Google Docs Table Alternating Colors: How to Do it?

| | March 20, 2024
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Adding alternating colors to your table rows in Google Docs is a quick and effective way to enhance the presentation of your data and improve the overall look of your documents. 

Whether you're creating an employee database, a student report card, a presentation, or any other type of document, this feature can help you communicate your information more clearly and effectively. 

Though Google Docs doesn't offer any direct option to apply alternating colors to a table, you can do it by following a quick and easy method covered in this article.

Let's get started

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Google Docs Table Alternating Color

Adding Alternating Color to Google Docs Table

In this tutorial, I am going to reveal two very easy methods using which you can easily apply alternating colors to your table in Google Docs.

So, without wasting any more time, let's get started with this tutorial.

In this method, we will first create a table on Google Docs and add some text to each cells of the table.

To create a table, first open Google Docs from your web browser by visiting this link -

Now, we will create a new document by clicking the Blank document as shown below.

Open Blank Document in Google Docs

A blank document will be created on Google Docs.

In this document, we will create a new table and add some data to it.

Below, you can see that I have create a table and filled it up with some dummy data.

Google Docs Table with Data

The table that I have created contains a header that contains the field - Employee ID, First Name, Last Name, Age, Experience, and Department.

And the table rows contains the details of the employee.

Before we apply alternating colors to the rows, we will apply a distinct color to the header. To add a background color to the header cells, select the first row of the table as shown below.

Table Header Color

After selecting the first row (header), click on the Background color option from the tool bar and select a color of your choice. See the above screenshot.

Next, after selecting a color, the color will applied as the background color of the first row (header) of the table as shown below.

Table Row Color

Now, to apply alternating colors to the table, we will first select the first row containing the data.

After selecting the row, again click on the Background color option and select a color different from the header.

Table Alternating Row Color

Above you can see that I have selected and applied grey color as the background color for the first row of employee data.

Similarly, we need to select the second row of the employee data and repeat the same process to select the background color.

Below, you can see that I have applied a alternate color for this row to have a contrasting effect.

Table Rows Alternate Color

Similarly, we will the repeat the above process to apply alternate colors to all the rows of the table. 

Below you can see that I have applied colors to all the rows of my table.

Google Docs Table Alternating Colors

This way you can easily add alternating colors to your table in Google Docs.

By alternating the colors of rows or columns in your table, you can make it easier for your audience to follow the information presented.

Wrapping Up

I hope you like this tutorial on how to add alternating color to your table rows in Google document.

By following the Google Docs table alternating colors method explained above, you can easily apply different colors to the rows of a table.

This simple formatting technique can help improve the visual appeal and organization of your documents, making them more engaging and easier to read.

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