Sqribble vs Designrr: Which is the Better eBook Creator?

| | March 21, 2024

In today's digital age, eBooks have become an essential marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. They are cost-effective, easy to distribute, and can position a brand as an authority in their industry. 

Writing an eBook from scratch, however, can be a daunting task, especially for those who lack writing skills or experience with graphic design software. Fortunately, you don't have to create eBooks from scratch.

There are eBook creation software that can repurpose your existing content by converting it into eBooks. Some such eBook makers are Designrr, Sqribble and Kotobee.

In this article, we'll compare Designrr vs Sqribble. While both tools offer similar functionality, each has its unique features and advantages.

While compare the two platforms we'll explore their strengths and weaknesses to help you decide which one is right for you.

Whether you're an author, marketer or entrepreneur, understanding the differences between these Sqribble and Designrr can make all the difference in creating an eBook that stands out and achieves your goals. 

So let's dive in and explore Designrr vs Sqribble!

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Sqribble vs Designrr

Designrr vs Sqribble: Overview

Designrr Overview

Designrr eBook Creator

Designrr is an all-in-one tool that can help you create eBooks from scratch or convert your existing content into eBooks. 

So, if you have content in the form of old PDFs, blog articles, videos, podcasts or Facebook posts, you can make an eBook out of it.

It offers lots of eBook templates that can be fully customized using its built-in editor. To create an eBook, you need to enter the source URL and fetch the content. The content are imported into the Designrr editor where you can customize the colors, fonts, links, images, and layout of your eBook to make it unique.

To make your eBook more attractive and engaging, you can add images, table of contents, page number, header and footer, background color, columns and more. Designrr allows you to either add own image or choose from its library of copyright-free images.

It also makes it easy to publish and share your eBook. You can export your eBook in a variety of formats, including Kindle, ePub or PDF. You can also share your eBook on social media or embed it on your website.

Thus, using Designrr, you can either create eBooks to sell on platform like Kindle or create lead magnets for your website that can help you grow your email list.

The pricing plan starts at $29/month (Standard Plan) and offers a 7-day free trial on its paid plans. Read Designrr review to learn more or watch this video.

For a limited time, Designrr is offering its Standard Plan which normally costs $29 per month at a one-time price of $27 only. Plus, you also get exciting bonuses with your purchase. Your purchase is protected with a 30 days money back guarantee. Try Designrr risk-free.

Sqribble Overview

Sqribble eBook Creator

Sqribble is another popular eBook creation tool that allows you to create stunning eBooks, reports, whitepapers, and other digital content in just a few clicks. With Sqribble, you can turn your ideas into beautiful eBooks that people will love to read.

Like Designrr, Sqribble also offer a user-friendly interface but occasionally it may be slow to load.

Sqribble also offers a lot of eBook templates for its users. The templates offered by Sqribble looks more professional and attractive if you compared the templates offered by Designrr.

Whether you want to create a business report, a whitepaper, or an eBook, Sqribble has you covered. You can choose from a variety of templates from 15 categories, and each template can be customized to your liking.

It also offers a range of customization options, including adding images, videos, and other multimedia elements.

eBooks created using Sqribble can be downloaded in PDF format only. Sqribble offers you commercial license which means you can sell your eBooks on eBook publishing platforms or create eBooks for clients and charge them.

Sqribble is available at a one-time price of $67.

For a limited time, Sqribble is offering $53 special discount on its paid plan which means you can get this eBook software at only $14. You need to enter the coupon - BATMAN during the checkout. Your purchase of Sqribble is also backed by a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Designrr vs Sqribble: Pricing Plans

Designrr Pricing Plans

Depending on the features, Designrr offers multiple pricing plans - Standard ($29/month), Pro ($39/month), Premium ($49/month) and Business ($99/month).

Designrr Pricing Plans

Standard: This Designrr pricing plan would cost you $29/month and include features like 100+ project templates, 900+ Google fonts, ability to create unlimited eBooks, copyright-free images, table of content generator, page numbering, and more.

It also gives you ability to import content from multiple sources like website articles, MS Word, Old PDFs, Google Docs and more.

Pro: This plan include all the features covered in the Standard and would cost you $39/month. For this extra cost, you get additional features like 200+ cover designs, 3D cover image tool and ability to clone your existing projects.

Premium: Apart from the eBook creation service, if you have the requirement to transcribe a video or audio file, you need this plan. Thus, for additional transcription service (4 transcription hours), it would cost you $49/month.

Business: At $99/month, it include every features under the Premium plan with enhanced 8 transcription hours.

For a limited time you can get Designrr Standard plan at the discounted price of $27 one-time fixed price instead of $29/month using the link given below.

Sqribble Pricing Plans

Unlike Designrr, Sqribble offers only one pricing plan which means you can buy Sqribble at a one-time price of $67.

Sqribble Pricing Plan

Sqribble pricing plan: At $67, users can create unlimited eBooks & reports, and get features like templates, 300 style layout, auto content writer, commercial license and more.

If you need transcription service along with the ability to create eBooks, then, I would recommend you to go with Designrr. But if you only need to create eBooks then you can definitely try Sqribble.

Get a whopping discount of $53 on Sqribble which is normally priced at $67. Use the code - BATMAN to get the discount using the link given below.

Designrr vs Sqribble: Import Options

Designrr Import Options

Designrr Import Options

One of the best feature that I like in Designrr is its ability to import content from varied sources. I have used Designrr to create multiple eBooks using contents from by blog Technicalwall.com.

Thus, Designrr is able to create eBooks by importing content from:

  • Blog articles
  • YouTube videos
  • Podcasts
  • Old PDFs

Plus, as Designrr is a cloud-based application, you can use it on both Mac and Windows OS.

Sqribble Import Options

Sqribble Import Options

Considering the import options, Sqribble isn't as versatile as Designrr. Though it has the ability to import content from a URL or a Word file but it doesn't allow importing content from a podcasts or a video.

However, like Designrr, Sqribble is also 100% cloud based and can be accessed from multiple devices and operating systems (Windows and Mac) including desktop computers, tablets and mobiles.

Designrr vs Sqribble: Templates

Designrr Templates

Designrr Templates

If you don't want to design your eBook from the ground, you can make use of the templates offered by Designrr.

These templates are divided into different categories to suit individual needs - public speaking, real estate, self development, travel, advertising, author, beauty, blogging, business, recruitment, copywriting, digital marketing, eCommerce, education, music, pets and more.

The Standard templates, 130 in number, are quite basic in nature and contains only 3 pages, however, if you're on the higher tier plan, you get access to 20 Pro templates which looks more professional and contains more pages.

Despite small number of pages in the Standard template, you have the option to add as many pages as you may want in your chosen templates inside the Designrr editor.

Plus, you can create unlimited eBooks using the Designrr software.

Sqribble Templates

Sqribble eBook Templates

As compared to Designrr, Sqribble offers 50 templates. These templates looks high-quality and more professional. It offers 300+ style layouts that you can use to create a unique design for your eBook.

These templates are divided into 15 different categories to help you design your eBook in your preferred niche.

Sqribble also gives you the ability to add unlimited pages to your eBook templates. In terms of template design, I think Sqribble has an edge over Designrr.

Designrr vs Sqribble: Editor

Designrr Editor

Designrr Text Styling
Designrr Elements

Designrr editor offers lot of editing options to customize your eBook templates. On the left side of the editor, you can see the following six important tabs: Elements, Text, Images, Artwork & Shapes, Layouts and Templates.

The editing options by Designrr offers the following features:

  • Elements: Import content feature to fetch content using URL, new page, page break, table of contents, chapter heading, page number, embed audio & video, table, and more.
  • Text: You can add heading, paragraph, ordered list, link, divider, author name, and more.
  • Images: Upload your own image or use copyright-free images offered by Designrr.
  • Artwork: You can add artwork, shapes and icons to your eBooks.
  • Layouts: Offer multiple layouts - image grid, cover image, back page and columns.
  • Templates: You can customize or change your templates here.

Sqribble Editor

Sqribble Editing Options

Though the editing options offered by Sqribble isn't as detailed as Designrr but still it offers lots of useful options to make changes to your eBook to give it a unique design.

Sqribble editor contains the following features:

  • Change fonts, colors, styles, layouts to match your brand.
  • Easily add table of contents, blank page, thank you page, content page, and more.
  • Make your eBook more interactive by adding images, links, icons and buttons.
  • Easily add call to action button, bullet lists, dividers, headers, cover pages to your eBook.
  • Import your content by just entering your URL.

Designrr vs Sqribble: Export Options

Designrr Export Options

Designrr Export Options

Designrr excels over Sqribble by offering multiple export options. If you see the above screenshot, you can observe that Designrr lets you export your completed eBook in multiple eBook formats.

Thus, using Designrr you can download your eBook in the following format - PDF, Kindle, iBooks (epub) and HTML.

Sqribble Export Options

Sqribble lets you export your eBook in PDF format only. So, you need to use the third-party converter applications to covert your PDF files in other eBook formats.

Having the multiple file export options in the Sqribble platform would been an added advantage.

So, as of now, you only have the option to download or export your eBook in the PDF format.

Popularity: Sqribble vs Designrr

Designrr Popularity

Designrr is remarkably popular among content creators purely due to the fact that it can repurpose your existing content to create eBooks.

And the process to do so is as easy as 1 2 3. Just enter your source URL and click Fetch. Designrr will automatically import your content inside its editor where you can make changes as per your requirements.

Designrr Users

Currently, Designrr has helped more than 140000 users around the globe to create around 2 million eBooks.

Plus, it also has remarkable 4.7 rating out of 5 at Trustpilot.com, a third-party review platform where real customers share their feedback and rating against their purchase.

Designrr Reviews at Trustpilot

Sqribble Popularity

In terms of users review at Trustpilot.com, Scribble isn't far behind Designrr. In fact, it has also get the same 4.7 rating out of 5 on the review platform (see the below screenshot).

Sqribble Reviews Trustpilot

Thus, in terms of popularity, both the eBook creator software - Sqribble and Designrr are equal.

Whatever eBook maker you choose, I would recommend you to get the free trial or make use of the 30-day guarantee before committing to these products for the long term.

As of now, Designrr offers both the free trial as well as 30 day money-back guarantee on its paid plans. For example, you can get the Designrr free trial for 7 days on any of its paid plans. Plus, if you buy any of its paid plans, you get a full 30 day guarantee on your purchase.

Sqribble however, doesn't offer a free trial but it offers a 30 day guarantee on its purchase.

Wrapping Up

Designrr and Sqribble are both great eBook creation tools that offer a range of features and customization options. 

While Designrr offers advanced functionality and better editing options, it comes with basic templates which need upgradation and offers pro templates at a higher price point. 

On the other hand, Sqribble offers an affordable, user-friendly option with a variety of professionally designed templates but with slow editing interface.

Ultimately, the choice between Designrr and Sqribble comes down to your specific needs and preferences.

If you're looking for a highly customizable tool with multiple export options, then Designrr may be the better option for you. However, if you're looking for a more affordable and easy-to-use tool with pre-designed templates, then Sqribble is worth considering.

Both Designrr and Sqribble offer a cost-effective and efficient way of creating professional-looking eBooks that can help businesses generate leads and establish their authority in their industry.

By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each tool, you can make an informed decision and choose the one that is best suited for your eBook creation needs.

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