7 Best Teacher Fonts on Canva [Updated 2024]

| | April 26, 2024

When it comes to creating visually appealing and engaging educational materials, the choice of fonts plays a significant role.

Canva, a popular graphic design platform, offers a wide array of fonts suitable for school-related projects. 

In this blog post, we'll explore some of the best teacher fonts on Canva that can elevate your educational designs and materials.

These Canva fonts for teachers and students help them create visually attractive and engaging educational posters, worksheets, presentations and more.

Let's get started.

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Best Teacher Fonts on Canva

What are the Best Teacher Fonts on Canva?

1. KG Primary Penship

KG Primary Penship Font

KG Primary Penmanship is our number school font on Canva. It emulates the style of traditional handwriting, providing visual cues for letter formation and spacing.

The clear, bold lines are easily recognizable, even for children with developing visual skills. This makes it an ideal choice for creating reading materials, flashcards, and worksheets that are inclusive and accessible.

While primarily designed for educational purposes, KG Primary Penmanship can also be used for other creative projects related to children's activities, birthday parties, or invitations.

This teacher font is readily available for free on Canva making it an attractive choice for teachers and educators working on tight budgets.

2. Black Bones

Black Bones Font

Black Bones is a display font with a thick, brushstroke style (see the above screenshot) that instantly grabs attention to your presentations, posters, or classroom materials.

Its contemporary style can give school projects a fresh and updated look, appealing to older students and teachers who prefer a less conventional aesthetic. 

However, the thick lines and playful style can make Black Bones difficult to read in small sizes or long paragraphs. I would recommend you to use it sparingly for short bursts of text.

3. League Spartan

League Spartan

Third recommended and one of the best teacher fonts on Canva is League Spartan. This font shines in both headings and body text, allowing for consistent branding across your education projects. 

Its clean lines and strong structure work well for titles, posters, worksheet headings, and even presentations.

For body text, its clarity and legibility ensure smooth reading, even in dense information. You can consider pairing it with a serif font like Libre Baskerville for a classic touch, or another sans-serif like Montserrat for a more modern feel.

4. Nunito

Nunito Font

Nunito truly shines as a top contender for one of the best Canva fonts for teachers, and its popularity with educators is well-deserved.

It comes in multiple weights and styles, from light and airy to bold and impactful. 

The clean lines and clear letterforms, makes it highly readable, even in small sizes. This is crucial for school materials, ensuring students of all ages and abilities can easily decipher the content.

5. Schoolbell

Schoolbell Font

If you see the above screenshot, you can see that Schoolbell embodies the charm of handwritten notes on chalkboards, instantly triggering nostalgia for school days and lighthearted learning.

This can be perfect for your Canva designs targeting younger audiences or wanting to inject a fun, carefree vibe. And that is why it has made to our list of the best teacher fonts in Canva.

Its childlike, slightly irregular style catches the eye and sparks curiosity. This can be particularly captivating for younger children who might find more formal fonts dull or intimidating.

6. Roboto Slab

Roboto Slab Font

Roboto Slab inherits the clean lines and friendly vibe of its sans-serif counterpart, Roboto, but adds a touch of personality with its strong slab serifs.

The serifs in Roboto Slab enhance letterform distinction, making it highly readable even in smaller sizes and on screens. This clarity ensures smooth information delivery for students of all ages and abilities.

And that is why I consider Roboto Slab font suitable for presentations, reports, and official school documents while still maintaining a modern edge.

7. Open Sans

Open Sans Font

Open Sans shines in its adaptability. It comes in multiple weights and styles, from light and airy to bold and impactful. And that is why I have included this wonderful font to our list.

Unlike some decorative or playful fonts, Open Sans carries a neutral and professional vibe. Its unassuming nature keeps the focus on the content, making it ideal for presentations, reports, textbooks, and official school documents.

Open Sans strikes a nice balance between modernity and timelessness. It avoids looking childish or dated, making it suitable for a wide range of age groups and educational materials.

Wrapping Up

Utilizing the best Canva fonts for teachers can enhance the visual appeal and effectiveness of your educational content. 

Whether you're creating lesson plans, worksheets, presentations, or posters, these fonts can help convey your message with clarity and style.

I hope you like this blog article on the best teacher fonts on Canva. If you've liked it, please take a moment to share it with your friends on social media.

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