Social Snap Review: Is It The Best WordPress Social Media Plugin?

| | March 21, 2024

Do you know why it is important to use social share buttons in your blog?

If your answer is no, read on to know why you should start using social share buttons on your blog.

But there are so many social media plugin available, so, how do you decide which is the best among them.

In this post, I going to review a WordPress plugin that can help you to gain social media follower, allows your users to share your content easily to more than 30 plus social media platform and many more features.

The plugin is Social Snap.

Check out the Social Snap Review below to know more about this wonderful social media plugin.

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Social Snap Plugin

Social Snap Review

SocialSnap has quickly gained much ground in the social media plugin space.

It is used by many popular bloggers around the world such as Harsh Agarwal.

Before I begin to tell you more about this plugin it is important to know what is the need to use a social media plugin and why SocialSnap is considered one of the best in this segment.

Why Should You Use Social Media Plugin in Your Blog?

If you have written a good SEO-optimized blog post and are also getting good organic traffic to your blog but if you are not using any social media plugin then you are making a big blogging mistake.

By not using any social media plugin in your blog you are not fully optimizing your blog content to drive more traffic to it.

You must allow your users to share your content on different social media platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.

Who knows, your post may become viral on social media and generate tons of instant traffic to your blog

Social media plugin also allows your users to follow your blog page on social media platform. Thus, you will also get many followers for your blog.

Read on the Social Snap Review to know more about its features and benefits.

What Are The Features of Social Snap Plugin?

1. Over 30 Most Popular Social Networks & Apps

Social Snap plugin includes over 30 social networks & apps to choose from, allowing your visitors to share your content through their favorite app or network. These 30 social networks and apps includes the following.

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • and many others social apps.
social media apps

2. Place Share Buttons Anywhere 

You can place your social share buttons anywhere inside your blog page or post.

See some of the options below.

  • Floating Sidebar
  • Inline Buttons (above the post, below the post or both the position)
  • Sticky Bar (You can enable it for mobile, desktop or both)
  • via Widget
  • And many other options

3. Individual & Total Share Counters

In this feature you can display Total Shares and also individual shares of each social apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

By showing individual and total share counters on your blog content site visitors are more likely to share it. 

Thus, it's a great feature that you must enable in your blog if you are using this plugin.

See the image given below for clear understanding.

Total Share Count

4. Easily Recover Share Counts

You may loose all of your social share count if you have made one of the following changes:

  • Changed the social share plugin
  • Changed permalink structure
  • Changed your domain name
  • Changed Http to Https Protocol

But with this plugin you don’t need to worry about loosing your social share count.

It can recover your precious share counts in just a few clicks.

5. Statistics/analytics

This plugin allows you to easily see how your contents are performing and which content and positions are generating the most shares on social media. 

You can view the detail statistics by month, week or day.

These statistics will direct your attentions towards your blog content which are not generating enough shares.

The reason could be that these contents are not valuable to your site visitors.

Thus, you must give attention to these contents to make it more engaging with valuable content.

6. Click-to-tweet

You can easily add click-to-tweet buttons to your content.

It gives you the ability to direct your readers to share specific content on Twitter.

It is also an easy way to get more traffic to your website or blog.

However, to get the most out of Click to Tweet, you should keep several things in mind. 

You should use the main point of your blog post to highlight for tweeting. 

Look for areas in your blog content that emphasize crucial points.

For example, if you are writing a post about getting more email subscribers for your blog, you might want to highlight something like:

“This is how I got 1,000 new email subscribers under a month. Click to Tweet.”

Read more about it on

With just one-click site visitors can share your content on the web.

Click to Tweet

SocialSnap Pricing

Visit, then go to the SocialSnap Pricing page.

Social Snap plugin has 3 plans - Agency, Pro and Plus.

Pricing Plans of SocialSnap plugin

If you have a single blog then you can go for Plus whose regular price is $39 but if you buy now you will get a 30% discount on the price.

Check this link for current price:

SocialSnap has some addon which are not available in Plus plan. You can get these addons in Pro and Agency plan.

Let's see what are these addons:

  1. Social Auto-Poster: It automatically share your new posts to Twitter and LinkedIn. It saves your time by not having to post across every platform and watch the traffic flow in.
  2. Social Login: It easily allow your visitors to log in using their favorite social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google.
  3. Boost Old Posts: It easily revive your existing old posts by automatically posting them on Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s a great way to leverage all of your existing content and reach new visitors!
  4. Social Content Locker: It ask your visitors to share your post in order to access the content behind the button. This is a great way to increase your social sharing and engagement with your visitors!

How to Download, Install and Activate SocialSnap Plugin?

If you have not yet purchased the plugin, buy it now at 30% discount by visiting this link - SocialSnap.

After purchase, login to your SocialSnap account and go to Account.

It will show you your subscription details. Copy the License Key and then select Download button.

Now, the plugin will be downloaded as a zip file.

Now, login to your WordPress Dashboard, then go to Plugins and select Add New.

Under Add New, select Upload Plugin to upload the plugin.

Select the Socialsnap zip file you just downloaded. Now it will start installing the plugin. After installation, Activate this plugin.

Again, in the WordPress Dashboard, go to Social Snap, then select License.

On this page, paste the license key you have copied earlier and select Verify Key. It will show you a success message.

That's it, Social Snap plugin has now been successfully installed, activated and verified with your license key.

Note: If you have not copied the license key earlier, don't worry, you can get your license key in your Account page in SocialSnap website.

How To Add Social Snap Follow Or Share Button?

Adding Social Snap follow or share button is fairly easy.

Go to WordPress Dashboard >> Social Snap >> Settings, then select Manage Network if you want to add new networks or remove the default networks. 

See the image given below.

Social Snap Settings
Add Network Social Snap

See the above image, here, you can easily add or remove one or more networks. Here, you can use drag and drop to re-order networks.

You have the choice of 30 networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Mix, Buffer, Pocket, Reddit and others) to add in your social share button.

Wrapping Up

Adding Social Snap plugin to you blog is fairly easy and the plugin comes bundled with loads of benefits as mentioned above in the article.

Social Snap also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you can try it risk-free for 30-days and somehow if you feel that it is not working for you as you may have liked, you can ask for refund within 30-days from the date of purchase.

I hope you like the Social Snap Review. You can see that my blog also uses Social Snap plugin.

Unlock 30% discount on Social Snap plugin by visiting the button given below.

Final words. Social Snap is a solid social share plugin for a WordPress site and best alternative for plugins like SocialWarfare.

Start using this plugin and gain social signals to rank your blog higher on search results.

If you use any other social media plugin which is better than the Social Snap plugin please comment below.

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