How to Create an eBook in Visme for Free

| | April 29, 2024

Visme is a powerful web-based application that allows anyone to create interactive and engaging content.

It's very beginner-friendly and offer tools for creating eBooks, infographics, presentations, video tutorials, social media graphics, website mockups and more.

It offers an eBook creator tool that allows you to create eBook either from scratch or using any of the professionally designed templates that are easily customizable.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create an eBook in Visme for free.

Let's get started.

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What is Visme

Visme is a free online tool that lets you create ebooks, infographics, presentations, and other types of content.

The best thing about Visme is that it has a simple and easy to use drag-and-drop interface with lots of customizable options or features. These features allows to make your eBooks more interactive and engaging.

Visme eBook Creator Online

Users can create and share visual content without any design or coding skills. This means you can make infographics, presentations, reports, and other types of visuals without any graphic design experience.

You don't even need to invest in expensive software or hire an expert designer. The ebook templates offered by Visme are fully customizable which means you can edit, add or delete any elements - fonts, colors, images, text, and links inside the template.

Once you have finished editing your graphics, you can download it in multiple formats like JPG, PNG, PDF and more.

Key Features of Visme

Visme offers many important features that can save you hours when creating your next great eBook. Here are the some of the key features that makes Visme one of the best online eBook creator tool-

  • Pre-built easily customizable eBook templates
  • Professionally designed eBook Cover templates
  • Easy to use drag and drop editor
  • Make your eBook engaging by adding stunning graphics - icons, lines & shapes, GIF and more
  • Easily add data and figures in tables, charts, graphs, diagrams, widgets and more
  • Use theme colors to maintain your brand color across your eBooks
  • Organize and manage your eBooks in folders
  • Save your eBook on your device or on applications like Google Drive, Dropbox
  • Visme offers a completely free account to create and download eBooks in JPEG format

How to Create an eBook in Visme Step by Step


Create your free account by visiting You can sign up with your email id or using your Google or Facebook account.

Now log in to your Visme account. It will open the Visme Dashboard. From the Dashboard, click on Create New >> New Project >> Documents. See the below screenshot.

Visme Dashboard


Under Documents, choose eBooks from the given options. 

Visme eBook

On selecting the eBook option, Visme will display all the available eBook templates including the free as well as the premium ones.

All the paid templates are marked as premium. To create eBook for free, you need to select any one from the free templates.

Visme eBook Templates

As you hover the mouse over the free templates, you get the following two options - 

  1. Preview (to see the tempate in action)
  2. Edit (to start customizing the free eBook template)

You need to select the Edit option. Selecting this option will launch the Visme Editor


Inside the Visme Editor, you get the following editing options:

Visme Editing Features
  • Layout: You can continue editing the existing eBook template or you can change the template here.
  • Basics: You can make your eBook interactive and engaging by adding different elements under this category. For example, header & text, font pairs, stats & figures, graphics & text, diagrams, call to action and more.
  • Graphics: Adding graphics to your eBook will make it more engaging. Visme allows you to add elements like - lines & shapes, icons, 3d graphics, characters, illustrations and more.
  • Images: You can upload your own images or choose from hundreds of free images, GIFs, mockup offered by Visme.
  • Data: If you need to represent some figures, numbers or any other numeric data, Visme allows you to add beautifully designed charts & graphics, tables, diagrams, maps and widgets.
  • Theme Colors: If you want to have a same color combination across your eBook, you can use the theme color option. It contains different color templates give your eBook a uniform look.
  • My Files: This option allows you to add your own files such as images (jpg, png), PDF, MP4, WAV, MP3 and more.
  • Apps: Visme also supports third-party integration with useful applications like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Loom, Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Analytics, Jotform and more.

In this step, you need to customize your eBook using one or more of the above editing options.


Once you're done editing your eBook, you can click the Download button at the top-right and select JPG format to download the eBook.

You can download the eBook to your computer or save it on applications like Google Drive, HubSpot, Dropbox and more.

Download in PDF format is currently not available under the free account. You need to upgrade to the premium account to save your eBook in PDF.

Thus, in four easy steps, Visme allows you to create a professionally designed eBook for your blog, business or any other purpose.

Wrapping Up

Visme is a free, easy-to-use design tool for creating infographics, eBooks, presentations, and other graphic content.

It is the perfect list building software for anyone who wants to create professional-quality eBooks within a short time and offer them to your website visitors to quickly build your email list.

I hope this article has helped you learn how to create an eBook in Visme for free.

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Visme offers a completely free plan for beginners. No credit card is required to join the free plan. You can use the free plan to create eBooks either from scratch or using its free templates. Join Visme using the link given below.

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