Designrr Wordgenie AI: Can it Write Engaging Ebook Content?

If you want to learn what is Designrr Wordgenie AI and how it works, you've come to the right place.

Designrr is an ebook creator tool that allows its users to convert their existing content into ebooks. So, basically, it repurposes your content into ebooks that you can use for lead generation or sell on the ebook marketplace.

Recently, Designrr has also launched its own AI-based content writing tool - Designrr Wordgenie that can be used to generate content for your ebooks.

In this blog article, you will learn what is Designrr Wordgenie and I will also show you how to use to generate content.

Let's get started.

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Designrr Wordgenie

What is Designrr Wordgenie AI?

Designrr Wordgenie AI

Wordgenie is an artificial intelligence based tool developed by Designrr to help users create content for their ebooks with the help of AI.

Designrr was launched mainly to help its users convert the following sources of content into ebooks:

  • Blog articles
  • Old PDF
  • Documents created in Google Docs, MS Word or any other document creating software
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Facebook posts

After converting content into an ebook using Designrr, a user can download it in many formats. These include PDF, MOBI, Kindle, EPUB, and more.

Now, users of Designrr can also create non-fiction content for their ebooks using Wordgenie AI tool. Using Wordgenie, you can create the title, outline, and initial content for your ebook to help you get started. 

When you sign up for any of its paid accounts, you get 100,000+ credits for content creation. And when you exhaust your credits, you can easily add additional credits to your account. by paying a small fee.

How Designrr Wordgenie AI Works?

Below I have mentioned step by step process to get started with the Wordgenie AI tool.

step 1

First, you need to login to your Designrr account by visiting this link - Designrr. If you don't have an account, you can sign up for the 7 days free trial of Designrr.

During the trial period, you would get full access to premium features offered by Designrr. You can even download your ebook during the 7 days trial period.

After signing in to your account, you will be taken to the Designrr dashboard. Here, you need to click on Generate with Wordgenie as shown in the below image.

Wordgenie AI

Now, after selecting the option - Generate with Wordgenie, in the previous step, you would be required to accept its Content Policy. Check out the policy and click the check button to agree to its content policy (see the below image).

Next, click on the button - Get started.

Wordgenie AI Content Policy

The next screen would ask you to enter your topic or niche. For example, in the below screenshot, you can see that I have entered a topic - Self-Help and Personal Development.

After entering your topic or niche, you can select your language. The default selected language is English.

You can select any of these languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, or Spanish.

Now, click on the Next button.

Enter topic

In the above screenshot, you can also see the credits available in your account and credit used by you. Since, I have not used any credits yet, it is showing the full quota of my credit which is 100,000.

Add Theme

Next, you will be asked to select a theme for your ebook. For example, I have selected Self Development as the theme of my ebook.

Select a relevant theme for your ebook and click on the Next button.

Select Sub-Niches

Next, you need to enter the target audience for your ebook. Since my ebook is on self-help and personal development, I have entered the following as my target audience - student, employee, self-employed.

Thus, depending on your ebook topic or niche, enter your target audience in this step.

Enter Target Audience

After entering your target audience, Designrr Wordgenie AI would suggest some titles for your ebook. If you don't like the generated titles, you can choose the option - Regenerate suggested titles, to regenerate more titles for your ebook.

Ebook Titles

After selecting a title, click on the Next button.

Chapter Outlines

After clicking on the Next button, Designrr Wordgenie will start creating chapter-wise content for your ebook.

You would need to wait for a few minutes and let the Wordgenie AI complete writing the content for your ebook.

While the AI is writing the content for your ebook, you can also view the credits consumed and the credits remaining in your account.

Depending on the topic or niche you had selected, Wordgenie would take around 5-10 minutes to get the draft ebook ready for you.

You can either save the content as a draft or move ahead to choose a template for your ebook.

Save Draft or Chose Template

In the above image, you can see that it contains two buttons - Save draft and Continue to Choose a Template.

Chosing the option - Save draft, will allow you to save the generated content as Drafts in your Designrr dashboard.

And if you want to continue the process to complete your ebook, choose the option - Continue to Choose a Template.

It will take you to the page where you'll be required to choose an ebook template of your choice (see the below image).

Ebook Templates

In the above image, you can see that I have selected a template as marked by an arrow. To select a template, hover your mouse over any template and select Use from the given option.

As you select any template, it will open the Designrr editor (see the below image) where you can edit it as per your requirement.

step 2

In this step, you would need to customize your ebook. The Designrr editor allows you to customize each element of your ebook - text, image, link, etc.

Designrr Ebook Editor

In the above image, you can see that the Designrr editor contains our ebook in center and editing elements on the left. Using the editing elements you can easily customize your ebook.

You can edit the text (font style, font size, letter spacing, line height), edit images, add links, add table of contents, and more.

If you want to learn more, you can check out our article - How to create ebooks using Designrr.

After completing the ebook you can publish it to download it in the following format - PDF, Flipbook, Epub, Audiobook, and more.

To publish an ebook, click on the Publish button located at the bottom left of the editor (see the above image).


After selecting your preferred format, you can see that the title of the ebook and author name are automatically entered.

Now click on Export button to download your ebook on your computer.

That's it. This is how you can use Designrr Wordgenie AI to create a complete ebook for yourself.

If you want to try Designrr yourself, sign up for the 7-day free trial using the link below. During the free trial, you would get access to all the premium features for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Designrr Wordgenie free?

Ans. Yes. When you buy any of the paid plans of Designrr, you get 100,000 free credits that you can use to create content for your ebooks.

Q2. How to create content for ebook using Wordgenie?

Ans. Select Wordgenie from the Designrr dashboard, enter your topic or niche, and Wordgenie will automatically create chapter-wise ebook content for you.

Q3. What happens when the free credits is exhausted?

Ans. When no credit is left to generate content, you can add more Wordgenie credit by paying a small fee of $17.

Q4. How does Wordgenie works?

Ans. Wordgenie is based on artificial intelligence that is why it generates contents using the power of AI built into it.

Q5. Can I use Designrr Wordgenie during the free trial?

Ans. Yes, during the free trial, you get access to all the premium features of Designrr including the AI tool - Wordgenie.

Wrapping Up

If you're having hard time generating content for your ebook, I would recommend you to try Designrr Wordgenie.

With 100,000 credit you can easily create 10-12 ebooks for yourself. Designrr also allows you to easily get more credits by a small fee of $17.

I hope that by going through this article, you have learned how to use Designrr Wordgenie step by step to generate content and edit it in the editor and download it to your device.

Designrr also gives you full right to use the ebook as per your need. You can use it generate leads and build your email list, sell it to make money or just distribute it for free to your audience.

Get started with Designrr today using the link below.

For a limited time Designrr is also offering a lifetime deal on its Standard Plan. Now you can get this plan at a one-time fixed price of $27 only instead of paying $29 every month. Plus, you also get a 30 days money back guarantee. Know more using the link below.

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