How to Add Superscript in Canva [Updated 2024]

| | March 20, 2024

Like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and any other word processor, Canva which is a graphic designing tool doesn't offer a dedicated option to make a text or a number superscript or subscript.

However, there is a workaround.

And in this tutorial, I will reveal and teach you step-by-step how to add superscripts in Canva easily and quickly.

Let's get started.

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How to add Superscript in Canva

How to Add Superscript in Canva?

To add superscripts on Canva, you need to follow the steps as mentioned below.

Step 1: Log in to your Canva account.

First, you need to log in to your account by visiting the Home Page -

Next, click on Create a design button located at the top right of your Canva Dashboard.

Now, Canva will suggest you some designs that you can choose from. If you didn't find you design in the suggestion, you can enter your search term in the search bar and press Enter.

Or, you can click on Custom size to create a custom design for yourself. For this tutorial, I will choose the Custom size option (see the below screenshot).

Creating Design on Canva

Now, you'll need to enter the dimension of your design. For this tutorial, I have entered 800 by 420 (pixel). After entering the dimension, click on Create a new design button (see the below screenshot).

We'll be taken to the Canva editor where we will try and create superscripts in our design.

Canva Custom Design

Step 2: Creating Superscript in Canva Editor

Before we start creating superscript in Canva let me show you the final design that we will try to achieve in this tutorial.

Below is a example screenshot where I have added superscripts in our Canva design.

Superscript in Canva

Okay, now we'll first start designing the X square as shown in the above screenshot. Below is a screenshot of the Canva Editor and at the center, you can see our blank design, and on the left is the editing elements that we will use to create superscripts.

To create X square, click on Text from the left and again click on Add a text box button. As you click it, a text box with the default text - Your paragraph text, will appear on your  design.

Canva Editor

Now select the text - Your paragraph text and replace with the text - X. You can increase or decrease the size of this text as per your requirement. After adjusting the size, place X at the appropriate place in your design.

Now, to create a superscript in Canva, we will again click on Add a text box button and this time enter the text - 2 replacing the default text - Your paragraph text.

Make the size of text - 2 smaller than X. Why? Because a superscript is a number or letter that's smaller than the another character and is written slightly above the another character.

After adjusting the size of 2, place it little above the letter X as shown in the below screenshot.

Adding Superscript on Canva

In the above screenshot, you can see that I have successfully added a superscript (number 2) to the letter X.

Now, we need to complete an additional step so that both the text element can be grouped together.

Currently, both the text are not grouped, and you can't move both these text together. And it can cause unnecessary issues while creating complex designs on Canva.

So, to group these two together, you need to click your mouse a little further from these two text elements and while keeping the left button clicked, you need to drag the mouse so that both the text elements get selected.

Grouping Elements

Now, you would be able to move these two elements together at any place in your design. Anytime if you need to ungroup these elements, just click on it and select Ungroup.

This is how you can create superscript in Canva.

Let's see an another example.

Click on Text, and again click on Add a text box to add text element on your design. Now, type (a + b). Again repeat this process and add the text as number 2 as shown in the below screenshot.

Superscript Example

Select number 2 and make it smaller than the text - (a + b). Now, position number 2 a little above (a + b) as shown in the below screenshot to make it look like a superscript.

Again group both these elements by repeating the process mentioned in the first example so that it can be place anywhere on your design.

Adding Superscript in Canva

From the above tutorial, you can see that how easily we can create superscript in Canva.

Alternatively, you can also create superscript on word processors like Microsoft Word and its alternatives, but when you copy it and paste it on Canva, it doesn't retain it format.

So, you again will have to do it manually to create a superscript.

Wrapping Up

Canva doesn't offer a superscript option in its editor, however, by following the steps mentioned above, you can easily create superscripts on your design.

I hope you found this tutorial on how to superscript on Canva useful.

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