7 Best eBook Affiliate Programs to Promote and Make Money in 2022

| | November 14, 2022

According to Statista, 191 million e-books were sold in the United States in 2020 and these are only conservative estimates. The actual figure could be much higher as data from smaller publishers and major retailers such as Amazon are difficult to gather (source).

The reason for such high sale figure could be attributed to the fact that more people are now consuming data online - videos, podcasts and of course, eBooks. Plus, eBooks formats are mobile friendly. It can be easily accessed on almost all kind of devices - desktop, tablet or mobile.

With the rise of eBook readers, the publishing industry has seen a massive shift in its content distribution strategy. This has led to the launching of affiliate programs which are now offered by top book publishing platforms. I will be discussing these programs in this article.

If you have a book-related blog or an audience in this category, you can join these affiliate programs and:

  • Promote these eBook publishers to your users or
  • Promote popular eBooks listed on these platforms to your users

to earn regular income as commissions.

Let's get started with the Best eBook Affiliate Programs of 2022.

Note: This article contains affiliate links. When you click an affiliate link and make a purchase, we get a small compensation at no cost to you. See our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer for more info.

7 Best eBook Affiliate Programs of 2022

  1. eBooks.com
  2. Barnes & Nobles
  3. eBook Maestro
  4. Kobo
  5. Amazon Kindle
  6. AbeBooks
  7. Booksamillion

1. eBooks.com

eBooks.com Affiliate Program

Launched in the year 2000 by Stephen and Trudy Cole, eBooks.com is one of the oldest and popular retailer that sells eBooks directly to millions of consumer around the world.

It also has five local sales portals that caters to the consumer living in US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia.

Registered users can read eBook online or download them locally to their computer or mobile devices. eBook.com has eBook reader apps for vast array of devices - desktop, mobile and tablet.

The eBook Reader app by eBook.com has million plus install and supports popular mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android device, Kindle Fire or Blackberry.

About eBooks.com Affiliate Program

The affiliate program by eBooks.com is offered via cj.com (Commission Junction). If you already have an account at cj.com, you can apply to join the eBooks.com affiliate program. Else you have to register first at cj.com.

Once you're approved into the affiliate program, you will be provided with your affiliate link and banners. You can even create your own link that directs your visitors to any particular eBook on sale at eBooks.com. If your visitor ends up buying any eBooks, you will earn commission on your sale.

There are 2 million plus unique e-books in different genres on the eBook.com platform, thus, giving you great flexibility to only promote eBooks that are best sellers in their segment.

The affiliate commission offered by eBooks.com is incentive driven and based on the following tiered system:

  • Up to $499 commission = 8% 
  • Commission$500-$999 commission = 10%
  • Commission$1000-$1999 commission = 12%
  • Commission$2000+ commission = 15% commission

Here are the official link and other details:

  1. Official Website: https://ebooks.com/
  2. Affiliate Sign Up URL: https://www.ebooks.com/en-in/information/affiliates/
  3. Affiliate Commission: In the range of 8% to 15%
  4. Cookie Period: 45 days

2. Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Nobles Affiliate Program

With over 1 million titles, Barnes & Nobles is one of the most popular eBook retailer in the United States. It offers vide range of products that include books, eBooks, magazines, toys & games, music, DVD and Blu-ray, and related products and services to its online customers.

Apart from its online store, Barnes & Nobles also offers millions of bestselling eBooks & digital magazines to download on your hand-held devices and read instantly on platforms like Google Play, iTunes and Windows Store. The Nook Reader app By Barnes & Nobles are available for download on Android and iOS.

About the Barnes & Nobles Affiliate Program

Similar to eBooks.com, the affiliate program is offered  through the cj.com portal. Once you're accepted into the program, you can earn commissions by placing products, banner ads or text links on your website and referring your customers to BN.com.

You can choose from millions of book from its store to promote to your customers. You not only earn a commission from each successful book sale, you will also earn commissions on any other products purchased by customers who arrive from your site. Affiliates that have a sizable US audience can earn very good income by recommending books from B&N platform to its users.

Here are the official link and other details:

  1. Official Website: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/
  2. Affiliate Sign Up URL: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/h/affiliates
  3. Affiliate Commission: 2% commission on physical products and 4% commission on digital products
  4. Cookie Period: 24-hour

3. eBook Maestro

eBook Maestro Affiliate Program

eBook Maestro is not an eBook publishing platform. It is an all-in-one software that compiles any types of digital information products such as eBooks, Presentations, Magazines, Albums, Galleries, Guides, Offline Sites, Reports, Documentations, Training Courses, Educational Materials, Tests, Quizzes, Software Wizards, and more.

The software work as an eBook creator that allows you to compile your eBook with entire variety of HTML features that supports text formatting, images, Flash, Java Script, Audio, Video, etc.

Book publishers can use this platform to host their eBook that comes with many useful features. Have a look:

  • Creates stand-alone EXE eBooks from websites (HTML pages)
  • Protects your eBooks with multi-level protection system
  • Adds trial limitations to your product for users to have to register it
  • Monetize your eBooks

eBook Maestro software allows you to offer your eBook to your consumers in two part - free and paid. Free part allows any one to download and read through it. Paid part is available only to the paid registered users.

Not let's look at the affiliate program offered by eBook Maestro.

About the eBook Maestro Affiliate Program

Affiliates can earn up to 40% commission on sales of eBook Maestro products. All you need to do after joining the affiliate program is to add your affiliate links and banners in your website content.

You can also earn by promoting eBook Maestro PRO on your site and earn $27.98 per sale. Thus, if you can come up with 5 sale per day, you can easily earn $139.9 every day.

Here are the official link and other details:

  1. Official Website: https://ebookmaestro.com/
  2. Affiliate Sign Up URL: https://www.ebookmaestro.com/affiliates.html
  3. Affiliate Commission: 40% on eBooks and $27.98 per sale on eBook Maestro PRO software
  4. Cookie Period: No information available

4. Kobo

Kobo Affiliate Program

Kobo by Rakuten was launched in the year 2009 and is popularly known for selling eBooks, audiobooks and eReaders online to its customers around the globe.

It has over 5 million eBook titles covering wide range of genres like - romance, science fiction, mystery, powerful memoirs, non-fiction, poetry and more. The audiobook store also has collection from various categories that include fiction & literature, biography, mystery & suspense, business & finance, romance and more.

Plus, they also offer eReader devices like Kobo elipsa, Kobo forma, Kobo Libra and others. You can access millions of eBooks in the Kobo eBookstore right on your eReader.

They also have dedicated app for mobile users on Android and Apple devices. Users who prefer reading eBooks on their computer can download the free desktop app which is available for both Windows and Mac systems.

About Kobo Affiliate Program

The eBook affiliate program by Kobo is free to join and offers a flat 5% commission on the sale of eBooks, audiobooks and devices. They also offer a 10% commission on device accessories.

Here are the official link and other details:

  1. Official Website: https://kobo.com/
  2. Affiliate Sign Up URL: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/p/affiliate
  3. Affiliate Commission: 5% commission (eBooks, audiobooks & devices), 10% (device accessories)
  4. Cookie Period: 14-days
Amazon Associates Program

Amazon is the most popular online marketplace for selling eBooks. Plus, they also sell Kindle devices that are very popular among eBook readers around the world.

Amazon Kindle is a series of e-reader devices that are sold by Amazon. Kindle devices allows users to browse, buy, download, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital products.

It has over 2 million titles, thousands of audiobooks, and up to three select magazine subscriptions. It's available for $9.99 a month and you can cancel anytime. New users can try it for free for 30 days.

About Amazon Kindle Affiliate Program

If you receive decent traffic on your blog, you can make consistent income by joining the Amazon Kindle affiliate program and driving traffic to Amazon. Provided, of course, that the traffic on your site are mostly interested in reading books and magazines. This would help to boost your affiliate marketing conversion.

You would earn a decent 4% commission on promoting Amazon Kindle devices to your users.

Here are the official link and other details:

  1. Official Website: https://amazon.com/
  2. Affiliate Sign Up URL: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/
  3. Affiliate Commission: 4% on Amazon Kindle
  4. Cookie Period: 24-hours
AbeBooks Affiliate Program

AbeBooks is an online book store where one can order books, fine art and collectibles. The online platform has sellers from around the globe that are selling new as well as used and rare books.

Book lovers looking for out-of-print titles can search the AbeBooks store. Many such rare books have found its place in the AbeBooks store.

Fine art - vintage posters, original paintings and comics, photographs, maps, manuscripts are some of the other objects listed on sale in this site.

If your site has an audience that you think will be interested in buying these books and other collectibles, you can join the AbeBooks affiliate program and share these items to them.

About AbeBooks Affiliate Program

AbeBooks offer its affiliate program through Impact Radius. You would have to join the Impact Radius network in order to promote AbeBooks affiliate program.

The affiliate program offers 5% commission on each successful sale. On joining the program, you would able to generate affiliate links and get banner code.

You can add affiliate links in your related blog articles or share it on social media sites - Facebook, Twitter and others. Email newsletters is another medium where you can share your affiliate links with your subscribers.

The program has a cookie period of 30 days. This cookie tracks sales that happens over 30 days from the day of first click.

Here are the official link and other details:

  1. Official Website: https://www.abebooks.com/
  2. Affiliate Sign Up URL: https://www.abebooks.com/books/AffiliateProgram/
  3. Affiliate Commission: 5%
  4. Cookie Period: 30-days
Booksamillion Affiliate Program

Booksamillion is an online bookstore that sells books, e-books, audiobooks, DVDs, CD music and other media.

They have a variety of books to choose from such as fiction books, nonfiction books, children’s books and much more. They also provide an online book club so you can find out what other people are reading and discuss it with them.

About Booksamillion Affiliate Program

Booksamillion offer its affiliate program through cj.com. You need to have an account in cj.com in order to promote this affiliate program.

The affiliate program offers 5% commission on each successful sale. Affiliate links and banners are the promotion material that you can use on your site, email newsletters or social media websites for promotion.

The program has a cookie period of 30 days. If a visitor clicks on your unique affiliate link and purchases anytime within the next 30 days, you would still earn up to a 5% commission on that purchase.

Here are the official link and other details:

  1. Official Website: https://www.booksamillion.com/
  2. Affiliate Sign Up URL: https://www.booksamillion.com/affiliates/index.html
  3. Affiliate Commission: 5%
  4. Cookie Period: 30-days

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best eBook affiliate program that you can join today. If your website have the audience that are more interested in reading eBooks, then you can monetize them by recommending them popular eBooks or devices.

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Which eBook affiliate program you like the most and why? Please offer your comment below.

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