How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is one of the biggest eCommerce platform to sell products online. It has localized website in different countries like USA, Canada, Australia, India and others.

You may have also bought products from Amazon but do you know that you can also earn from its platform. Exciting, isn't it?

If you run a blog or a YouTube channel you can easily earn by promoting Amazon's product on your platform.

Amazon has a very popular program called Amazon Associates Program which any one can join as an affiliate and promote Amazon's product to earn commissions.

This program is very popular among bloggers and there are many bloggers who are earning quite a lot of money from this program.

In this article, you will learn how you can join this program and how you can promote its product on your blog to earn commission.

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What Is An Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon Associates Program

The Amazon Associates Program (also known as Amazon Affiliate Program) is one of the largest affiliate networks in the world. It is free to join and once you are approved you can promote or recommend its product on any platform like Blog, YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram and many other platforms and earn good commission on sales.

After approval, you get a unique affiliate link from Amazon to promote in your website.

You can choose any product on Amazon that you want to promote and generate banner and links for it and place it on your chosen platform.

Requirements For Joining The Amazon Associates Program

As already stated Amazon Associates Program are free to join. There is no specific requirements. However, this program is mostly popular among:

  • Bloggers who have an existing website related to product reviews and wants to promote Amazon's product on their blog.
  • YouTubers who runs product review channel.

So, it will be an added advantage if you have an existing blog or YouTube channel.

If you don't have either of these but want to start an Amazon affiliate program then you must learn how to start a blog or a YouTube channel in order to monetize from this platform.

Learn and create a blog or YouTube channel and start working as an Amazon affiliate.

Latest Amazon Affiliate Commission Rates

Amazon offers different commissions for different categories of products. Here is the latest Amazon affiliate commission rate (see the pic below).

Amazon Associate Program Fees

Amazon Associate Program Fees

Amazon also has a Special Program Fees known as Bounty Events in which one can earn by promoting registration for a third party video subscription and many other offers.

Amazon offers one-time commission, they called it Bounty, ranging from $0.5 to $15 for these programs. Bounty Rates for different programs are given below.

Amazon bounty program fee

Amazon bounty program fee

How Does Amazon Affiliate Program Works?

To earn from Amazon affiliate program you need to join it by signing a registration form on its website.

As I have earlier stated that Amazon has its own associates program for different countries. So, you will have to join associate program of country where you live.

However, you can join associate program of any country. There is no such restriction. 

Even if you are in USA, you can join associate program of Australia, UK, Canada, India or others. There is no such condition that you can join this program of only that country where you live.

Please find below Amazon associate program sign up page of some countries:

If you are from USA, go to the web address of Amazon associate program of USA. For signing up the program you need to enter your Name, Email and Password.

After completing your profile you will be navigated to your Amazon Dashboard where you can start creating banner and links for products that you want to promote or recommend to your users.

How To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Program?

Once you signed up for the Amazon Associates Program, now you will have to do keyword research to find products that you can recommend to your users. 

Before starting promoting any product on your blog, you must do proper keyword research to find the monthly searches of that product on Google.

You can refer this article - How to do keyword research for amazon products.

Once you are done with keyword research you have the following options to promote it-

  1. Write in-depth review on the product highlighting its features, benefits, price, pros and cons, etc.
  2. For those running YouTube channel they can make a video review of the product.

After creating reviews, you can generate banners, link or widgets of the product you are promoting and place it in your blog or YouTube channel at appropriate places.

When a user on your blog or YouTube channel clicks on your Amazon affiliate links, he/she would be redirected to Amazon. Here if he/she purchases any product within 24-hours you would get commission.

If you want to know how much commission you would get, I have already provided the commission chart above. Please refer it.


When a user land on Amazon after being redirected from your blog or YouTube channel but doesn't purchases anything, instead add one or more products in the cart then you have 90-days left to earn commission.

What it means is that if that user purchases the product in cart within 90 days even then you would earn a commission.

How Much Can You Earn From Amazon Associates Program?

As a beginner you can make anywhere between $500 to $2000 per month within 6 months to 1 year from an Amazon affiliate website or YouTube channel. There is no upper limit.

However, earnings will depend on how much traffic you are able to drive to your blog or channel and product's popularity you are promoting.

If you get poor traffic then it is impossible to earn anything significant.

FAQ Related To Amazon Affiliate Program

I have compiled some questions which are frequently asked by bloggers regarding Amazon Associates Program.

You may also have some confusion regarding this program. I have tried to answer most of the common questions asked by Amazon affiliates. 

I hope that my answer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) would clear most of the confusion.

1. Does Amazon Associates Program pay for clicks?

Amazon Associates Programs does not pay for clicks. Amazon pays per action. You will be paid when someone buys a product through your affiliate link and not when they click only and not make any purchases.

You earnings will depend upon how many users click on your affiliate link and redirected to Amazon and make purchase.

If you are targeting buyers intent keyword and if your reviews are convincing enough to compel a user to click on your affiliate link then you will able to convert your audience well and you could be making several dollars from this program.

2. Can I post Amazon affiliate links on Facebook?

Affiliate marketing on Facebook using Amazon affiliate links are allowed.

If you have a Facebook Fan page, then you can place Amazon affiliate links within your Facebook posts.

But you cannot use Facebook Ads to promote those posts. So, your Facebook post reach will be limited to your Facebook Fan page users.

3. Do I need a website to be an Amazon affiliate?

Having a website to become an Amazon affiliate is not mandatory. You can join it and promote its product even without a website.

If you are not camera-shy you can easily create a YouTube channel and start reviewing Amazon products and put the affiliate link in the description.

But if you have a website and even one of your article rank high on Google search first page then you would get consistent visitors month by month and it becomes easier to generate sales.

4. Do Amazon affiliate links expire?

You earn commission based on the following conditions:

  1. You earn advertising fees when a user from your blog arrive on Amazon via your Associates (affiliate) link and purchases within 24-hours.

  2. If he leaves Amazon without making any purchase and re-enters Amazon after the 24-hour window and makes any purchase you would not make any commission.

  3. However, if the customer then returns to Amazon again through one of your Associates links, this opens a new 24-hour window.

  4. If your visitor place any product in Shopping Cart within the 24-hour window and completes the order before the expiry of Shopping Cart (90 days) you will earn commission.

Please refer this link for more information.

5. How to generate Amazon affiliate links or banners?

When you search for a product you want to promote in Amazon there you can see Amazon Associates site stripe at the top of the page.

Here you can generate three types of links-

  1. Text only link
  2. Image only link
  3. Text + Image link

In Amazon affiliate program of some countries like USA you can also generate Custom links.

Copy the code generated for the product from the Amazon popup window and paste it in your blog post, on social media, or YouTube channel or any other place where you want to promote the product.

6. Can you put Amazon affiliate links in emails?

No, You cannot use Amazon Affiliate links in emails.

If you do, then you will be in violation of Amazon Associate policies and you may be banned also.

However, if you do want to promote your Amazon affiliate product through email, then you could email the blog post (product review) containing affiliate link to your users.

7. Can Amazon affiliates use images from Amazon?

You can use banner images provided by Amazon through stripe pages. Stripe pages are located at the top of Amazon website.

Other than that you can not use any images directly from Amazon. If you use it you may be in violation of Amazon policies and you may be banned.

Many people ask this question whether they could use images from Amazon. The reason is, the banner images provided by Amazon are not attractive enough to encourage a user to click on it.

However, there is one solution to it. It is AAWP Plugin.

It is one of the best plugin for Amazon affiliate program. It can display product images in the following format-

1. Horizontal format

2. Vertical format

3. List view

4. Table view

5. Grid view

6. You can target different countries through this plugin

7. and many other features.

Know more about AAWP Plugin.

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