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| | March 22, 2024
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ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one solution for marketing automation, email marketing and customer relationship management.

With its user-friendly interface, robust feature set, and powerful automation capabilities, it's no wonder why so many businesses have turned to ActiveCampaign for their marketing needs.

With the ActiveCampaign free trial, you can experience all that this powerful platform has to offer without having to make a commitment. During the free trial period of 14 days, you can take advantage of powerful features and tools to better engage, nurture and convert your customers.

150,000 businesses in 170+ countries are already using this popular email platform to run email marketing campaigns to build targeted email list and sell their products. Whether you're a small business, an e-commerce store or a large enterprise, ActiveCampaign can provide the tools you need to succeed.

Read on to learn more about the features and benefits of ActiveCampaign free trial. Let's get started.

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ActiveCampaign Free Trial

What is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Tool

ActiveCampaign is an easy-to-use email marketing tool that provides powerful features such as predictive automation, dynamic content, marketing automation, data integration, and storage.

You can use ActiveCampaign to send personalized messages to your customers and segment them based on their interests and behavior. This way, you can ensure that your message is tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

One of the important feature of ActiveCampaign is that it ensures deliverability. It provides an email delivery system that ensures your emails reach the intended recipients and avoid ending up in the spam box. It also provides you with insight into email open rates, click-through rates, and other engagement metrics to help you refine your messaging.

It also offers advanced automation features such as autoresponders, drip campaigns, and marketing automation. These features make it easy to automate your campaigns and save you time.

ActiveCampaign offers a powerful CRM system that integrates with your email platform. This allows you to store customer data, segment your contacts, and send targeted messages to customers. You can also automate tasks like follow-up emails, birthdays, and other customer engagements.

You can also use ActiveCampaign’s powerful sales automation tools to score leads and nurture them through the sales funnel. With ActiveCampaign, you can track leads and follow up with prospects to keep them engaged.

ActiveCampaign offers advanced features such as A/B testing and predictive sending to create more compelling campaigns and optimize your email campaigns for maximum results.

It also offers event tracking and dynamic content that allows you to personalize emails based on customer behavior. This helps you create highly targeted emails that are more likely to convert.

Additionally, you can also track the performance of your email campaigns and get meaningful insights into how your customers interact with your emails.

Get started with ActiveCampaign by joining the 14 day free trial using the link given below.

ActiveCampaign Free Trial Features

Though ActiveCampaign is not a free email marketing service but the 14 day free trial offered by this tool is a great opportunity for beginners who may want to try this popular email marketing service before committing to the paid plan.

During the trial period, you can collect up to 100 contacts and send up to 100 emails. Though the features offered in the free trial is limited, still, you would be able to try most of the features listed in their Professional plan.

Below I have highlighted some of the key features that you can expect to use during the free trial.

  • Collect up to 100 email subscribers during the 14 day free trial period
  • Offer 150+ customizable pre-built email templates
  • Send up to 100 emails to your contacts
  • Offer drag-and-drop editor to create beautiful opt-in forms to collect leads
  • Offer marketing automation features to send automatic welcome email or email series to your subscribers as soon as they subscribe to your email list
  • Offer integration with third-party application like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento and more
  • Easily organize your subscribers into different groups based on their interest or actions
  • Offer campaign report to track the performance of your email campaigns

Thus, during the 14 day free trial, you can try most of the premium features of free. It will help you decide whether ActiveCampaign is the right email marketing tool for you or not.

Get started with your free trial using the link given below.

Signing Up for ActiveCampaign Free Trial

To sign up for the 14-day free trial by ActiveCampaign, you need to follow the steps as mentioned below.

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing

Step 1: Go to the Home Page of ActiveCampaign here -

Step 2: Now enter your email address and click on Get started button. See the above image for reference. Please note that no credit card details are required to be entered to join the free trial.

Step 3: You get a link on your email to verify your email address. Click on the link to verify the email address. After the successful verification of email, you would be able to use all the features of ActiveCampaign.

That's it. In just three steps, you have successfully activated your free trial.

Now, you can create opt-in forms and display it on your blog or online eCommerce store to capture the email address of your site visitors.

Activate the ActiveCampaign free trial today.

Pros & Cons of ActiveCampaign Free Trial

The Pros of ActiveCampaign Free Trial:

  • You get to know the features and experience how ActiveCampaign works. It allows you to test the platform before committing to a paid plan, so you can make an informed decision about whether ActiveCampaign is the right choice for your business. With the free trial, you'll get an up-close look at how its features can help you reach your goals.. 
  • You can start displaying email opt-in forms on your site to collect the email addresses of your site visitors. Though the 14 day trial period is too short, despite that it gives you the opportunity run email campaign during the free trial and measure the performance. It will help you decide whether to upgrade or cancel your trial.
  • You can try and test each of the features offered by ActiveCampaign to see whether they work as described.

The Cons of ActiveCampaign Free Trial:

  • Unlike Moosend which offer a 30 days free trial, ActiveCampaign offer free trial for 14 days only. At the end of the trial, you’ll be asked to upgrade or cancel your account. If you don't upgrade and cancel your trial, you won't be able to access your account again.

ActiveCampaign Pricing Plans

ActiveCampaign offers the following paid plans - Lite ($29/month of 1 user), Plus ($49/month for 3 user) and Professional ($149/month for 5 user).

ActiveCampaign Pricing

Lite plan: This plan supports 1 user and offers all important features related to email marketing and marketing automation. Other feature include inline forms, chat & email support, event tracking, site tracking, API, Webhooks and more.

Plus plan: This plan include all the features under Lite and support up to 3 users. Other extra features include Facebook custom audience, lead ads, lead scoring, conditional content and more.

Professional plan: It include everything under the Plus plan and support up to 5 users. It also offer advanced features such as predictive sending, split automation, Salesforce integration, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and more.

FAQ on ActiveCampaign Free Trial

Some important FAQs on the free trial offered by ActiveCampaign are given below.

Does ActiveCampaign have a free trial?

Yes, ActiveCampaign offer a 14 day free trial to beginners.

Do you need to provide credit card details to join the free trial?

No, ActiveCampaign does not require credit card details from you for joining the free trial.

What happens after the 14 day free trial period?

After the 14 day free trial period, you would need to upgrade to the premium plan or let your free trial expire automatically.

Is it possible to extend the ActiveCampaign free trial?

Yes, you can request a one-time extension by contacting their account executive or support team but the extension is not guaranteed.

What happens to the contacts after the expiry of free trial?

After the expiry of the trial period, you would not able to access your account. As such, you would need to export your contact before the expiry of the 14 day free trial period. 

Wrapping Up

ActiveCampaign free trial is an excellent opportunity for beginners to experience the email platform and to determine if it is the right choice for their business.

With the free trial, users can access all of the features and tools of the platform and begin to build their email list without having to invest any money upfront.

Taking advantage of the 14 day free trial is a great way to evaluate the effectiveness of ActiveCampaign and to ensure that it is the right choice for your business.

Have you joined the ActiveCampaign free trial? Did you find the 14-day free trial helpful? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Get started with the ActiveCampaign email marketing software today and create your free account.

ActiveCampaign free trial is an excellent way to try out the features and tools of this email tool and determine if it is the right fit for you and your business. Get started using the link given below.

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