3 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses on the Web [A 2024 Review]

| | March 21, 2024

There are a hundreds of affiliate marketing courses on the web but not all of them are equally helpful and value for money.

During my affiliate marketing journey, I have joined several courses related to affiliate marketing, but only a handful were truly worth their price.

In this blog article, I will review some of the best affiliate marketing courses that I have personally joined, learned and implemented their teachings on my blogs.

You can rest assured that this affiliate marketing courses review is written by someone who has actually bought the course and not by someone who is just reviewing it just for the sake of traffic or affiliate earnings.

If you've been wanted to start an affiliate marketing website but couldn't get started due to lack of correct guidance or if you've been struggling to grow your affiliate website, then this review might be the turning point in your life.

So, without wasting any further time, let's get started with this review.

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Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

What are the Best Affiliate Marketing Courses?

I am not going to review all the affiliate marketing courses that I have joined except three which I think is currently the best of the lot.

So, here are top three picks:

  1. Authority Site System by AuthorityHacker
  2. The Blog Growth Engine by Adam Enfroy
  3. The Affiliate Lab by Matt Digitty

1. Authority Site System

The Authority Site System Course


The Authority Site System, TASS in short, launched by AuthorityHacker is a course for beginners who are looking to create their first website and for those who've not been much successful with their websites.

Gael Breton and Mark Webster are the person behind their popular website Authortiy Hacker and of course their course - The Authority Site System.

They have one another popular course called the Authority Hacker Pro which has been launched for established websites.

TASS has been around for years and covers around 125+ videos that walks you through from niche selection, site building, content creation and link building.

What I have liked particularly about this course is the fact they always update the course keeping in mind the latest trend and changes in the search engine algorithm.

A particular example would be the EEAT blueprint which offered for free to their existing students (see the below screenshot). Below you can also see my profile picture as I have taken this screenshot after logging into the TASS course. Just to make the point that I am actually a paid member of TASS.

Mastering EEAT Authority Hacker

Please remember that if you're looking to join the course now, it is not available at the moment. In fact, this course is not available to join round the year. It is only released a couple of times during the year.

I will update this page as and when the course is being offered by the Authority Hacker team.

Now let's talk about the key features of this course.

key features

  • TASS 3.0 offers 15 modules that contains more than 196 video lessons
  • Covers topics such as brainstorming niches, setting up your site, keyword research, writing content, link building, affiliate monetization, commercial content, and more
  • Offer templates for info content, list-type blog articles, review articles, and more
  • Teaches best practices for using AI tools for generating blog articles
  • Offer excel sheet templates to manage and monitor the progress of your blog
  • Offers real-life case study so you learn how to start a blog from scratch
  • You can join its members community where you can ask questions and get help
  • The course is frequently updated every year
  • Offers a 30 days (no question asked) money-back guarantee

pricing plans

The TASS course is available at the following prices:

  1. Monthly payment - $330 per month for 6 months totalling $1980
  2. One-time payment - $1499

2. The Blog Growth Engine

Blog Growth Engine Course


The  Blog Growth Engine (BGE in short)is a course by Adam Enfroy who is the owner of one of the fastest growing affiliate marketing website in the world. The website is in his own name - adamenfroy.com.

Like TASS course, the BGE course is also aim towards beginners who're looking to create their first website from scratch.

From his affiliate website, Adam Enfroy has earned millions of dollars in affiliate commission and ad revenue from Mediavine network.

The best thing about the BGE is that Adam and his partner Colin has shared all their experience of running a successful blog into this course.

In the below screenshot, you can see that the course already has close to 4k members and growing. You can also see my profile picture in the screenshot which simply suggests that I am actually a paid member of this course.

BGE Mastermind

So, basically Blog Growth Engine is an affiliate marketing course that help newbie bloggers to start their blogging business with the right approach and right strategy to create a profitable website.

The course aims to teach you how to create a brandable website, search intent, keyword monetization, topical mapping strategy, link building, authority building, how to take care of Google's Helpful Content Update, making money on Upwork, and much more.

Let's look at some of the core features of this course.

key features

  • BGE offers the course in 13 phases that contains more than 80+ video lessons
  • The course is frequently updated following the latest Google updates and blogging trend
  • Get access to blogging community with close to 4000 members
  • Get access to live interaction with BGE coaches
  • Get opportunity for a one-to-one live call with a BGE coach
  • Learn how to make the most of the AI content writing tools for generating blog articles
  • Offers a 14-day money-back guarantee on your purchase of BGE

pricing plans

The BGE course has been frequently updated during the last couple of years with lots of new content that is why the price also has been revised during the process.

In July 2023, the course was offered at $1497 with a whopping discount of 62% on the actual price of $3997.

You can check out the latest price and course details using the link below.

3. The Affiliate Lab

The Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity


Matt Diggity is the founder of diggitymarketing.com that publishes content related to SEO & link building, and the man behind the popular affiliate marketing course - The Affiliate Lab.

If you're a complete beginner with almost no experience of website building then I think this course would be ideal for you. 

The course offer content in much detail in terms of setting up a website in a right way.

For example, the content starts from niche selection and then teaches you - how to choose a domain name, purchase hosting, site architecture, WordPress theme, adding images to content, setting sitemaps, and much more.

Then the course move forward to more advance lessons like keyword research, silo mastery, content optimization, schema, link building, social signal, offsite SEO, CRO & CTR optimization, and more.

Apart from the main course content, the Affiliate Lab course also gives you access to the following additional content - website flipping, the beginner lab, the truth about penalties, outreach masterclass, the affiliate email marketing masterclass, SEO testing guide book, and more.

The Affiliate Lab Additional Courses

Matt also make sure to update the course with the latest trend and Google algorithm.

For example, I got an email from him (on 18th January 2024), which I think was also sent by him to all the students of this course, informing that the The Content Scaling Playbook inside the main course The Affiliate Lab has been updated with 6 new videos.

This itself means that he is serious about his course and regularly update it with latest content.

key features

  • The course offers more than 200+ videos
  • Some additional bonus courses offered for free are personal branding, monetization mastery, topical authority masterclass by Koray, the affiliate portfolio playbook, and more
  • Offers Checklists and Standing Operating Procedres (SOPs) as downloadables
  • Get 6 Plug-and-Play templates and tools for your new website
  • Facebook group for members of the course
  • Offers lifetime updates on the course purchased by you

pricing plans

The current price of the Affiliate Lab course is as follows:

  1. Monthly payment: $597 per month for 2 months = $1194
  2. One-time payment: $997

Wrapping Up

These are the only three and the best affiliate marketing courses that I personally like and recommend to my readers.

There is no personal favorite among the three. If you're a complete beginner and new to affiliate marketing, I would recommend you to join any of these three courses.

I hope you like this review article on the best courses on affiliate marketing. Do share it with your friends on social media network.

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