Top 8 Fitness Affiliate Programs To Promote on Fitness Blogs

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Why staying healthy is important?

If you are healthy and fit physically then it will help you to stay healthy emotionally too.

People are becoming more health-conscious all the time. They wants to stay healthy to have an healthy state of mind. To possess this, they resort to activities like early morning exercises, join meditation programs, join gyms or yoga classes or some premium fitness programs.

Fitness industry has been growing consistently for many years. The global health club industry has generated $94 billion over the past 12 months, up from $87.2 billion the previous year.

With a global growth rate of 8.7%, the fitness industry will continue to grow. On this trajectory, the fitness market is set to hit $106 billion in 2020

To tap this never to cease demand many top companies have launched their own health, fitness or nutrition program. And to grow quickly and make more sales and revenue, they have also launched their own affiliate programs.

These fitness affiliate programs offers good commissions on each successful referral.

Thus, anyone running a health or fitness blog can join these fitness affiliate programs. By promoting fitness related products you can earn a steady income for yourself.

While promoting these affiliate programs you can also help people to make smart and informed purchasing choices.

But there are hundreds of fitness affiliate program so selecting some of the best programs out of it isn't easy because not all of these programs are good to promote.

To save your time and effort I have compiled some of the best and highest-paying affiliate programs with strong conversion rates related to health and fitness.

If you run a blog or website related to fitness, then joining these fitness affiliate programs can significantly boost your income.

Let' check out below some of the best affiliate programs in fitness category.

1. Aaptiv

Aaptiv affiliate program

Aaptiv fitness app is a must for fitness freaks as it provides unlimited access to thousands of workouts and programs, created by their world-class certified trainers.

To use this app, anyone can just enter their fitness goals and they will get structured programs and workouts recommendation to achieve their goals.

It provides option to choose a workout based on duration, trainer, music, and more. Just put on your headphones and let their trainers guide you.

Thus, you don't have to stare at your mobile screen for instructions as Aaptiv's audio-based instruction and musical inspiration allows you to focus on your fitness workout.

Features of Aaptive affiliate program:

  • There is no restriction on how much commission you can earn by promoting this program. Thus, refer more customers to earn unlimited commissions.
  • You get paid for each successful referral. Thus, there is no minimum referral requirement.
  • It has a nice 45-day cookie period. If any of your referred customer makes a purchase within this period you will become eligible for commission.
  • You can use Aaptiv advertising tools and custom banners to promote it.
  • Track all stats related to your promotion inside the affiliate dashboard.
  • If you have any queries or require help then you can always contact the dedicated affiliate team.

Commission structure of Aaptiv affiliate program:

  • Tier 1: $15 per sale. Up to 100 sales per month
  • Tier 2: $20 per sale. 101 to 500 sales per month
  • Tier 3: $25 per sale. 501 or more sales per month

Thus, the more the sales you make, the more is the commission. Join the Aaptiv affiliate program today.

Nataliejillfitness affiliate program

The owner of this website is Natalie Jill who is a Fat Loss Expert turned high-performance coach.

She offers her premium fitness programs in the form of books, podcast, interactive programs and coaching sessions.

These programs are specifically targeted towards women looking to transform their looks by loosing or gaining weight or have any specific fitness goals.

Her website www.nataliejillfitness.com has become quite popular among women for its fitness programs and it has also been featured in news sites like FOX, Entrepreneur, Shape and NBC. 

Commission offered by Natalie Jill Fitness affiliate program:

You can earn up to 30% commission on each successful referral.

Join this nataliejillfitness affiliate program today.

3. Workout Anywhere

Workoutanywhere fitness affiliate program

Workout Anywhere is popular among people looking to have a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

There training program are flexible enough to be perform right at home or at the gym.

One can access the training workouts and your progress right from the mobile app Workout Anywhere.

The program includes mobile coaching, interacting challenges, meal plans & recipes, create & track goals, rewards, workout videos and is compatible with wearable devices.

If you have a health or fitness blog then you can promote Workout Anywhere in your blog by joining its affiliate program.

Commission offered by Workout Anywhere affiliate program:

Their affiliate program is extremely generous. They offer a 30% to 50% commission on each successful referral.

Join the Workout Anywhere affiliate program today.

Acefitness affiliate program

Ace Fitness is a go to website for health coach professionals who wants to gain knowledge and skill and also to get certified with an NCCA accredited Personal Trainer Certification.

Thus, anyone who wants to pursue a professional career in fitness then they can join the courses at Ace Fitness.

After getting certification from Ace Fitness they can start their career as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Health Coach and Medical Exercise Specialist.

Ace Fitness also offers an affiliate programs that can be joined by any blog or website related to health or fitness.

ACE Fitness is the sought after website in the health and wellness niche, making it one of the best affiliate programs for beginners.

Commission offered by Ace Fitness affiliate program:

The commission offered by this affiliate program at 8% is at the lower side but you can get good conversion because of its brand value and also if you promote it well on your blog.

When you join this affiliate program you will be provided with web banners and text affiliate links, which you can place inside your blog content or sidebars, in your email signature and/or social media channels.

It offers 30-day cookie period which means if the visitors who click on your affiliate link to land on Ace Fitness website and make a purchase within 30-days from their first visit, you become eligible for 8% commission.

Join Ace Fitness affiliate program today and start earning passing income from your blog.

Wahoo Fitness Affiliate Program

Wahoo is well-known for its fitness devices such as bike trainers, bike computers, heart-rate monitors, cycling sensors and others.

Wahoo Fitness is very popular among athletes of all levels whether they are just an fitness enthusiasts or professionals.

It's fitness devices are used in cycling, running and even in gym workouts.

If you are a blogger, a coach, or an athlete who wants to promote the Wahoo products can join Wahoo Fitness affiliate program and earn commission by promoting its products.

Commission offered by Wahoo Fitness affiliate program:

On each successful referral you would get 10% commission on non-smart Wahoo trainer products and a 7.5% commission on Wahoo Smart Trainers (excluding trainer bundles and refurbished trainers).

You need a paypal address to get paid. Commissions will be paid on a quarterly basis. 

There is a required threshold of $100 in order for payout to be issued.

In case, you do not meet that threshold at the end of a quarter, your balance will continue to accrue and you will be paid out the quarter that threshold is reached.

You can promote Wahoo Fitness affiliate program by placing banners and affiliate links in your blog. You can also promote by sharing your custom URL with your users via email marketing or social media campaigns.

Join the Wahoo Fitness affiliate program and start earning commissions.

6. Net2Fitness

Net2Fitness Affiliate Program

Net2Fitness is a fitness equipment superstore. It offers a wide range of home exercise equipment such as home gyms, exercise balls, exercise bikes, treadmills, inversion tables, gym systems, cardio, core training, leg machines, weight lifting accessories, ab machines, abdominal exercise machines, ankle weights.

If you are looking to replace or upgrade your existing fitness equipment or to buy a new exercise machine, then Net2fitness could be your ideal choice as it offers latest fitness machines which you could order online.

Net2Fitness Affiliate Program

If you have a blog related to fitness and health where you prominently write about the best fitness equipment then you can join Net2Fitness affiliate program and promote its product to earn commission on each successful sale.

Please note that if your blog is less than 6 months old or it is under construction then Net2Fitness may not be accepted your blog as an affiliate. Coupon and rebate websites are also not accepted under this affiliate program.

Once your blog is approved as an affiliate you can use its banners and affiliate links to promote in your blog.

You can even generate your unique affiliate link from the link generator page. Deep Linking allows you to link to any page within its site. This allows you to highlight a specific product and drive traffic directly to the page that displays that product info.

Commission offered by Net2Fitness affiliate program:

For each successful sale you get a 8% commission. You can see real-time stats to track your sales, orders and payments.

Join the Net2Fitness affiliate program and earn serious cash on sales generated from your site.

7. LifeSpan Fitness

LifeSpan Fitness Affiliate Program

Lifespan Fitness sells a series of fitness equipment created uniquely for the home, gym and workplace. 

Their popular products also include an innovative line of workplace-specific workout equipment such as treadmill desks, standing desks and bike desks. 

All of their equipment comes with a dedicated app that allows you to track your workout statistics right from your smartphone.

LifeSpan Fitness affiliate program

As an affiliate you can share its workplace and fitness treadmills, bikes, desks and more with your audience.

For each successful sale LifeSpan Fitness affiliate program gives you 6% commission.

You'll get access to an easy-to-use dashboard that lets you track your sales and orders. You can also create custom tracking links and monitor progress of your campaign.

Join LifeSpan Fitness affiliate program today.

Horizon Fitness Affiliate Program

Horizon and Vision Fitness has been in the fitness industry for more than 35 years.

It is a part of Johnson Health Tech, a worldwide leader in the exercise equipment industry. 

It designs and manufactures high-quality and durable exercise equipment.

Horizon Fitness affiliate program

Horizon Fitness is a popular brand so it becomes easier to make sales as an affiliate.

For every successful sale you get an 8% commission and it offers 30-day cookie life.

Horizon Fitness has an average order volume of $800. Thus, on an average you could earn $64 per sale.

Join Horizon Fitness affiliate program today.

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How To Promote The Best Fitness Affiliate Programs?

You can expect to make lots of successful referral and earn commission just by placing banners and affiliate links inside your blog.

You need a solid promotion strategy to make consistent sales months after month. Thus, to be successful you need to adopt and implement the best strategies to promote your affiliate product.

Fitness industry is one of the fastest growing industry and billions of dollars are invested every year to make significant return from it.

That is why fitness affiliate programs has become a lucrative income sources of people working in this category. Thus, if you are blogger in fitness niche or a fitness coach or athlete you can join these fitness affiliate program and earn consistent income month after month.

Let's move on to see what are the best affiliate marketing strategy to promote these fitness affiliate programs.

1. Write Review On Fitness Products or Programs

People love reading product reviews before making a purchasing decision. That is why reviews are considered one of the best promotion strategy.

Thus, in your blog you must write a detailed review of the fitness product or programs of the company you are promoting as an affiliate. The review must contain the product's features and benefits in detail.

You could start by explaining the best features of the fitness product.

You could also add video review inside the blog content. If you are not camera shy then you could create a video on the fitness product clearly explaining its pros and cons.

In your review you can also compare your affiliate product with other company's product and explain why the product you are promoting is better than others. You must also clearly specify the pros and cons in it.

After writing the review, you could place affiliate links at appropriate places where your users are most likely to click on it.

Adding 3 to 4 links on the page is considered optimum.

2. Add Banners Inside Your Blog Content

Almost all the popular fitness affiliate programs provide its affiliates different sets of attractive banners.

The banner sizes could be of the following dimensions - 300 x 250, 336 x 280, and 300 x 600.

Banners of size 300 x 250 and 336 x 280 could placed inside your blog articles and place the 300 x 600 banner in the sidebar. These placements are considered to convert best in terms of sales.

3. Drive Traffic Through Email Marketing

If you are collecting email subscribers on your fitness blog then you can promote your fitness affiliate programs by driving your email subscribers to your landing page containing affiliate program reviews.

However, if you are not already collecting emails from your visitors, you are making a big mistake. You must rectify this mistake and leverage the huge potential of email marketing.

Start collecting email right from today. Join good email marketing programs such as ConvertKit, GetResponse or Aweber and start converting your visitors into subscribers.

When you start promoting fitness affiliate program through emails, I would recommended you not to put affiliate links in your mail because you may be banned by your email service provider.

So, instead of including the affiliate links directly in your email, you could add links to your fitness program review page in your mail. This will drive traffic to your review page where you have already included the affiliate links.

Join ConvertKit and unlock 1000 subscribers for FREE.

4. Social Media Marketing

You could also leverage the potential of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. They are considered as a great source for driving free traffic to your website.

Post your fitness product review on social media websites such as Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.

Your social media followers will click on your review post and land on your review page. If any user click on the affiliate link and make purchase you will earn commission.


Single promotion strategy may work, may not work. Thus, you should not take chances with your promotion strategy.

That is why to save you from failure I have provided above different promotion strategy.

Apply these strategies as mentioned above and you will increase your chances of successful promotion substantially.

Let us know which are the fitness affiliate programs you are promoting and which one worked best for you!

I would love to hear about your experiences in promoting affiliate programs in fitness category in the comments below!

Best Fitness Affiliate Programs

This page uses affiliate links. When you click an affiliate link and make a purchase, we get a small compensation at no cost to you. See our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer for more info.

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