Jasper AI Free Trial: Get 7 Days Trial + 10,000 Words Credits

| | March 21, 2024

Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis) is a content writer that can generate articles in a matter of seconds for websites, blogs, and social media. It is a machine-learning algorithm that has been taught to write by reading millions of articles on the internet.

The content generated by Jasper has a human-like writing style free from plagiarism and can produce content in various formats.

Here is a glimpse of what Jasper can write for you:

  • Blog Articles
  • Facebook Ads Copy
  • Google Ads Copy
  • SEO Content
  • Headlines
  • Product Descriptions
  • Video Scripts
  • eBooks
  • And more

In this article, you'll learn how to claim - a free trial of Jasper AI (or Jarvis free trial) along with 10,000 words of credits absolutely free.

Jasper offers a 100% risk-free 7-day free trial. If you're not happy with the content Jarvis wrote for you, cancel your account within the trial period and simply email at [email protected] asking them not to charge your account after the free trial period is over.

Special Offer

Readers of Technicalwall.com will get 10000 Words of Bonus Credit from Jasper AI. To get the bonus, sign up with the special link given below.

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How to Activate Jasper AI Free Trial 2023?

Anyone looking to try Jasper (formerly Jarvis AI) before upgrading to the paid plans, can sign up for the Jasper AI free trial. Jasper offers a 7-day free trial that allows you to try and use its premium features to see whether it is the right content writer tool for you or not.

Plus, if you feel that Jasper is not the right AI tool for your content creation process you can cancel your free trial any time within the 5-day trial period.

Please Note. As a reader of Technicalwall.com, you also get a 10,000 words of free credit along with the free trial that you won't want to miss.

Here is the step-by-step process of getting the free trial and try this amazing AI writing software at zero cost.


Click on the special link button given below, it will allow you to join the Jasper.ai free trial and also activate your 10000 words of free credit.

Jasper AI Free Trial

To claim free credits, click on -  Claim 10,000 Words Free, as shown in the above image.


In this step, you need to create an account at Jasper. You can either register with your Google account to make the process quicker or use any other email address for the registration.

Jasper AI Free Trial Sign Up

After entering your details for registration, click on Continue as shown in the image.


In this step, you will be asked to enter the details of your business.

Jasper.ai Business Details


In this step, select how you plan to use Jasper (formerly Jarvis) for content creation. You can select more than one option and these options can be changed later.

Jarvis Free Trial Usage Details

Now click on the Next button as shown in the above image.

Jarvis Free Trial Verify Robot

Click on the check button to verify you're not a robot.


In this final step, you will have to choose the Jasper plan for your free trial.

Jasper has two main paid plans - Creator and Teams. Creator is the best plan to create long-form blog articles, reports, stories and emails, as well as short copy like headlines, tweets, ad copies for Google & social media platforms and product descriptions. 

Select the plan for your 7-day free trial.

Jasper AI 5 Day Free Trial

Enter your payment details and start enjoying your 5-day trial (now Jasper offers 7 day free trial) along with 10,000 words of free credit.

Jasper.ai Free Trial Payment

That's it. You have now successfully activated the Jasper.ai free trial (formerly Jarvis).

These are the 5 easy steps to claim your free trial of Jasper and 10,000 words free credit as a bonus.

Special Offer

Readers of Technicalwall.com will get 10000 Words of Bonus Credit from Jasper. To get the Bonus and 7-day trial, sign up with the special link given below. If you're not happy with the content Jasper wrote for you, cancel your account within the trial period and send an email at [email protected] asking them not to charge your account after the trial period is over.

What is Jasper AI?

Jarvis AI Writing Tool

Jasper is an AI writing tool that is based on GPT3 artificial intelligence technology that can write Blog Articles, Facebook and Google ad copy, Emails, Social Media Posts, SEO-optimized content, landing page copy and more.

It is also one of the best AI story generators as it can create perfect unique stories based on your inputs. 

The Jasper AI tool has been developed by Dave Rogenmoser with the goal to empower content marketers to create more engaging, creative and unique content for themselves and for their clients. For example, it can generate a 1000-words blog article on any given topic in a matter of seconds.

Jasper's customers include 50,000+ content marketers around the world including companies like - Google, Airbnb, Zillow, IBM, AT&T and more.

Brands Using Jarvis

Jasper due to its excellent features has managed to get incredible ratings on different review platforms. At the time of writing this article (May 2023), Jasper has the following ratings on popular review websites:

  • Trustpilot - 4.8 out of 5 (Total rating: 1812)
  • Capterra - 4.9 out of 5 (Total rating: 691)
  • G2 - 4.8 out of 5 (Total rating: 478)
Jarvis Reviews and Ratings

Main Benefits of Jasper AI

Jasper.ai is a perfect AI copywriting tool for companies, bloggers or content marketers looking for an easy way to create high-quality content without having to worry about writer's block or coming up with ideas themselves!

It helps them generate blog articles, ad copy, headlines and email templates at scale without having to do any manual labor or spend any time on research.

Below I have mentioned some of the main benefits of using Jasper AI. You can use the free trial of Jasper to take advantage of these benefits.

  • Help you to break through writer’s block. Just feed the AI tool with your topic and main keywords, and wait for Jarvis to create SEO-optimized content that is keyword-rich and plagiarism-free. 
  • Create original content. Jasper has integrated Copyscape into the system to automatically detect duplicate content in the generated blog articles or stories.
  • Scale up your content creation. No need to hire any writer for your content. You can instruct Jasper to generate thousands of words of content in just a few minutes.
  • No need to pay hefty fees to digital marketers. Jasper creates better ad copy for your marketing campaigns. You can also test more ad copy variations to increase sales and improve ROAS for your ad spend.
  • No language barrier. Jasper lets you create content in 25+ languages to reach audiences around the world.

You can learn much more about Jasper and its main features & benefits in our detailed review.

Key Features of Jasper AI

Here is the breakdown of the main features of Jasper AI tool:

  • Jasper Commands to tell Jasper exactly what you want to be written
  • Now Jasper can read your past 3,000 characters every time before writing for better context and high-quality output
  • Gives you the ability to generate long-form blog articles
  • Write unique stories and eBooks that capture the reader's attention
  • 50+ templates to create different types of content - AIDA, PAS, Product description, Creative story, Blog Post Topic Ideas, Blog Post Outline, Blog Post Intro Paragraph, Facebook Ad Headline and more. Check out all Jasper Templates here.
  • 40+ copywriting skills such as the blog introduction and storyteller to generate the perfect piece of content
  • Scan your generated content with Copyscape to ensure that it is 100% plagiarism-free
  • Activate Grammarly to check your content for grammatical and spelling errors, if any
  • Integrate with SurferSEO to include the exact keywords in your content you need to rank high on search engines
  • Stay organized and manage your team to work seamlessly between different projects and multiple clients

Jasper AI Pricing & Plans

Jasper offers two pricing plans - Creator plan ($49/month) and Teams plan ($125/month). Get more details here - Jasper AI pricing plans.

Jasper Pricing Plans

Creators - This plan is best for individual bloggers, content creators, and small website owners. Under this plan, you get 1 seat and it allows you to create unlimited content like blog articles, eBooks, stories, product descriptions, essays, emails, marketing ads, tweets, headlines and more.

Teams - It include all the features under the Creators plan and offer 3 seats. Additional features include workflows and documents.

Business - If you need 10+ seats for your team members, then Business plan is best for you. It include all the features under the Teams plan.

Special Offer

Readers of Technicalwall.com will get 10000 Words Bonus Credit from Jasper. Get Jasper AI with the special link given below and try for 7 days for free.

FAQ on Jasper AI Free Trial

1. What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is a GPT3 artificial intelligence technology that can create high-quality original content for your blog, website, social media post, ads copy or email newsletters without the need for a writer.

2. What AI does Jasper use?

Jasper AI uses OpenAI's GPT3 artificial intelligence technology to create a perfect and original piece of content - marketing copy, blog articles, stories, essays and more.

3. Who can use Jasper AI?

Jasper is perfect for bloggers, content creators, writers and marketing agencies who wants to scale up their content creation process without devoting too much of their time.

4. How to use Jasper AI for free?

Jasper.ai is a subscription-based premium product. The plan starts at $29/mo. However, one can always sign up for the 7-days free trial to see if Jarvis is the right product for you.

5. How to sign up for Jasper AI free trial?

Readers of Technicalwall.com can sign up for the free trial with this special link - Jasper free trial (or Jarvis free trial) which also gives you 10,000 words of free credit.

6. Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up for Jasper.ai free trial?

Yes, you can sign up either with your credit card or Google Pay account. Please note that your credit card (or Google Pay account) will be automatically charged once the 5-days free access of Jasper is over.

7. Does Jasper AI offers any money-back guarantee?

Jasper offers a 100% risk-free trial. So, you're not required to pay anything to use Jarvis during the trial period.

8. Does Jasper AI creates SEO-optimized content?

Jasper has integrated SurferSEO into its system to create content that is perfectly optimized for SEO to rank your content higher on search engines. However, you'll need a separate account for SurferSEO.

Wrapping Up on Jasper Free Trial

Jasper AI writing software is truly worth the money for the features and benefits that comes with its subscription plans.

If you're looking for Jasper.ai free trial, I would recommend you to get a free trial offer by Jasper AI gives you ample opportunity to try all the premium features and see whether it can create content as per your liking.

What is your experience using Jasper, please offer your valuable comment below.

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Join the free trial of Jasper and also claim the 10,000 words of free credit by signing up with the link given below.

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