Best Writing Tools, Apps and Software for Content Writers in 2024

| | May 8, 2024

Writing has been a part of human life from the very start. From pen and paper to typewriters to computer systems and laptops with the assistance of the internet, humans have advanced the means of writing a lot.

Writing is a tricky skill. There is always room for one to improve. But unlike in the past when people would have a minimum amount of sources to help in writing, today’s writers have hundreds of options to choose from.

We have scanned the internet for the 4 best writing tools that will help every writer whether they are a blog post writer, research paper writer, content creator, or others.

Let's get started.

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Best Writing Tools for Content Writers

Grammarly Writing Tool

Writing content free of grammatical mistakes is one of the most challenging tasks for writers. A content free from grammar mistakes leaves a good impression your reader.

But it is nearly impossible to write content without making any mistakes. If you're a non-native English speaker it would be quite common to make an error.

Even native English population can make errors while writing content in English.

There are many online tools that can help you to avoid any grammatical errors. And one of the most popular and widely used grammar checker tool is Grammarly.

Key Features:

  • The tool is completely free for basic use
  • It can be utilized for grammatical mistakes, clarification in your writing
  • It can solve punctuation mistakes and spelling errors
  • It can upload/download your file
  • It can be accessed via a mobile phone application

It has different features like readability, fluency, punctuation and others, that can come in handy for online writers

2. Google Docs

Google Docs Writing Tool

If you are a content writer who work as a team then online word processor like Google Docs can be quite handy for you.

It is a browser based word processor and most importantly it is free to use.

You can access it using any of the modern day browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Safari. You just need your Gmail id to get started with it. Once you're inside Google Docs you can create and format documents.

This writing tool even supports real-time collaboration. Team members can edit a document at the same time. Each changes made by any of the members online can been seen instantaneously.

There is no risk of losing your work as it is automatically saved in Google Drive. So you can access your files anytime, anywhere and from any type of devices - mobile, tablet or computer.

Key Features

  • Readymade templates - resume, project proposal, business letter, meeting notes, brochure and more.
  • Automatically correct misspellings and make suggestions for spelling and grammar.
  • Clear Formatting - Formats your foreign text to fit with the rest of your document.
  • Research tool - Easily research and refer to information and images online right from your Google Docs document.
  • Comments - Add comments in the documents to add notes, highlight changes, ask questions and more.
  • Add or remove header or footers, table of contents sidebar, add fonts, are some of its other useful features.

Get started with Google Docs here.

3. Evernote


Another writing software that is very popular among content writers is Evernote.

Writers who are looking for an application that can allow them to take notes, screenshots, and create tasks and lists, must try Evernote. It's an everyday organizer that manages all your daily task and notes.

Features like online collaboration with your team members makes it even more useful. If you ever want to share an idea quickly, any notes that you save in Evernote can be easily shared with your friends or team member, even if they don't have an Evernote account.

It is one of the most popular notes taking app with more than 225 million users around the world.

Key Features

  • Supports offline notes. Your notes are available even without an internet connection.
  • Supports 10 GB monthly note uploads.
  • A single note can be 200 MB in size. It allows you to store high-resolution photos and presentations.
  • No need to carry your contact cards. You can capture a photo of the card and store all contact information on your device.
  • Supports PDF annotation.
  • Also support reminder you so you never miss a deadline.
  • Online chat support.

4. Prepostseo's Plagiarism Checker

One of the most annoying problems that online writers face is plagiarism. If you're a blogger, you must know that Google has an uncompromising policy against plagiarism. One cannot get away with copying someone else's work.

You have to write unique content every time. And sometimes even when you write purely all by yourself and try to avoid plagiarism as much as you can, google strikes you for copying. As a result, your website will start ranking lower down the search results.

If you're writing for a research paper or for any other purpose, using copied content may land you in legal trouble.

So how to avoid it? There are many popular plagiarism detection tools out there on the internet. Even Grammarly can help you detect plagiarism but this feature is not available in its free plan.

If you don't want to pay to check plagiarism in your content, you can take the help of this free tool - Prepostseo's online plagiarism checker.

Just paste your content inside the tool and it will automatically scan billions of websites around the world to check for duplicate content. It accurately detects duplicate content and also finds the source of the matched content.

Key Features:

  • The tool is completely free to use.
  • It scans billions of websites around the world to check for plagiarism.
  • It can scan self-plagiarism using a plagiarism-comparison tool.
  • It can also find paraphrased content in your writing.
  • It can identify the sources of the matched content.

It is totally free and very easy to use. It scans online libraries and documents deeply to catch any similar line. It is by far the most accurate plagiarism checker.

Get started with Prepostseo's Plagiarism Checker today.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have had a look at some of the most common problems writers face and the right tool that are available online to solve them.

Content writer can take the help of these writing tools to make their life easier. These tools can help you be organized, stay focused and improve your writing.

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