sense of what the book is about and to make it more attractive to the prospective reader. A great book cover should communicate the essence of a book in a single image using typography, illustration, color, and design.

In this article, I have covered some of the most popular eBook cover maker that you can use to create an attractive and beautifully designed cover for your eBook.

Let's get started.

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eBook Cover Creator

What are eBook Cover?

While publishing your eBook, keep in mind the vital role eBook cover plays. An eBook cover should sum up the whole story, theme, and ideas of the book.

Despite the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, people do judge a book by its cover. An eBook cover should be appealing enough to attract several readers.

It tells the reader some of what they might expect from reading this particular book, by showing them a preview of its content.

Amazon Best Sellers Books

Source: Amazon.com

The eBook cover works as a sales tool that can convey immediate thoughts in images and design to the readers. It works as a first impression, so if the eBook cover is a big hit among your readers, it may help your eBook to go viral also.

Later in this article, I have highlighted some tips to take care of before you choose any tool as your preferred eBook cover creator.

Before that let's get started with the 8 Best eBook Cover Makers and learn about their features, ease of use, steps to create an eBook cover, price and more.

What are the Best eBook Cover Creators?

While it is important to focus on choosing the right landing page design for your eBook but before that you must create a professionally looking cover for your eBook.

The old-fashioned way of designing a book cover is now outdated. There are many popular book cover design software that can help you create professional and engaging book cover for your eBook. 

There are many different eBook cover creator software available, but we've narrowed down our top seven recommendations to help you get started.

  1. Canva
  2. Snappa
  3. Visme
  4. Adobe Express
  5. ClickDesigns
  6. Media Modifier
  7. Flipsnack
  8. Glorify

Canva is a very popular cloud-based online graphic design software. Bloggers, writers, eBook publishers can create professional-looking attractive covers for their eBooks on this platform for FREE.

The platform is beginner-friendly with very easy to use interface. You don’t need to be a professional to use the tools offered by Canva. 

It comes with a wide range of stunning eBook cover templates. You can choose one from the already existing templates or create an eBook cover completely from scratch.

Canva eBook Cover Creator

Key Features

  • Ready to use Templates - Canva offers lots of ready-made eBook cover templates that you can tweak as per your requirement, download it and make it your eBook cover.
  • Simple Drag and Drop Interface - Canva is one of the easiest to use design platform. It's drag and drop editor is simple yet powerful with all the popular editing tools right in front of you - templates, elements, uploads, text, styles, background, photos, audios, videos, charts and more.
  • Millions of Stock Images and Icons - What makes Canva truly impressive is the collection of millions of stock images, graphics and icons that can be included in your eBook cover. Most of them are absolutely free to use. You only pay when you use a premium item ($1 per item) in your cover design.
  • Curved Text - Make your eBook cover design completely unique by adding curve text. Canva allows to curve your text as whole text boxes instead of letters giving a unique appearance to your cover.
  • Add Stickers - Another elements that you can add to your cover is stickers. If you want to mention - Best Seller or Discounts or any other information in your cover to draw attention of your target audience, stickers will allow you to do that.

How to create an eBook Cover in Canva?

To create an eBook cover in Canva, go to https://canva.com and follow the below mentioned steps to create your cover.

1. Enter the text - eBook Cover in the search bar and press the Enter button. It will present you lots of templates from different genre. Choose the one that fits your theme or start from a completely blank eBook cover.

Canva eBook Cover Templates

2. Now you'll be taken inside the Canva editor where you have the following editing options available:

  • Templates. The first option that you get at the top left of the editor is the templates. If you're not happy with your chosen template, here you can scroll through all the available templates to find the right one.
  • Elements. It is the most popular editing feature by Canva. Here you can choose from different elements to design your eBook cover - shapes, graphics, photos, audios, videos, charts, frames, grids, and others.
  • Uploads. If you want to use your own custom image in your eBook cover, just upload in your Canva account using this option.
  • Text. Add a simple text or choose from custom built ready-made text design template. To use a free template, hover your mouse over the template to check it is a free or a premium template. Add the text template and edit to change its color, size, font style.
  • Other options available inside the editor are Styles, Background and integration options with popular sites like Pixabay, Pexels, Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps, Giphy, Google Drive and more.
Canva eBook Cover Editor

Edit your caption text here

3. Make your edits to the cover by selecting the text or image already present in the template or add a new text, shape, image or graphics from the left side panel of Canva.

4. When you're ready with your finished eBook cover, you can download it in the following formats - png, jpg, pdf print (high-quality), gif and others.

Canva offers attractive pre-built templates that can be used to create an eBook cover for free. You can join the free plan by Canva to create a professionally designed eBook cover. Get started with the link given below.

Snappa is a free eBook cover creator that offers the best tools for creating a presentable cover. It is a cloud-based program that lets the designers use the pre-existing templates and use the layouts present in libraries.

The tool is generally used as a graphic designer. Users can add different font sizes and styles, change background, shapes & color, and apply other features as per requirements. The cover dimension, images, logos, everything can be set up using the in-built Snappa editor.

Snappa Online eBook Cover Creator

Key features

  • Add Text to Photo- You can add text to your images in the form of captions or commentaries. The font size and style are adjustable.
  • Background Remover- Sometimes you may need to add images with no background in your eBook. Snappa allows you to remove the background from images with just one click.
  • Image Blur and crop - There is a blur slider tool, and it works for free. It allows you to blur or crop the image or background easily.
  • Image Flipper, Resizer, and Rotator- You can easily play with the images by changing the size or rotation of the image or adding flipping or mirror effects.
  • Speech Bubbles- It lets you use the speech bubbles to draw the attention of the audience.

How to create an eBook Cover in Snappa?

To create a cover, go to https://snappa.com. Snappa has a built-in editor to create your eBook cover either from scratch or customize a template available in this platform.

Follow the below mentioned steps to create a cover for your eBook in Snappa.

1. Snappa has lots of free eBook cover templates that are easily customizable as per your needs. To directly go to the template page, just go to this link - Snappa eBook Cover Templates, and select a template of your choice.

Snappa eBook Cover Templates

Snappa eBook Cover Templates

2. Before you begin editing the template make sure to choose the size for your cover. At the top, you get the option to set the custom size or choose from the available size under different categories.

For example, blogging & infographics, headers & banners, social & display ads and social media posts.

3. Once you select a template, it will open up the Snappa editor. The editor lets you do the following customization to your eBook cover template:

  • Background. Snappa offers thousands of free images that you can use as a background for your cover. Alternatively, it also offers patterns and colors to change your background. You can also add your own image by uploading it inside the editor.
  • Effects. Choose color overlays for your image background - darken, blue, saturation, hue, brightness and contrast.
  • Text. Add heading, sub-heading or a simple body text. To edit a text, click inside the text and it will activate the text editor where you can change the font style, font size, choose alignment (left, right, middle), font color, and other formatting options.
  • Graphics. Choose from thousands of icons and graphics to add in your eBook cover.
  • Shapes. You can also add different shapes to your cover - square, rectangle, line, triangle, star and others.

4. Once you're ready with your eBook cover, download it in the following formats - web optimized jpg, high-resolution png, retina png and others.

Snappa offers a free account that can be used to create an eBook cover for free. Free account and free eBook cover templates makes Snappa one of the best eBook cover creator. Get started with the link given below.

Visme is a cloud-based content creation tool and collaboration platform. It offers pre-designed multipage book cover templates that are easily editable and lets you create a unique custom cover for your eBook.

Apart from book cover, you can also create infographics, eBooks, presentation and more with Visme. So, Visme is not only a presentation, charts & maps, social media graphics or an infographics maker it also lets you create professionally designed eBook cover with ease.

Visme eBook Cover Creator

Key Features

  • Beautiful Templates. Though the number of templates are less as compared to Canva, but you get some nicely designed book cover to start from. Choose one from the free templates on offer and customize it with its built-in editor.
  • Feature-rich Editor. Visme editor offers one of the best drag and drop interface with lots of customizable elements you won't find elsewhere. It allows to add - font, header text, graphics, diagram, charts, icons, characters and more.
  • Theme Colors. Inside the Visme editor, you would also find theme color. It allows you to add a particular theme color to your cover. All the theme color has been put together to have best match of colors and design the perfect eBook cover for you.

How to create an eBook Cover in Visme?

Follow the below mentioned steps to create your eBook cover in Visme.

1. To create an eBook cover in Visme, go to https://www.visme.co/book-cover-maker/ 

2. Choose the cover template of your choice. See all the available eBook cover templates here. On selecting a template, it will launch the Visme editor.

3. Inside the Visme editor you get the following editing options:

  • Layouts. The first option at the top left of the editor is Layouts. If you want to change your current template layout, scroll through the given templates and select the one that you find right for your eBook.
  • Basics. Everything from Heading & Text, Font pairs, Stats & Figures, Graphics & Text, Diagrams, and others are available under the Basic tab that can be added to your book cover. To add any element, just click on it or drag it inside the design area.
  • Graphics. Under the Graphics tab, Visme offers thousands of Lines & Shapes, Icons, 3d Graphics, Illustrations, Characters, Gestures and Special Effects.
  • Other options available inside the Visme editor include Photos, Media, Data and more. My Files tab, allows to add your own images, graphics and other files.
Visme eBook Cover Editor

4. To make any changes to the template (background, image or text), click on the area you want to edit and make the necessary changes.

5. When you have made all the changes to the cover and are ready to download it, click on the Download button at the top right. Your eBook cover can downloaded in the following formats - jpg (free), png (premium) and PDF (premium).

You can create a free account at Visme. As long as you're using the free template and free graphics, icons and other elements, there are no charges. You can download your eBook cover in JPG format for free. However, if you need your cover in PNG or PDF format, you would need to have a premium account. Get started with Visme below.

Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark) is a design and publishing platform for creating professional-looking content. It is completely free to use and comes with a library of over 1 million stock images, graphics, and templates.

Users can also upload their own content to use in their projects.

You can create graphic design projects such as eBooks, eBook covers, posters, graphics, etc with just a few clicks. It also allows you to share your work on social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter.

Adobe Express eBook Cover Creator

Key Features

  • Pre-built Templates. Adobe Express offers thousands of eBook cover templates that are designed to look professional and attractive. You can even search for templates based on - platform, task, aesthetic, mood, or color. Each template is easily customizable with its built-in editor.
  • Adobe Products Integration. The application connects with other Adobe programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator so that you can easily import your assets into Adobe Express for editing or further customization.
  • Easy Resizing. Adobe Express auto-magical resize feature can let you convert your eBook cover into different dimensions for platform like Amazon Kindle, Burb, Lulu and others. Just duplicate the project, choose resize option, select the platform and its AI will resize it within a few seconds.

How to create an eBook Cover in Adobe Express?

1. Go to https://www.adobe.com/express/create/cover/book

2. Select a template from the given choices. On selecting a template, it will open the Adobe Express editor.

Adobe Spark eBook Cover Templates

3. Now let's have a look what is featured inside the Adobe Express editor:

  • Templates. Here you can see all the eBook cover templates on offer by Adobe Express. You can choose to work with your selected template or change it completely by selecting a new template from here.
  • Text. If you want to insert a pre-designed text in your cover, you will find a lot of professionally designed text to choose from. It contains a collection of both free and premium text elements.
  • Photos. Upload your own photo from your computer or Google Drive or search for royalty-free images from the Adobe Express library and use it in your eBook cover.
  • Icons. Adobe Express has thousands of free icons to be used in your project. Just enter the term in the search bar and it will display icons related to your search term.
  • Design Assets. It is a collection of graphics and illustrations that can help you to add illustrations, frames, textures, overlays to your cover.
  • Other available options inside the Adobe Express editor are background and logos.
Adobe Spark eBook Cover Editor

4. To make changes to your template, select the text or image items that you want to edit. On selection, you get editing options on the right side of the editor as seen in the above image.

To add any new items like text, photos, icons or other digital assets, click on the item you like and it will be automatically added inside your working template.

5. When you have finish making all the changes, you can download your eBook cover in png, jpg or PDF format.

Adobe Express is a free eBook cover creator. As long as you're using the free template and free graphics, icons and other elements, there are no charges. You can download your eBook cover in JPG, PNG or PDF format for free. Get started with Adobe Express below.

ClickDesigns is another popular tool that can create a variety of graphics and designs that can help you boost your sales and leads.

Some of the designs that you can create using ClickDesigns are eBook covers, boxshots, logos, sheets, bundles, devices, and more.

To create ebook cover, you can choose from 1000+ professionally designed cover templates. These templates can be fully customized to match your brand color, look and feel.

It also offer some powerful editing tools that can enhance your ebook cover to make it more engaging and attractive - background remover, shadow effects, image filters, 2D & 3D layouts, media assets, and more.

Once you have finished designing your cover, you can download it in formats like PDF, JPG, PNG and WebP.

ClickDesigns Graphic Designer

Key Features

  • Pre-designed Templates: Offers 1000+ professionally designed and done for you customizable templates
  • Media Assets: You get thousands of royalty-free images and graphics to be used on your designs.
  • Commercial Rights: You can create, design and sell your graphics without any restrictions.
  • Integration: ClickDesigns seamlessly integrates with popular page builder and funnel builder software like Elementor, ClickFunnels, Kartra, Landingi, Leadpages, Unbounce and more.

How to create an eBook Cover in ClickDesigns?

1. To create an eBook cover, go to https://clickdesigns.com/ebook/.

2. Now select eBook cover template of your choice. There are 1000's of professionally designed ebook templates to choose from. After you select the template, proceed to the third step.

ClickDesigns eBook Templates

3. In the ClickDesigns editor, you can fully customize the template to make it your own. For example, you can change the background, add or change images, add or change text, change font style and more.

ClickDesigns eBook Editor

4. When you finish editing your eBook cover, you can download it in the following formats - PDF, JPG, PNG and WebP.

ClickDesigns offers a 14-day free trial on its paid plan so that users can try it free before upgrading to the paid plans. Plus, it also offers a 30-day money back guarantee on your purchase. The ClickDesigns lifetime deal is also live now. Get it at only $67.

The Media Modifier is a free eBook cover maker that can be used to design your eBook cover. It has a simple interface that is easy to use. You can design your eBook cover with different elements like text, background image, color scheme and fonts to create something amazing in no time.

If you don't want to start from scratch, it offers lots of pre-designed templates that can be customized to create something unique. Just select the template you like and edit it in its editor, resize it and download in your preferred format.

Media Modifier eBook Cover Maker

Key Features

  • Ready-made Templates. Media Modifier offes lots of professionally built eBook cover templates. However, you need to create a paid account to edit and download the template.
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop editor. The editor is easy to use. All the editing elements are neatly placed on the left side of the design window - Templates, Photos, Objects, Text, Uploads and Background.
  • Works online. eBook cover maker tool by Media Modifier works completely online. No need to download any software.

How to create an eBook Cover in Media Modifier?

Follow the steps given below to create your eBook cover in Media Modifier.

  1. Visit this link - eBook cover maker. You need to create an account at Media Modifier to use the cover maker tool.
  2. The above link will allow you to choose from professionally designed templates. Once the template is selected, it will take you to the editor.
MediaModifiers eBook Cover Templates

3. The eBook cover maker editor has the following design elements:

  • Templates. If you're not happy with your current template, here you get the option to change your existing templates.
  • Photos. Media Modifier offers hundreds of free photos that you can use to design your book cover.
  • Objects. Make your eBook cover more attractive with GIFs, Stickers and Shapes, all available under Objects.
  • Text. You can add custom designed text from the available text templates to your book cover. You can also add Heading, Subheading or Body text in the cover.
  • Upload. It gives you the option to upload your own photos or graphics.
  • Background. You can change the background color your eBook cover under this option.

4. To make any changes to the template click on the area you want to edit and make the necessary changes. You can also remove any photos or text and add your own.

5. When your eBook cover is ready, you can download in the following formats - JPEG, PDF, SVG or PNG. 

The interface at Media Modifier is quite simple and easy to use. Plus, you get templates  designed to suit different genres. You can download your eBook cover in JPG or PDF format for free. Get started with Media Modifier below.

Flipsnack is popular as a flipbook creator but it also has a tool to create cover for eBooks. It has an intuitive design tool where everything is done with an easy drag and drop. 

You can start creating your own eBook cover by choosing a professional eBook template from Flipsnack's wide selection. They have a wide range of professional eBook cover templates with subjects as fantasy & sci-fi covers, drama covers, romance covers, thriller & mystery covers, and many more.

Keep in mind that all templates are fully customizable, so you can personalize your eBook cover design based on your eBook genre. Easily add your own images and texts, change the fonts and colors and also add interactive elements. 

Once you're finished with the creating process, download and share your eBook on your social media platforms, send it as a link or maybe even embed it on your website.

Flipsnack eBook Cover Creator

Key Features

  • Easy to use design tool. You can create your eBook cover using a simple drag and drop interface, no design or technical skills required.
  • Hardcover effect. Using the Hard cover effect your cover will look like a printed book cover. Apart from the cover itself, a small border along the edges of the inside pages is added, to give the impression of a real book.
  • Professional free templates. Templates are fully customizable, so you can personalize your eBook cover design based on your eBook genre.
  • Align elements on a page. You can use features such as tidy up, smart guides, or rulers, and they will all help make your publications look more professional.
  • Sharing options on social media, via email, direct link, full view link, or embeds on websites.
  • Download in various format options: PDF for web, PDF for print, HTML5, JPG, PNG, MP4 preview, GIF preview.
  • eBook statistics and Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager integrations.
Flipsnack eBook Cover Templates

Flipsnack eBook Cover Templates

How to create an eBook Cover in Flipsnack?

To create an eBook cover in Flipsnack, go to https://www.flipsnack.com/book-cover-maker and follow the mentioned steps below to create your cover.

1. Sign up to Flipsnack and create your account.

2. If you want to create from scratch, select the eBook cover size: Choose a size for your cover.

3. Try an eBook cover template: After selecting a size, you can choose to use an eBook cover template or design your book cover from scratch.

4. After you select a template and you can customize it however you want - images, fonts or colors.

5. Download, publish online or print your eBook: When you’re happy with the design, simply download, publish online or print your ebook. If you don’t want to give it away for free, you can sell it within the Flipsnack platform.

Flipsnack offers attractive pre-made templates that can be used to create an eBook cover for free. So start creating a professionally designed eBook cover with the link given below.

8. Glorify

Glorify is an easy-to-use design tool that is ideal for both beginners and professionals, regardless of prior design experience. Writers, eBook publishers, online coaches, course creators and just about anyone can use this tool to design captivating eBook covers within minutes. 

Writers who wish to design their eBook covers from scratch can start with a blank template. For those who need a bit of inspiration, Glorify’s professionally designed templates can easily be customized to add a personal touch. 

Glorify eBook Cover Tool

Key Features

  • Fully customizable templates - Glorify's eBook templates are pre-designed by professionals and can be easily be customized to suit your contents.
  • Balanced editor - With a simple UI, the editor makes the design process efficient and easy even for beginners.
  • Millions of icons and stock images - Glorify’s ever-growing library of icons and stock images provides the ideal elements for your eBook cover.
  • Instant background remover - This allows you to seamlessly get rid of unwanted backgrounds and add your own.
  • Brand Kit -  Keep your eBook covers on-brand by centering your brand assets in one place.

How to create an eBook cover in Glorify?

On your dashboard, click on the eBooks tab and select “Front Cover” or “Back Cover”. This will open the library of templates. You can either choose a suitable design template or start from scratch.

Glorify eBook Templates

If you choose to start with a template, you can edit or remove any elements that are not relevant to your eBook cover. 

Double-click the text box to enter the title of the book. The font and color of the text can be customized using the Edit tab. 

Add a brief description of the book beneath the title by selecting the text icon at the top of the canvas.

Change the background color using the Edit tab. Simply click “Background” and select the desired color. You can also do the same by going to the Elements tab.

Once your design is worthy of your eBook, you can download the final image.

Glorify offers a completely free plan for beginners. Under the free plan, you can create up to 5 projects with 5 downloads per month and include features like brand kit, smart resize, annotate tool and more. Get started with the link given below.

How to Choose the Best eBook Cover Creator?

Choosing the best eBook cover creator tool for your book is an important decision. The quality of your cover entirely depends on the cover creator.

Here are a few tips that you may want to consider before choosing a cover maker for your eBook:

  • Popular Tool- Choose the cover creator that is very popular among eBook maker and has got rave reviews on third party websites.
  • Ease of use- Good cover creator focuses on the essentials of a cover and what a reader looks for in an eBook cover. They provide easy-to-use features rather than complex ones.
  • Quality- Make sure that the cover tool you will be using will allow to download the completed product in the right format and in the resolution you want.
  • Customization- When you choose a cover creator tool, you might want to add a slight touch of your ideas; a professional cover designing tool allows you to customize the cover according to your own ideas that may include ability to change background color, font type, text, images and others.
  • Affordable- There is no need to overburden yourself and collapse the budget to get a good cover. Choose the creator that you can easily afford. Always make sure to check whether the eBook cover maker offers the money-back guarantee on the paid plans.
  • Templates- the tool that provides a variety of templates; that can be edited, customized, easy to drag-and-drop and downloaded in different formats.
  • Free Trial- A free trial gives you an excellent opportunity to try the platform and see if it can help you create a professionally looking and attractive eBook cover.

If you want a good eBook cover maker tool for your eBook, take some time out and thoroughly research about the platform before you commit to buy the paid plan.

To start with, I would recommend you to try Snappa or Canva as both are free, very easy to use and offers professionally designed templates related to different genre that can be edited to your liking.

5 Tips for Creating an Awesome eBook Cover

A book cover is the first thing that a customer will see before deciding to buy or not to buy a book. It creates intrigue and interest in what the potential reader might find inside the pages.

What makes up an awesome eBook cover? A good eBook cover should be aesthetically pleasing, but it should also encompass the story that’s being told. Here the 5 important tips that can help you design the perfect and eye-catching cover for your eBook.

  1. Tip No 1. The title of a book is the first impression that it makes on the reader. It should be short, catchy, and have a meaning that will intrigue the reader to read more.

    Some of the most popular book titles are "The Catcher in the Rye," "1984," "To Kill a Mockingbird." These titles are all very compelling and have meanings behind them.

    They are also very easy to remember for readers so they can easily look up these books in search engines or library databases. It should have a word count of 4-8 words.
  2. Tip No 2. The cover image of a book is arguably the second most important part of the book because apart from the Title of the book, it is one of the first things that potential customers see.

    The cover image has to be eye-catching and marketable so that people are compelled to buy the book. It also needs to have a consistent theme with the Title of the book.

    The cover image catch the readers attention and interest in the book and also gives an idea about what's inside.
  3. Tip No 3. Add author name preferably at the bottom of the cover. Books with author names on their covers are much more likely to sell better than those without.

    A book with an anonymous author has a limited chance of being read by many people. However, there are some authors who do not want their name to appear on their book cover in order to preserve privacy.
  4. Tip No 4. One question that often comes up when designing a cover is how many fonts should be used on eBook cover. One font, two fonts, or multiple fonts?

    If you want to make your font stand out, don't use more than 2-3 fonts (3 maximum) for your entire design and make sure these 2-3 fonts work together.

    The number of fonts on a book cover can vary. It depends on the genre and author of the book, as well as the publisher. The more fonts you choose, the more work it will be to design the layout of your book cover with all those images and text messages.
  5. Tip No 5. Give importance to the back cover of your eBook also. It should contain all the essential information about the book to make it easier for readers to make a decision on buying it. Some of these crucial bits of information include:
  6. • The ISBN number

    • The price

    • The publisher

    • The name of the author

    • A short synopsis about what the book is about

To get more useful tips on how to properly design a book cover, check out my article - The Complete eBook Cover Design Guide of 2022

Why Create eBooks?

Writing an eBook is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with the world. It is also an excellent way to promote yourself as an expert in the field.

There are many compelling reasons as to why you should create an eBook yourself, but there are just as many reasons as to why you shouldn’t write one. Before you begin, think about this list of pros will help you decide whether or not writing an eBook is worth it for your business based on your own unique circumstances.

  • In the content marketing field, eBooks allows you to attract the desired and targeted audience.
  • Publishing an eBook is a great way to present your ideas and help others. It's also a great way to make money.
  • eBooks don’t need publishers. You can publish your books online, and it saves you a lot of hassle.
  • While traditional publishers are still popular, many people are turning to self-publishing as an alternative. There are many benefits that come with self-publishing like having more control over the content that you want to publish, not having to worry about marketing your book, and less financial risk.
  • They help writers, especially the new ones, establish their careers and take them on the road of expertise.
  • eBooks are not bound to be lengthy, which means you can write as much as you can and draw a whole plot within a lesser number of words or pages.
  • Authors who want their books published often opt for eBooks because they can be produced in less time than print books and they can be sold online or at events with lower overhead costs than print books would entail.
  • You can sell your eBooks to ensure lifelong earning. Once you have published your eBook, it will continually get sales revenue as long as your readers are willing to read it.
  • You can create your family of readers and interact with them as well. Sometimes readers want some of their questions answered after reading a book, which helps the writers.
  • Some writers offer free downloads of their eBooks that help in marketing of their content.

Now that you know some great reasons to start writing an eBook, here is an article from our blog that you may also like - Best eBook Creator Software, which covers some of the most popular and recommended tools that can ease the process of creating an eBook. Check them out.

If you want to start selling your eBook but don't want to pay a monthly fee, check out my article - How to Sell eBooks on Payhip for Free

Hire Book Cover Hub

If you don't want to design the book cover all by yourself, you can consider hiring the services of Book Cover Hub. It is one of the best choices for authors looking to create a stunning book cover.

One of the main reasons why Book Cover Hub is such a great option for authors is the quality of their designs. 

The team at Book Cover Hub has a wealth of experience in creating book covers that stand out and grab the reader's attention. They understand the importance of a book cover and work closely with authors to ensure that the cover is not only visually appealing but also conveys the right message.

Below is a sample of the recent book covers created by the Book Cover Hub designers.

Book Cover Hub Recent Projects

Another reason why Book Cover Hub is such a great choice is the affordable pricing. It offers some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. As an author, you want to get the best value for your money, and Book Cover Hub offers just that.

They have a range of pricing options to suit any budget, and their prices are very competitive, starting at only $45. You can get a professional book cover design for a fraction of the cost of hiring a freelance designer.

They have a quick turnaround time too. You can have your cover designed and delivered in as little as three days.

Plus, they offer unlimited revision, 3D Mockup, audio book cover, back & spine design, promotional images, and more.

Whether you're a first-time author or have published multiple books, Book Cover Hub is the perfect choice for creating a professional and eye-catching cover.

Get started with Book Cover Hub today.

Wrapping Up

An eBook cover is the first thing that potential readers will see. It is the visual representation of your work and it needs to be eye-catching so that people will be drawn to it when they are scrolling through their options in an online bookstore or library.

A good eBook cover will have elements that are beautifully designed, but also have the right use of colour, which is strategically placed in order to draw attention to certain aspects of the story, but not too much so that it becomes overbearing.

Compelling book title and author name at the top or bottom are also equally important.

The important thing to remember with book covers is that they must not just be aesthetically pleasing. They also need to tell a story about what is in store for someone looking at them.

I have covered all the important eBook cover creator software that can help you create a professional looking cover for your eBook.

To get started you may start with a free tool like Canva or Snappa.

Which eBook cover you like the most and why? Please comment below.

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