How To Make A Clickable Link in Gmail, Blog Post & Other Application

| | March 21, 2024

Making a clickable text or button in a document, blog post, gmail or another application is quite simple. The process of making your text clickable is called hyperlinking and the linked text is called a hyperlink.

Linking means to create hyperlinks to a particular word or a set of words in your page or post. We make links clickable for the following reasons:

  1. Direct your users to an external website.
  2. To recommend other articles of your blog to your users.
  3. Directing users to a sign-up page.

In this article, we will learn how to make a clickable link or hyperlink in:

  • Gmail
  • Blog Post

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How To Make A Link Clickable in Gmail?

Open Gmail. Go to from your web browser (for example - Google Chrome) and enter your credential to login.

On successful login, it will open your inbox. To create a hyperlink in an email, click on Compose.

Enter the sender's Email id, Subject and enter/type your message.

There are two option to add a hyperlink in Gmail:

Option 1:

If you just want to enter a hyperlink, copy the URL or link (Ctrl + C), click the mouse in the body of your message where you want to insert your link and paste it (Ctrl + V).

Option 2:

Follow the below mentioned steps to make a text in your Gmail message a hyperlink:

  1. Select the text in the body that you want to turn into a link. This will highlight the text.
  2. Click the "Insert link" icon as shown in the image given below. It's like a chain link icon near the bottom of the new message. (You can also press Ctrl + K in your Windows computer to insert a link to your selected text).
  3. This opens the Edit Link window.
  4. Under Web Address, paste the URL you want to link to and click on OK.

This creates a link to the website for the selected text. When the email is sent and the recipient click the linked text, it will open the linked website.

Add Clickable Link in Gmail
Enter URL in Gmail to Make HyperLink

The above mentioned steps is equally useful for creating clickable link in other email services like Yahoo, Hotmail and others.

How To Make A Link Clickable in a Blog Post?

To make a word or a group of words into a clickable link, take a look into this small video that illustrates how easy it is to make a clickable link in WordPress.

All the steps involved in creating a clickable link are also mentioned after this video.

If you are a beginner and are using WordPress for the first time, then all these may look a little confusing but within a short time, you will get hang of all the technical processes involved in running a blog on WordPress platform.

Now, let's see the 3 easy steps to make a clickable link.

1. Select (highlight) the text that you want to make a clickable link.

Select Clickable Link Text

2. After selecting (highlighting) the text that you want to make a clickable link, select Add Link option (see image).

Select Add Link Option

3. After selecting the Add Link option, enter or paste the target URL. In the given example, I have entered my website ( as the target URL.

After entering the target URL, select the Link Settings.

Enter Clickable Link Address

Under Link Settings, you have the following two options.

  • Open in New Tab
  • Nofollow

Choose Open in New Tab, if you want to open the target URL in a browser tab. If you want to open the target URL in the same window don't select this option.

But when to make links open in a new tab or keep your readers in the same browser window? See the following two conditions.

  1. If the target URL is your blog article then you may choose not to select Open in New Tab option.
  2. If the target URL is linking to external website then you must choose Open in New Tab option. This way your website window will remain open and your visitors will have the option to return to your site. This also helps in lowering the bounce rate of your site.

Choose Nofollow if you don't want to pass link juice to the target URL website. If the target URL belongs to the external website you can choose to select Nofollow option.

But if the target URL belongs to your blog articles then you must not choose this option. When you don't choose Nofollow, then the link automatically becomes Dofollow link and it will benefit your site in terms of SEO.

Clickable Link Settings

What is the benefit of directing users to the internal content of our blog?

Interlinking blog content is one of the best SEO practices. It is the process where your blog article has links to other articles on your site. When the readers click on this link, they are redirected to another article on your site.

Directing user to an internal content of our blog has the following SEO advantages:

  • To allow search engines like Google to easily crawl and index all of your pages.
  • To allow search engines to see the structure of your site. A clean structure of your site can get all of your pages to get indexed easily and quickly.
  • It helps to increase the average session duration by the visitor.
  • It helps to increase the number of page visits per user.
  • It allows your users to navigate your site easily from one blog post to another. When a user selects any clickable link on your blog page and navigates to other blog pages, it lowers your bounce rate. A lower bounce rate may result in a higher ranking on the search engine results page.

What is the benefit of directing users to the external content of our blog?

Sometimes when we find any useful content on an external website that is related to our visitors, we add a link to that site in our blog articles.

That way, our visitors can also visit this external website by clicking on these links to learn more about it.

Okay now that we have learned why we create clickable links on our site, let's see how we can make a link clickable.

Wrapping Up

We have now reached the end of this small tutorial on how to make a link clickable.

This tutorial for complete beginners will help them in achieving small tasks like making a link clickable which is a normal routine work in Blogging.

I hope that I am able to explain all the steps required to create a clickable link.

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