How to Highlight Text in Canva [A 2024 Step-by-Step Guide]

| | March 20, 2024
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Design plays a crucial role in capturing attention and conveying information effectively. 

When it comes to highlighting text in designs, it is important to use eye-catching techniques that not only make the text stand out but also contribute to the overall visual appeal. 

In this guide, we will explore different ways to highlight text in order to create stunning and attention-grabbing designs using Canva, a popular graphic design tool

From bold typography to creative text effects, we will delve into the techniques that can instantly make your designs pop and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

So, if you want to learn how to highlight text in Canva, keep reading!

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How to Highlight Text in Canva

How to Highlight Text in Canva?

Canva offers a variety of text highlighting tools that help to make your designs stand out. You can highlight specific words or phrases by changing their color, background, or adding effects. 

With Canva's text highlighting tools, you can easily create eye-catching designs that grab attention. Experiment with different text highlighting techniques to find the one that best suits your design and message.

Whether you want to draw attention to a key word with a vibrant color or create a subtle effect with a textured background, Canva's tools give you the flexibility to customize and enhance your text in unique ways.

To start learning how to highlight text in Canva graphic design tool, you need to follow the steps as highlighted below.

Create a Design

First, you either need to open your existing design or if you want to start from scratch, log in to your Canva account and click on Create a design.

If you don't have a Canva account, you can sign up for the 30 days free trial or create a free account with basic features.

When you click on Create a design, you would get some suggestions (see the below screenshot) or you can enter your design that you would like to create in the Search bar.

For example - Pinterest post, infographic, Facebook post, blog banner, YouTube thumbnail, and more.

For this tutorial, I have chosen the option - Instagram Post (Square) as shown in the below screenshot.

Create a Design Canva

Choose Your Template

As you select you preferred design, you would be presented with lots of templates (both free and paid) to chose from inside the Canva Editor.

Select the template that you like. In the below screenshot, you can see that I have chosen a Instagram Post template from the left of the Canva Editor.

Instagram Post Canva

Text Effects

To highlight a text in your design, Canva Editor offers lots of options. Let's check them out one by one.

First, you need to select the text you want to highlight. When you select a text, a purple border will appear around your text and a text editing menu bar will appear on the top.

The first option - Effects, can help you highlight your text dramatically.

Text Effects Canva

As you click on Effects, you get lots of different styles to chose from on the left. For example, I have chosen the Outline effects to the highlight the text in my post.

If you compare the image on the top of this paragraph with the image given below, you can see that the selected text - Diwali, has taken the effect of the style - Outline.

Text Style Canva

If you want, you can also change the background color the selected text. In the above screenshot, you can see the Background effect under the Color option.

To apply the background effect, keep your text selected and click on the Background from the left (see the below screenshot).

Text Background Canva

As you click on it, the selected text will now have a background color around it (see the above screenshot).

Plus, you also get three sliders (Roundness, Spread, and Transparency) and a Color options box below the Background button.

  • Roundness: By default the slider is set to 50. You can move the slider to the left or right to increase or decrease the roundness of the edges of the background of your highlighted text.
  • Spread: This one is also by default set to 50. As in the case of Roundness, you can also move this slider to the left or right to increase or decrease the distance of the background from the text.
  • Transparency: By default the value is set to 100. You can increase or decrease the opacity of the highlighted area by moving the slider.

If you again see the screenshot I have added above, you would observe a fourth option - Color. If you don't like the default color, you can change the background color by selecting this option.

When you click on it, the color options panel will open. Now, as you select any color, the background color of your highlighted text will automatically change.

Font Color and Style

If you wish, you can also change the font color, size and style of your highlighted text in Canva.

To apply any of these options, you again need to select your text which will cause a text editing menu bar to appear.

For example, if you change the font style of your highlighted text, click on the text. As seen in the below screenshot, a menu bar will appear.

From the menu bar, select the font style of your choice. You can also change the font size of your text.

Text Font Style Canva

Similarly, if you want to change the color your text, click on the color options as shown below. It will open a color panel from where you can select color of your choice.

Text Color Canva

If you don't like the color in the sample color offered, you can click on the square box with the rainbow outline below the Document colors (see the above screenshot).

A color picker will open from where you can select any color of your choice. If you find it difficult to find a color of your choice, you can try this free tool - It offers lots of color templates with color hex codes that will surely help you find your perfect color.

Download Highlighted Text in Canva

After you've finished highlighting your text in Canva, it's time to download it in your preferred format.

To download any design, you need to click on the Share button at the top right.

Download Design Canva

From here, you have the option to share your design with your team members, share on social media, or download it in formats like PNG, JPG, PNG Standard, or PDF Print.

That's it, now you know how to highlight text in Canva.

Why Should You Highlight Text in Canva?

Text highlighting in design serves the important purpose of drawing attention to key information. 

By highlighting specific words or phrases, you can make them stand out and catch the viewers' eye. This technique not only helps to enhance the visual appeal of your design but also aids in improving readability. 

By breaking up large blocks of text with highlighted elements, you make it easier for readers to skim through the content and quickly find the information they need.

Incorporating text highlighting techniques can make your designs more engaging and visually appealing.

Grabbing Attention with Bold Typography

Bold typography can be a powerful tool when it comes to highlighting text in your design. By using bold fonts, you can effectively emphasize important words or phrases, making them stand out from the rest of the content. 

This technique not only adds contrast and hierarchy to your design but also creates a focal point that guides the viewer's eye towards specific areas.

By using bold typography sparingly, you can add visual interest and make your design more impactful. It's important to strike the right balance to avoid overwhelming the viewer, but when done correctly, bold typography can truly make a statement in your design.

Creating Hierarchy and Visual Flow

Highlighting text in your designs allows you to create a clear hierarchy, guiding the viewer's eye from one element to another. 

By using different font sizes, weights, and colors, you can establish a visual flow that leads the viewer through the content in a logical order. This helps to make your designs more organized and visually balanced.

Creating a visual hierarchy also makes it easier for viewers to understand the importance of different elements in your design.

By effectively using text highlighting techniques, you can ensure that key information stands out and catches the viewers' attention.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I customize the highlight color in Canva?

Answer. Yes, you can customize the highlight color in Canva. After selecting the text and choosing a text element that supports highlighting, you can use the color picker to select a specific highlight color or choose from the pre-set highlight options.

Q2. Can I highlight multiple sections of text in Canva?

Answer. Yes, you can highlight multiple sections of text in Canva. Simply select each section of text individually and apply the highlight color using the same steps mentioned earlier.

Q3. Can I highlight text in Canva on mobile devices?

Answer. If you're using the Canva mobile app, you can certainly highlight text in your design. The process is similar to the desktop version. Select the text, access the text options, and choose a text element that supports highlighting. Then, apply the desired highlight color.

Q4. Can I print or download designs with highlighted text in Canva?

Answer. Yes, you can print or download designs with highlighted text in Canva. The highlight color will be retained in the final output, whether it's a printed document or a downloaded file in various formats like PDF or image formats.

Q5. Can I try Canva for free?

Answer. Yes, you can either join the free plan which offers basic features or sign up for the 30-days free trial that allows you to try premium features for free for 30 days.

Wrapping Up

Creating eye-catching designs in Canva can be achieved by effectively highlighting text.

Understanding the importance of text highlighting is key, as it allows you to grab attention with bold typography and create hierarchy and visual flow in your designs.

By utilizing Canva's text highlighting tools, such as color and contrast, you can make your text stand out and create a visually appealing composition.

I hope this tutorial has helped you learn how to highlight text in Canva and some other very cool features. Get started with Canva today using the link below.

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