6 Best Free Punctuation Checker Tools for Bloggers in 2024

| | April 12, 2024

To write a content free from punctuation errors is not an easy task.

As a blogger or content writer, your articles should be free from any punctuation or grammatical errors. 


  • Because error-free articles not only keep your users engaged in reading from the start to the end but also reduce your site's bounce rate.
  • If your articles are full of errors, it may result in a higher bounce rate that may affect your search engine rankings.

However, you don't have to check your content for errors manually.

There are many online tools that are free & easy to use and can help you remove all the punctuation and grammatical errors from your articles.

If you need some extra features, you can always upgrade to their premium plans.

These are the tools we are talking about:

  • punctuation checker
  • comma checker
  • grammar checker

In this article, I have covered some of the best online and free punctuation checker tools that can help you in removing punctuation errors from your content.

If you want your users to read your content till the end, you may want to try these tools.

Let's get started.

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Best Online Punctuation Checker Tools

Punctuation marks that you may want to take care of while writing your articles are given below.

  • Full stop or period - [.]
  • comma - [,]
  • colon - [:]
  • semicolon - [;]
  • question mark - [?]
  • bracket - [()]
  • hyphen - [-]

These may seem simple to use, but a single omission or wrong placement of a punctuation mark can entirely change a sentence's meaning.

Let see the following examples.

Hyphen usage

Twenty five-dollar bills
Twenty-five dollar bills

Comma usage

I want to thank my parents, tiffany and God.
I want to thank my parents, tiffany, and God.

Semicolon usage

I'm sorry I love you.
I'm sorry; I love you.

Colon usage

A woman without her man is nothing.
A woman: without her, man is nothing.

The above examples show you how an omission or wrong placement of punctuation can change the meaning of a sentence.

Thus, we should take care of these errors carefully.

Let's check out all the punctuation checker and grammar tools that can help you avoid punctuation errors like incorrect usage or omission of full stops, commas, semicolons, colons, hyphens, and more.

Grammarly Punctuation Checker

The number one punctuation checker tool in our list is Grammarly. It is probably one of the best grammar editing tool with more than 20 million users.

Its AI-powered writing assistant helps you to write error-free content by giving real-time suggestions for correction as soon as it detects any error while you write your content.

I use this tool regularly to check for spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors in my blog articles.

If a word is not found, Grammarly also allows you to add words to your personal dictionary.

It works wonderfully well with email services (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Messenger), social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Medium) and documents & projects (Google Docs, Salesforce, and Slack).

It also has a Desktop app for Windows. However, if you're a Mac user, you may be disappointed, as Grammarly doesn't have an app for the Mac system.

You can use the free Chrome extension for Grammarly for basic correction in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The extension has been downloaded 10 million times and has a 4.6 rating overall.

Key features

  • Free Chrome extension for correction in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • AI-powered writing assistant that gives real-time suggestion for correction
  • Supports third-party application like Gmail, Yahoo, Google Docs, Facebook, and others
  • Desktop app for Windows and add-on for Microsoft Word and Outlook
  • Plagiarism detector and tone detector
  • Grammarly keyboard for mobile

Grammarly Pricing and Plans

Grammarly offers a free, premium, and business plan.

Free Plan: The free plan covers basic writing suggestions that include spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Premium Plan: It cost $11.66 per month ($139.92 per year). It includes all the features of the free plan. It offer features to suggest improvement in style, tone, and clarity for writing. You also get tone adjustments, plagiarism detection, genre-specific writing style checks, word choice, and other features under this plan.

Business Plan: It cost $12.50 per month ($150 per year). It includes all the features of the Premium Plan. This plan is perfect for businesses having multiple team members. You get a dedicated Admin Panel to manage your work with a centralized billing system and priority support.

Get started with Grammarly today.

ProWritingAid Punctuation Checker

ProWritingAid is more than a simple grammar corrector. The tool helps writers and content creators to correct grammar or punctuation errors from the article quickly.

It also helps in removing unnecessary words by suggesting better replacements and overused words to perfect your written content. In short, it enables you to become a better writer.

The most important feature of ProWritingAid is its ability to combine with various platforms such as Google Docs, Gmail, WordPress, and most web browsers.

One clear advantage ProWritingAid has over Grammarly is that it has a desktop app for both Windows and Mac. If you're a Mac user, you'll love the desktop app by ProWritingAid.

In terms of price and features also, ProWritingAid is considered one of the best Grammarly alternatives.

Key features

  • Punctuation, spelling, and grammar check software
  • Suggests 1000s of style improvements automatically
  • Desktop app for both Mac and Windows
  • Inbuilt plagiarism checker
  • Word explorer and contextual thesaurus tool to help you find the perfect words
  • Checks for consistencies in spelling, hyphenation, and capitalization.
  • Fix style issues like repetitiveness, vague wording, sentence length variation, over-dependence on adverbs & others
  • Third-party integration with tools like Google Doc, Microsoft Office, Gmail, and others
  • Browser extensions available for Chrome, Firefox, and others
  • ProWritingAid Pricing and Plans

    ProWritingAid has three pricing plans – Free, Premium, and Premium Plus.

    Free Plan: Under the free plan, you get access to a web-based checker that allows editing up to 500 words and 19 writing reports. It also offers a free Chrome browser extension to check your content for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.

    Premium Plan: It cost $79 per year. The plan includes all the features of the free version. There is no limit on checking words via its web-based checker & desktop application and supports integration with third-party tools like MS Word, Google Docs, Chrome, and Scrivener.

    Premium Plus Plan: It cost $89 per year. Apart from the Premium Plan features, it also includes a plagiarism checker tool. The plagiarism checker tool allows up to 50 plagiarism checks every year.

    Get started with ProWritingAid today.

    3. Ginger

    Ginger Punctuation Checker

    Ginger Software is another popular grammar and punctuation checker tool that helps users write mistake-free content on Gmail, MS Office, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

    Like Grammarly, Ginger also has a Chrome extension that you can use for free and an add-on for MS Word.

    Like ProWritingAid, Ginger also has an advantage over Grammarly as it also has a desktop app that is available for both Mac and Windows. 

    For mobile users, it has separate apps and keyboards for both Android and iOS. 

    The Ginger Punctuation Checker improves your writing by correcting punctuation mistakes, sentence structure, and style in your content. The web-based punctuation checker is free to use.

    The Punctuation Checker helps you correct punctuation quickly and efficiently with unmatched accuracy. It also helps in analyzing the context of your sentences to correct punctuation mistakes.

    At Ginger, you also get access to complementary writing tools like translation, dictionary, text reader, personal trainer, and sentence rephraser.

    Though there not many cons of Ginger but one that I have found is that it doesn't offer a plagiarism detector.

    Key features

  • Spelling, punctuation, and grammar checker
  • Free web-based punctuation checker
  • Add-on for Microsoft Office
  • Separate app and keyboard for both Android and iOS
  • Free browser extensions for Chrome and Safari
  • Translations in 40 Language
  • Ginger Pricing and Plans

    Ginger has a free plan with limited features and a premium plan.

    Free Plan: The free plan limits the number of times you can use the grammar or punctuation checker. Under this plan, you can use browser extensions for free.

    Premium Plan: It cost $7.49 per month if paid annually. Apart from all the features of the free plan, the premium plan includes unlimited grammar and punctuation checking, sentence rephrase, text reader, error analysis, and other features.

    Get started with Ginger today.

    WhiteSmoke Punctuation Checker

    WhiteSmoke is a grammar and proofreading software that helps find out and correct punctuation and grammatical errors in your content.

    It also does an excellent job of providing better word choice and correcting spelling & styling mistakes.

    WhiteSmoke has a wide range of tools that include a grammar checker, punctuation checker, spell checker, style checker, and translator.

    If you're the one who sometimes gets confused between a colon and a semicolon or a hyphen or a dash, WhiteSmoke has developed a state-of-the-art punctuation checker to help you correct punctuation errors in your writing.

    Mobile users can also use its app that is available on Android and iOS devices. It also works with Windows, Mac OS and is compatible with all modern-day web browsers.

    Key features

  • Include popular tools like grammar checker, punctuation checker, plagiarism checker, translator, and more
  • Integrated with popular writing platforms
  • One-click instant proofreading
  • Third-party integration with tools like Microsoft Office, Gmail, and others
  • Translation services to 55 languages.
  • White Smoke Pricing and plans

    WhiteSmoke has three paid plans - Web, Premium, and Business. It does not have a free plan, which may be considered as one of its cons.

    Web Plan: It cost $5 per month when billed yearly. The Web Plan works with all browsers and includes grammar checkers, plagiarism checkers, and translators.

    Premium Plan: It cost $6.66 per month when billed yearly. It includes all the features of Web Plan plus features like one-click instant proofreading and integration with all writing platforms. The Premium Plan supports all browsers, Microsoft Office, and Gmail. It also supports a fully integrated writing solution for Windows and Mac. The plan includes a one-computer license.

    Business Plan: It cost $11.50 per month when billed yearly. It includes all the features of the Premium Plan. Customer support and a three-computer license is the additional features of the Business Plan.

    Get started with WhiteSmoke today.

    5. Writer

    Writer Punctuation Checker

    Writer is another excellent online software that will allow you to create your own rules for editing copy and content across platforms without having to refer back to a physical document every time.

    Features like gendered language detection make it vastly more valuable. The tool guides you to correct your grammar, punctuation, and spelling and optimizes your content for the right tone, voice, and writing style.

    Writer is fast becoming one of the best alternative to Grammarly.

    Writer can be installed on Chrome as an extension and as an add-on on Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

    It also integrates seamlessly with the following third-party services:

    • Sales & Marketing: Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, WordPress & others
    • Support: Intercom, Freshdesk, Zendesk & others
    • Email & Chat: Outlook, Gmail, Slack, Drift & others
    • Content Management System: Oracle, Adobe, Github & others
    • Social: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & others

    Writer has a free punctuation checker tool. It makes sure your text is clear, consistent, and error-free by automatically catching punctuation and grammatical issues.

    Writer also has a punctuation checking app. Once you sign up for Writer, you'll get access to a web app and extensions that check your writing for punctuation, voice and tone, writing style, plagiarism, formality, gender tone, and more.

    Key features

  • Automatically scans content for issues related to grammar, punctuation, spelling, plagiarism, and others
  • Support third-party integration like Google Docs, MS Word, Facebook, Salesforce, and others
  • Browser extension available for Chrome
  • Free punctuation checker tool
  • Writer Pricing and Plans

    Writer has the following pricing plans: Starter and Enterprise:

    Starter Plan: It cost $11 per month and $11 per month for each additional user. The plan includes checks for standard writing guidelines, readability, plain guidelines, grammar, and spelling. It also provides styleguide, workspace, content security, and other features.

    Enterprise Plan: You need to contact the sales team for custom enterprise pricing. It includes all the Starter Plan features plus features like unlimited custom terms, multiple styleguides, API access, Word and Google Docs extensions, plagiarism checker, and others.

    Writer also offers a free 14-days trial on its plans that include basic grammar, spelling, punctuation, and the tone detector. The trial doesn't require you to sign up with a credit card.

    Sign up for the free trial today.

    PaperRater Punctuation Checker

    PaperRater is a web-based application. Thus, you are not required to download any software for checking your content for punctuation or other grammatical errors.

    You can upload the document file or copy and paste your content into their editor to check for errors. After adding the content, select the education level and type of error, and choose the Get Report button.

    It will scan your content for issues related to spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choice, style, and others.

    It also includes a plagiarism detector tool like that of Grammarly.

    Key features

  • Web-based spelling and grammar checker software.
  • Free grammar, punctuation, and spelling checker
  • Plagiarism detection tool
  • Proofreading system alerts you to opportunities to improve your writing
  • PaperRater Pricing and Plans

    PaperRater has both free and premium plans.

    Free Plan: Under the free plan, in a month, you could add 5 pages per submission, perform 10 plagiarism checks a month and submit 50 documents. You can check your content for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Writing suggestions and automated scoring are additional features.

    Premium Plan: It cost $11.21 per month. It includes all the features of the free plan. Under this plan, you could add 20 pages per submission, perform 25 plagiarism checks a month, and submit 200 documents. Additional features include advanced plagiarism check, file upload, and faster processing.

    Get started with PaperRater today.

    Why You Need a Punctuation Checker Tool?

    Punctuation errors are quite common to make while writing content. Even if you're good at English can make these errors while writing in a flow.

    Whether you're a student, business, content writer, or blogger, it is difficult to write content free from errors like spelling, punctuation, comma, and grammar.

    You want your readers to read your content till the end. To make that happen, you need to remove all the errors by using some of the best punctuation checker and grammar checker tools as covered in this article.

    Grammarly, Ginger, ProWritingAid, and other tools covered in this article are some of the most used grammar and punctuation checker tool.

    As a blogger, these tools have helped me keep my readers engaged and make them spend more time on my blog.

    Higher engagement also help in reducing the bounce rate of a blog. A low bounce rate may also result in higher rankings on Google search results.

    Articles free from any punctuation errors, spelling mistakes, or grammatical errors are also likely to get more shares from your readers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What is a punctuation checker tool? 

    Answer. It is a software application designed to identify and correct punctuation errors in written content, such as commas, periods, and semicolons. 

    Q2. How does a punctuation checker tool work? 

    Answer. These tools utilize algorithms to analyze text and identify punctuation errors. They can suggest corrections and provide explanations for the recommended changes. 

    Q3. Why is proper punctuation important in writing? 

    Answer. Correct punctuation enhances clarity, readability, and overall quality of written communication. It helps convey meaning accurately and effectively. 

    Q4. Can these tools handle different writing styles and formats? 

    Answer. Yes, punctuation checker tools are designed to accommodate various writing styles, including academic, business, creative, and informal writing. They can also adapt to different document formats such as essays, emails, and reports. 

    Q5. Are punctuation checker tools effective for non-native English speakers? 

    Answer. Yes, these tools can be beneficial for non-native English speakers by helping them improve their written communication skills in English.

    Q6. How can I choose the right punctuation checker tool for my needs?

    Answer. When selecting a punctuation checker tool, consider factors such as accuracy, ease of use, additional features (such as grammar checking), compatibility with your writing platform, and customer support.

    Wrapping Up

    All the tools covered in this article are used by millions of users worldwide to proofread their content.

    Along with punctuation checks, these tools also check your content for mistakes related to grammar, spelling, writing style, and more.

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