AAWP Plugin Review: The Best Plugin For Amazon Affiliates

The Amazon Associates program is quite popular among bloggers. Many pro bloggers are using this program to promote Amazon products on their websites and earn huge commissions in return.

In fact, many bloggers are earning thousands of dollars per month (some even earn that figure in a day also) in commission just by promoting their products on their website.

If you have already joined the Amazon Associates program and wondering how to earn more from this program read on, you will find something very interesting.

If you are an affiliate marketer then you must have realize how difficult it is to make your blog visitors to buy a product you are promoting.

Even if you have written a great content and you are getting a lots of visitors each day to your blog there is no guarantee that you would convert those traffic into sales.

One of the basic problem is the banners or widgets provided by Amazon. They are so simple and unattractive that you can't expect a visitor to click on them. Hence, you get low conversions.

But with the help of AAWP WordPress plugin you can create attractive banners and display your affiliate products in different layouts which encourages your visitors to click on them thereby increasing your sales and revenue. This plugin is considered as best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin.

The AAWP plugin has been created by its developers to help drive click-through-rates (CTR).

If you are facing the same issues as highlighted above then read on this comprehensive review which I have written to clearly demonstrate all the key features and benefits of AAWP plugin and along with its price and pros and cons.

Let's see what issues I faced when I first started promoting Amazon affiliate products. Before launching an Amazon affiliate website my strategy was to find the niche products where there is somewhat less competition but volume is good.

For finding my niche product I took the help of keyword research tools like Semrush and Ahrefs. I particularly like Ahrefs when it comes to keyword research.

Let see an example given below. in the Keyword Explorer tool of Ahrefs, I searched for the keyword "best water purifiers in India".

The given keyword has monthly search volume of 2 thousand and Keyword Difficulty of 27. So, this is the good product to target and can be a good niche topic for my blog. In this way I do the product research to create Amazon affiliate website.


Following the above example you can also select Amazon product to promote in your website.

Now, let's see what issue I faced while creating banners or widgets in Amazon. 

When you login to your Amazon Associate account, you can see that it has tools to create links or banners of the product you want to promote.

But the problem is that these banners are not attractive enough to encourage a user to click on it. You will also not get a large product banner. 

You can see in the image given below that the banner of water purifier is not good enough to encourage a visitor to click on it to know more about it.

amazon product banner

There is not much scope for customization as well. You can display products in different formats. Due to these limitations I experienced that the click-through-rate (CTR) in my site was not good.

Then I started looking for tips and strategies used by top Amazon affiliates and guess what, I found something very interesting.

  • I saw that the product banners in their websites were looking so much attractive.
  • They were comparing products in the same category.
  • Their Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons were clear and conversion-focused.

So, the techniques they had applied in their Amazon affiliate sites were perfectly optimized for conversion.

But the question was how they were doing that? This search led me to a popular plugin called AAWP. Once I knew that this plugin is rich with wonderful features to boost sales and revenue, I I started using it in all of my Amazon affiliate websites.

Below I am sharing all the benefits of the AAWP plugin. Let's check them out.

aawp plugin

aawp plugin

What is AAWP Plugin?

AAWP is a WordPress plugin made specifically for Amazon Affiliate websites. Due to its awesome features it has become quite popular among affiliate marketers.

This affiliate marketing plugin helps you to display Amazon products in different layouts like tables, product boxes and widgets.  Due to these features, user experience in your site and also the click-through-rate (CTR) increases many times.

Let's check out in this AAWP plugin review what are its main benefits.

Benefits of using the AAWP Plugin

# Multiple Geo Targeting

With the help of this plugin you can target multiple countries which is not possible through traditional Amazon affiliate product links.

For targeting multiple countries you just had to sign-up with the Amazon Associate program of each countries you want to target separately.

# Conversion Focused Product Boxes

Attractive and conversion focused banners provided by AAWP plugin results in higher conversion sales and revenue for you.

Below see some sample banners or boxes provided by this plugin for maximizing conversions. These boxes are designed to make it attractive and clickable so that visitors to your site can easily click them to buy the items being promoted.

One notable thing about the product boxes is that they are customizable using different styles and templates. Just like the comparison tables, you can also alter the fonts and colors to look the way you want

AAWP vertical box
product boxes

Product Boxes

product grids

Product Grids

Product Tables

Product Tables

Above are some of the samples. There are many more features which you will love to use. You can see that the plugin works so wonderfully well.

# Auto-Updation

Another wonderful feature of this plugin is auto-updation. Yes, whenever there is any changes in product description or price at Amazon, this plugin auto update that information. Thus, your users will always see the latest product details.

One more benefit is that by displaying the latest up-to-date information you are saved from violating the terms and conditions of Amazon and you are less likely to be banned by Amazon for putting out outdated information.

# Comparison Tables

AAWP plugin lets you create product comparison table for Amazon products. This table works wonderfully well for users who wants quickly compare the feature of various products, and pick the one that is best for them.

Due to this reason you can use comparison tables to make your visitors click through your affiliate links.

AAWP comparison tables

AAWP Pricing

The AAWP plugin is available in four plans.

If you have only one Amazon affiliate website and have no plan to create any more new such sites then you can go for Personal plan at 39 Euros.

However, if you already have more than one Amazon affiliate website or planning to create more Amazon affiliate website then you can go with the most popular plan i.e. Plus which cost around 99 Euros.

All the plans include the core features, one year of updates and support.

They also had a 30-day money back guarantee, however, once you use this wonderful you won't go for the refund.

See below all the plans of the AAWP plugin.

AAWP Pricing


Thus, if you are into Amazon affiliate marketing or planning to joint it soon then get this plugin to scale your earnings to the next level. Boost in conversion and revenue makes it a complete value for money product.

Hope you like the AAWP plugin review. Claim 10% discount on this pluing by going through the link given below.

Aawp plugin review: The best Amazon affiliate plugin

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