5 Best SEO Affiliate Programs to Make Money in 2022

| | November 14, 2022
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Estimations are that businesses in the US are spending more than $80 billion on SEO services and is expected to grow more. High demands coupled with huge investment in this segment is giving rise to more SEO tools than ever.

These companies offering SEO tools as a service are looking for affiliate marketers that can promote their tools on their blog, websites, social media sites and others in return for attractive commissions.

You can also take advantage of this opportunity and promote SEO tools to make some extra income from your website.

In this article, I am highlighting some of the best SEO affiliate programs that pays around 30% commission for each successful referral.

If your website is in the following niche - WordPress, SEO, Blogging or Digital Marketing, you can join these affiliate programs and promote these SEO tools to your site visitors.

On joining the affiliate program, you would be provided with your unique affiliate (referral) link that can be placed on your website, blog, social media sites, email newsletters and more. When any of your site visitors clicks on your affiliate links and make a purchase, you earn a commission. That's it.

And the best part? Most of these SEO affiliate programs pays recurring commission every month as along as your referral remains a paying subscriber of the SEO tool you're promoting.

Let's get started.

SEO Affiliate Programs

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Note: This article contains affiliate links. When you click an affiliate link and make a purchase, we get a small compensation at no cost to you. See our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer for more info.

5 Best SEO Affiliate Programs of 2022

1. Semrush

Semrush Affiliate Program

Semrush is one of the most popular SEO tool that is specifically designed for digital marketers and SEO specialists. It has one of the most extensive databases of keywords in the industry, with over 20 billion keywords to choose from.

Website owners can use Semrush to perform Technical SEO site audit, competition research, keyword research, backlink analysis, and others, to improve online visibility to your site.

It also provides great value for money – it’s relatively cheap compared to other SEO tools like Moz or Ahrefs – especially considering the number of features it offers.

Key Features

  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Technical SEO Audit with 130+ checks
  • Track SERP Position
  • Create SEO-friendly Content

Semrush Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is free to join. On joining the affiliate program, you get promotional materials like your unique referral link, banners, eBooks and more.

You can earn $200 for every new subscription sale, $10 for every new trial and $0.01 for every new sign up.

At $200 commission per sale, Semrush is one of the best high ticket affiliate programs that you can consider promoting on your site.

Here are the official link and other details:

  1. Official Website: https://semrush.com
  2. Affiliate Sign Up URL: https://app.impact.com/advertiser-advertiser-info/Semrush.brand
  3. Affiliate Commission: $200 per subscription sale
  4. Cookie Period: 120 day

2. Mangools

Mangools SEO Affiliate Program

Mangools has a suite of SEO tools to help marketers optimize their website for organic ranking. It offers a range of features including keyword research, SERP analysis, keyword rank tracking, SEO authority analysis, backlink analysis and more.

Digital marketers or website owners can use this tool to get insights on how to improve the site's performance in search engines and identify opportunities for their blogs or websites.

Mangools is one of the best SEO tools nowadays because it has its own set of tools to support website owners in various ways:

  • KWFinder. One of the best keyword research tool that helps you find relevant keywords for your niche.
  • SERPChecker. To track any changes in SERPs and notifies you when they occur. 
  • SiteProfiler. It helps in analyzing a website’s performance by tracking keywords used on your website and other factors like traffic sources, search engine rank, backlinks etc., 
  • LinkMiner. It lets you know if there are opportunities to build links for your website through sites.

Key Features

  • Keyword Research
  • Track Website Ranking
  • Check SEO Authority of a Website
  • Analyze Features Snippets and Answer Boxes influence on Organic Results
  • Analyze Link Strength based on metrics such as Citation Flow, Trust Flow and others

Mangools Affiliate Program

You can join Mangools affiliate program and promote all the tools as mentioned above to earn recurring commission.

Mangools offers 30% recurring commission for lifetime which means for every referred user who registers and subscribes through your affiliate link will bring you commission every month as long as your referral remains a paying customer of Mangools.

Here are the official link and other details:

  1. Official Website: https://mangools.com
  2. Affiliate Sign Up URL: https://mangools.com/affiliate-program
  3. Affiliate Commission: 30% lifetime recurring commission
  4. Cookie Period: 30 day

3. Spyfu

SpyFu Affiliate Program

SpyFu is a powerful tool that can help you find your competitors’ keywords, analyzing their organic search visibility, track keyword rankings and adwords spend.

It is a powerful competitive intelligence tool that is built to help marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners understand the digital marketing strategies of their competition.

SpyFu helps businesses in three main ways - by letting them know who their competitors are, how they're ranking, and what they're spending on digital marketing.

Some of the popular tools offered by Spyfu are - Keyword Research Tool, Multi-Competitor Keyword Tool, PPC Ad Rank Tracker, Google Ads Competitor Keyword Spy Tool, Google Ads Advisor and more.

Key Features

  • Generate New Keyword Ideas
  • Competitors Keyword Research
  • Track Competitors SEO Ranking
  • Analyze Competitor's Backlinks
  • PPC Analysis
  • Analyze Competitor's Google Ads Spending

SpyFu Affiliate Program

Publishers can join the SpyFu affiliate program to earn a whopping 40% recurring commission for the lifetime of the referred customer.

365 days cookie life is one of the best in the SEO industry. If anyone clicks on your SpyFu affiliate link and become a paying customer of SpyFu not immediately but within the 365 days cookie period, you become eligible to get commission.

Here are the official link and other details:

  1. Official Website: https://spyfu.com
  2. Affiliate Sign Up URL: https://www.spyfu.com/affiliates
  3. Affiliate Commission: 40% lifetime recurring commission
  4. Cookie Period: 365 day

4. Surfer SEO

SurferSEO Affiliate Program

SurferSEO is one of the best tools to optimize your blog content with the power of AI to rank higher on search engines.

It allows you to craft a perfect content plan strategy for your blog or online business saving you hours from doing it all by yourself.

You can also use the tool to get unique optimized paragraphs automatically placed into proper headers building you article outline within minutes.

It also gives you suggestion on word count, article structure, keywords to use, content gaps and also highlight formatting issues that can fix to boost your rankings.

Key Features

  • Content Planner
  • Create Article Outline
  • Get Content Suggestions
  • Optimize Existing Pages
  • Site Audit to identify content gaps and formatting issues
  • Supports integration with content writing tool - Jasper AI

SurferSEO Affiliate Program

According to the official homepage, anyone who publishes marketing-related content to relevant audiences can apply to join the affiliate program.

The program pays 25% recurring commission for every new subscription that happens from your unique affiliate link.

Here are the official link and other details:

  1. Official Website: https://surferseo.com/
  2. Affiliate Sign Up URL: https://surferseo.com/affiliate-program/
  3. Affiliate Commission: 25% lifetime recurring commission
  4. Cookie Period: 60 day

5. AccuRanker

AccuRanker SEO Affiliate Program

AccuRanker is one of the most popular rank tracker tools used by SEO professionals and agencies. It helps them to track, upload and download thousands of keywords of their client's websites and their competitors.

It can accurately track keywords for not only Google but also for Bing. Both desktop and mobile ranking for keywords are offered by AccuRanker.

Additionally, it supports key integration like - Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Adobe Analytics, APIs, and more.

Key Features

  • On-demand Keyword Ranking Updates
  • Ability to Segment and Filter Keyword Data
  • Add Unlimited Domains under Single Account
  • Add Unlimited Users
  • Supports Third-Party Integration
  • Free SERP Checker tool to track keywords ranking

AccuRanker Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is free to join and offers a good 20% recurring commission. The cookie period is 120 days and each payment is made via PayPal after 30-days provided you've reached the minimum affiliate payout limit is $100. 

Here are the official link and other details:

  1. Official Website: https://www.accuranker.com/
  2. Affiliate Sign Up URL: https://www.accuranker.com/affiliate
  3. Affiliate Commission: 20% lifetime recurring commission
  4. Cookie Period: 120 day

Who Can Join SEO Affiliate Programs

Though anyone can join these SEO affiliate programs but it converts well if you promote only those products that are directly related to your site niche.

SEO affiliate program works best for:

  • Bloggers.
  • SEO Professionals.
  • PPC Marketing Professionals.
  • Course Creators.

Wrapping Up

These are our top picks for the best SEO affiliate programs.

Promoting these programs that can scale your affiliate income in no time. As you have seen above, most of these programs offers recurring commission for the lifetime of the customers.

So, as long as a customer remains a paying subscriber of the SEO tool you're promoting, you'll continue to earn commissions every month.

Join these recurring affiliate programs and start earning consistent passive income every month.

Which SEO affiliate program is working best for you? If you think there is any other affiliate program that should be included in the list, please offer your comments below.

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