Best ePub Reader for Android, Mac & Windows in 2024

| | March 21, 2024

One of the most popular eBook format is EPUB. It uses the ".epub" extension. It is the short term for electronic publication but most often used as ePub. We're going to use ePub through out the content in this article.

ePub format are supported by many e-readers. However, there are different readers for different devices and platforms.

In this article I have highlighted some of the best ePub Readers that you can use on Android, Windows or Mac for reading eBooks. The key features covered in this article will help you select the best reader for amazing book reading experience on your devices.

Let's get started.

What is an ePub Reader? 

An ePub reader is software for viewing digital books stored in ePub (electronic publication) format. It is made up of two parts; the left side interfaces and the right side interfaceThe left side interface shows the document chapter while the right side interface shows the content of the document.

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Best ePub Reader for Android

ePub reader for android can help you read your favorite eBooks on your mobile device. Below I have mentioned some of the best ePub reader for android platform along with their key features.

1. PocketBook Reader

The PocketBook Reader is a free epub reader for android devices. You can use the app to read magazines, comic books, textbooks, and other documents.

If you prefer listening to audiobooks, PocketBook has this feature also. Plus, it also supports audio files in MP3 and M4B formats.

It supports a total of 19 book formats that include EPUB, FB2, MOBI, PDF, DJVU, DOCX, RTF, TXT, HTML and others.

key features


The interface is intuitive and very easy to navigate. There are 7 of them in total. The screen can be customized with widgets. You can also customize the page-turning animation.

You can easily add widgets, navigation and calling functions to your app home screen. Font style, font size, line spacing, and margin size can be comfortably adjusted according to your reading style.


The PocketBook reader has an in-app store with large collections of contents. It has an option to buy books online and read them offline. It also supports OPDS catalogs to access network libraries.


The app has a free cloud service for synchronizing all your books including your reading position. It remembers your reading position, so you don't have to.

File Management

The application has a smart search for scanning files on your device. It searches out files from any folder or a particular one. It pulls it out from the folder into the app library. Books can be sorted out into genre, authors, date, etc. to make a collection.

Notes and Bookmarks

Pocketbook reader makes provisions for bookmarks to be made, note-taking, and comments. Notes can be shared through the mail or messenger. They can also be collected into a distinct or separate file.

2. Full Reader

Full Reader is the most suitable for magazines, eBooks, comics, and audiobooks. It supports these documents in FB2 epub, txt, pdf, Docx, Html, Mobi, mp3, odt, zip, rar, etc.

key features


It has stylish, convenient, and user-friendly. Each option and tool is laid out for easy navigation. It has two themes; light and dark themes. It also has an option for displaying book covers either in lists or tiles.

File management

The file explorer allows you to scan your device to open a file of supported formats. Files are searched for based on their size, storage location, name, etc.

My library

Full reader divides documents into sections for convenience based on certain criteria. You can customize your collection to create a list of your favorite books. You can also add your favorite online library to download books directly on the app.


The full reader is a fully adaptable ebup reader when it comes to languages. It is translated into German, Spanish, English, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, and French, etc. It also has an in-built translator of up to 95 languages.

Customizable Tool Bar

You can also create a shortcut and widget to navigate through the app quickly, switch tools and their position on the menu to suit your needs.


Besides downloading files to be saved on your device, files can also be saved to the cloud. It uses cloud services like google drive, dropbox, and One-drive. Cloud storage also allows the synchronization of the files between other devices. In other words, the uploaded files can be viewed from other devices through cloud storage.

Reading out loud and Mp3 support

It supports audiobooks and reading out loud for visual books. Text fragments are highlighted as they are being readout.

3. Librera

Librera is a lightweight application for reading eBooks in almost any format for free. Some of the supported formats include pdf, epub 3, MOBI, FB2, txt, ods, Html, etc. It supports text-to-speech and has other features as mentioned below.

key features


The interface is customizable and full of tools and options to make the reading experience worthwhile. The interface boasts of

  • modern reading design
  • options for changing the theme and color
  • grid or list view display
  • Recent and favorite list


The library is designed to mimic a real-life bookshelf. It has options to search the library, add a new folder, or remove an existing one. You can also filter the book search, sort book display based on author, genre, or size.

Reading settings

The options under the reading settings include:

  • changing font and color
  • changing reading direction
  • alignment, indent, and spacing
  • brightness and adjustment
  • page splitting
  • an online search for word meaning
  • books grouping into a collection

Advanced Setting

The Librera eBook reader can open any file in zip format. In other words, It can also open documents in emails, export notes from a text to a file or email. It also has options to share a document page a san image It can also search for books online to download them.

Text-to-speech/Audio playing

This feature has options to adjust speech or audio speed, fast forward between sheets, return to previous sheets, dictionary for word meaning, and translation.

Best ePub Reader for Mac

Below I have compiled some of the popular ePub reader for Mac users. Let's check them out.

4. Clearview

Clearview is a user-friendly epub reader for mac users. It has a library shelf and it supports eBooks in pdf, Mobi, epub formats.

It allows annotations, bookmarks, and search to be made freely. It makes reading easy and enjoyable with some of its popular features that I have mentioned below.

key features

Library And File Management

The library is intuitive and simple to use. This epub reader works in collaboration with Finder to promote simplicity and ease on the app. It imports files from the device to the app by dragging and dropping the folder from the finder to the ClearView shelf. You can then search for books from the shelf or open them. You can also make a reading list by arranging books to make a collection.

Bookmark And Annotations

This epub reader supports bookmarks and annotations not only on the epub format but on the pdf, Mobi, CHM formats. Each revision made is saved automatically as a new file in the library without being prompted with the "save changes" dialogue. The annotations include notes and comments, underlining, highlighting, and strikethrough. Other annotations include lines, arrows, ellipse, and rectangles for pdf formats. The annotations can be customized into preferred colors and sizes.


Clearview reads eBooks in four kinds of layouts. Page flipping, scrolling, single page, or two-column layout. The reading layout for epub files is continuous scrolling in a single page or double column. It provides a clean and flexible reading interface that adjusts to the user's needs.

5. BookReader

BookReader is a top eBook reader for mac users. It supports 12 eBook formats. These formats include; epub, Mobi, AZW, PRC, pdf, FB2, RTF, Microsoft doc, rftd, web archive, txt, and Html.

key features

  • Retina support. The sepia mode is well suited for eye care.
  • Page flipping with sound
  • Exports highlights and notes or even the whole book. It also allows bookmarks
  • The bookshelf has easy file management to locate books without the hassle
  • Texts are displayed in a two-column viewing layout
  • It also supports the table of contents
  • It has a full-screen mode
  • It has  options to convert files to pdf
  • Font can be customized to a different style, size, and color.
  • It supports zooming & scrolling gestures.
  • 6. Apple Book

    Apple Book is an epub reader for mac. It is not only a reader, it comes with an in-app book and audiobook store. Where you can find the perfect eBook or audiobook. It allows you to track the books you read and set reading goals.

    key features

    Reading Now

    This tab allows you to get to the right page when reading a particular boo or alternate between two pages. The reading now tab offers recommendations, depending on your reading history.

    The library

    Apple books have features that allow you to personalize your library anyhow you want it. You can arrange the books in the library into a collection and get to them without stress at any time. The books you’re done reading are displayed in the finished collection.

    Book store

    Apple books have an in-house store for eBooks and audiobooks in the app. You can swipe to see eye-catching covers, book descriptions, and reviews. Whichever one you choose is added to the reading list. In the bookstore, you can choose from the best sellers list or get books recommended from sources.

    Text-to-speech & Audio books

    This feature allows you to listen to your text and learn something new while being engaged in other activities. You can read books from celebrity authors, as long as they are available on CarPlay and Apple Watch.

    Best ePub Reader for Windows

    If you're a Windows user, then I have covered you as well. Below you can find popular ePub reader for Windows devices.

    7. Calibre

    Calibre is an easy-to-use eBook reader. It is outstanding with its features that allow the users do virtually everything on it, regarding electronic books. It is free and open-source software. It is suitable for both expert and novice users.

    key features


    It has a vast number of features and options are displayed under intuitive tabs. The menus are neatly arranged such users are not more than a few clicks from their goal. You can change the view of the interface with the three built-in library views. The search tab allows you to browse book collections using covers, comments, titles, tags, authors, publishers, etc.

    Download files from the internet

    Calibre has a feature that automatically delivers stories to your device from news sources or other sites. No searching, no waiting, no hassle.

    It can also download the metadata for an e-book. Data such as the book title, author, publisher, ISBN, and tags. It also allows you to edit metadata or create one in an existing or new field. This feature allows you to track which books you've read. 

    Share and backup your library easily

    Calibre library comes with a web server. You can share some or all of your e-books with anyone anywhere, using any device. You can also read the books in your calibre library online or offline.

    8. Icecream ePub Reader

    Icecream eBook Reader is a top-notch eBook reader for windows. It supports eBooks files in EPUB, MOBI, FB2, CBR formats, etc. It allows easy management of the digital library on your PC. It also tracks your reading progress, adds notes & comments, translates texts, uses bookmarks & annotations, and more.

    key features

    Limitless library with easy organization

    You can add as many eBooks as you want all in one library. There are no limits to the number of eBooks to be added. Invariably, you do not need to erase the older ones to add new ones. The books can also be filtered and organized into categories. This grouping can be by file format, recently read, favorites, etc. You can also customize the collection to suit you.

    Notes, Comments, & Highlight

    The reader allows you to select a particular text from the file, highlight it, and add notes to it. The notes can also be sorted, edited, and saved as Html files, all from the note panel. Also, text can be copied to the clipboard and searched on Google.

    Reading Profile

    Ice cream reader has three reading profiles; the day, night, and sepia mode. The day mood gives better lighting and is suitable for reading under bright light (like outside in the sun). The night mode gives little lighting with a dark background. It is most suitable for night reading. The sepia mode is best for eye care. It also gives little lighting with a warm glow.

    Progress Tracking and Bookmark

    The progress tracking feature keeps track of how much has been read and how much is left. You can also use the bookmark to mark important pages. With this feature, you can return to the bookmarked page after closing the application.

    9. Adobe Digital Edition

    One beautiful thing about Adobe's Digital Edition is that it is not only an ePub reader. It is also used for proofreading. It has options for buying or downloading digital content across the web. These contents can be read either online or offline.

    key features

    Supports multiple file format

    Adobe digital edition access different file-formats – including epub and pdf. It modifies texts in these formats too. In addition, it supports the epub 3 formats for a vast experience such as; right to left reading, image resize without quality loss, better rendering of formula

    File organization

    With the Adobe digital edition, you can manage your files. You can sort eBooks out by their title or author. You can also borrow digital books from libraries that use such a system.

    Other features include;

    • Bookmark, highlight, and comment on parts of the text
    • Multi-lingual access in more than 10 languages, including French, Italian, German, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish, and Korea.
    • Compatibility with screen readers like the window-eyes, NVDA, and JAWS
    • Unique search feature (intuitive search functionality) that allows you to search for certain keywords across the entire text. This feature also allows you to navigate the pages by clicking on each search entry
    • Transferring downloaded books to other devices with Adobe digital editions on them

    Wrapping Up

    In case you are wondering which ePub reader is best for you, that’s not a simple answer. There are several kinds of ePub readers – both free and paid versions – available on your device's digital store, sometimes it's confusing to pick out the right ones. 

    However, we've streamlined the search for you. We handpicked the above-mentioned ones following the highlighted criteria. Feel free to try them out today!

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