Taylor Swift Albums Fonts on Google Docs [Updated 2024]

| | March 20, 2024

If you are a fan of Taylor Swift's album and want to know about the fonts used on her album covers including the font for Folklore album, you're come to the right place.

Since Google Docs offer hundreds of fonts in its library, it may be very tough to find the fonts that closely resembles the fonts used on her album.

That is why, I have researched and found all the fonts on Google Docs from some of her most popular albums - Folklore, Lover, Reputation, Speak Now, and Taylor Swift.

And in this blog article, I am going to reveal not only the Folklore font on Google Docs but all other fonts used on the cover of her popular albums.

Let's get started.

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Taylor Swift Albums Fonts on Google Docs

Taylor Swift's Album Fonts on Google Docs

1. Album: Folklore

Folklore Font Google Docs

In the above screenshot, you can see that the font for the term - folklore is similar to the font used on the Folklore album by Taylor Swift released on 2020.

And the exact font that I have used in the above screenshot is IM Fell DW Pica.

To use this font, you just need to select your text and go to Fonts dropdown and search "IM Fell DW Pica" in the search bar. Now, click on it to select the font. And don't forget to make it italic. That's it.

2. Album: Lover

Lover Album Font Satisfy

Satisfy font adorns the cover of Taylor Swift's 2019 album, Lover, celebrating love in all its forms. It is a brush font, lending a sweet and inviting feel to the words.

3. Album: Reputation

Reputation Album Font Unifraktur Maguntia

Released in 2017, the Reputation album by Taylor Swift marked a dramatic shift from her previous pop-oriented work, delving into darker themes of revenge, media scrutiny, and self-reinvention.

The decorative, blackletter-inspired font - Unifraktur Maguntia adorned the "Reputation" logo on the album cover and promotional materials.

4. Album: Speak Now

Speak Now Album Font Rochester

This album - Speak Now by Taylor Swift was released in the year 2010. And the Speak Now font used in the album cover is Rochester.

Interestingly, Rochester font wasn't solely reserved for the "Speak Now" era. Taylor revisited it for the title track of the 2012 album "Red," further solidifying its association with strong emotions and powerful statements.

5. Album: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Folklore Font Google Docs

Sacramento is the font used for the title of the album - Taylor Swift

This is a decorative, handwritten typeface that was used on Taylor Swift's debut album, Taylor Swift, released in 2006.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Folklore font on Google Docs?

Answer. The Google Docs font used in the Folklore album cover is IM Fell DW Pica.

Q2. What is the Lover font on Google Docs?

Answer. The Google Docs font used in the Lover album cover is Satisfy.

Q3. What is the Reputation font on Google Docs?

Answer. The Google Docs font used in the Reputation album cover is Satisfy.

Q4. What is the Speak Now font on Google Docs?

Answer. The Google Docs font used in the Speak Now album cover is Rochester.

Q5. What is the Taylor Swift font on Google Docs?

Answer. The Google Docs font used in the Taylor Swift album cover is Sacramento.

Wrapping Up

In this blog article I have tried to come up with some of the fonts that have been used on the cover of famous albums by Taylor Swift.

These fonts are available for free on Google Docs. If you've been looking for these fonts for your documents, you should definitely try these.

I hope that you found this blog article on Taylor Swift's albums fonts on Google Docs helpful.

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