How to Make a Matrix in Google Docs [An Easy 2024 Guide]

| | March 20, 2024

Matrix (or Matrices), those rectangular grids of numbers, are the workhorses of math and data analysis. They show up in countless fields, from physics and engineering to economics and social sciences.

But if you're working on a document in Google Docs and need to include a matrix, how do you do it?

In this blog article, you will learn how to make a matrix in Google Docs using some very simple and easy steps.

Let's get started.

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How to Make a Matrix in Google Docs

How to Make a Matrix in Google Docs

Here are the step-by-step method to draw a matrix in your Google Document.

Step 1: Install Hypatia Create Add-on Extension

First we will open Google Docs by visiting this link -, and open a blank document.

Open Blank Document in Google Docs

In this tutorial, we will make a matrix in Google Docs using an extension called Hypatia Create. This extension is not installed on Google Docs by default. It is available as an add-on and that is why we have to install it first to use it.

To install Hypatia Create, click on Extension from the top menu, then click on Add-ons and finally, click on Get add-ons option (see the below screenshot).

Google Docs Add Ons

Now, enter the term - hypatia create, in the search bar as shown below.

Search Google Docs Add-ons

After entering the term - hypatia create in the search bar, press the Enter button.

Type Hypatia Create add-on

From the search results, click on the Hypatia Create extension as shown below.

Hypatia Create Math Editor

Click on the Install button as shown below.

Install Hypatia Create

Click on Continue.

Continue Install Hypatia Create

You need to choose your Google account to continue installing the extension. Click on your account as shown below to continue.

Choose Google Account Hypatia

After choosing your Google account as shown above, Google will now ask for some permissions necessary for the Hypatia add-on to work properly.

Allow all the permission and within a few seconds, Hypatia Create would be successfully installed on Google Docs.

Click on Done to close the popup window.

Hypatia Create Successfully Installed

You'll get a confirmation popup stating that the extension has been successfully installed. From the above screenshot, you can see that Hypatia Create extension has been installed and now, it is ready to be used on your Google document.

Step 2: Making a Matrix in Google Docs

Click on Extensions >> Hypatia Create >> Insert/Edit Math.

Hypatia Create Extension

A popup window will open where you can see a search icon as shown below. Click on the search icon.

Hypatia Create

As you click on search, a search bar popup will appear. Now, enter the term - matrix, in the search bar.

As you enter matrix in the search, Google Docs will automatically suggest you many different types of matrix - a matrix without brackets, a matrix with brackets, a matrix with parentheses, etc.

Search Matrix in Hypatia Create

You can scroll down to view all the types of matrix that Hypatia Create offers. Now, select the matrix that you want.

3x3 Square Matrix

In the above screenshot, you can see that I have selected 3x3 square matrix with bracket. Like that, you can select any one of the given matrix.

Enter Number in Matrix

In the below screenshot, you can see that I have entered numbers in all the cells of the matrix. Similarly, you need to add numbers in the matrix as shown below.

After adding all the numbers, click on the Insert link given at the bottom and close the current window.

Insert Matrix in Google Docs

As you click on Insert in the previous step, the matrix you just created will be automatically inserted in your Google document.

Now, you can also change the size of your matrix. To change the size, click on the matrix to select it. Now, you would be able to either increase or decrease the size of your matrix.

Select Matrix

In the below screenshot, you can see that I have increased the size of the matrix. This way, you can also increase or decrease the size of your matrix.

Matrix Added in Google Docs

That's it, this is the way you can make a matrix in Google Docs. You can see that following some very simple steps, you can easily add matrix or matrices in your Google document.

Wrapping Up

Now you have one powerful methods to create matrices in Google Docs, empowering you to seamlessly integrate mathematical elements into your documents.

I hope you found this blog tutorial on how to make a matrix in Google Docs helpful.

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