6 Best Music Affiliate Programs of 2021

Deepak Choudhary
| | December 26, 2020

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Are you looking for the best music affiliate programs to promote on your blog?

If your answer is yes, then you are the right place.

In this article, I have compiled a list of 5 best music affiliate programs that you can promote in your blog to earn money.

There are no specific criteria for a blog to join these affiliate programs. However, it makes no sense to promote music products on a fitness blog.

Promoting affiliate products works well when you are more niche specific.

So, if you have a blog related to the music industry, you must consider promoting music affiliate programs to monetize your traffic.

However, with so many programs available, it would be tough to find the best among them.

To help you join only the best music affiliate program, I have compiled a list of some of the best affiliate programs that you can join today.

Let's get started.

6 Best Music Affiliate Programs

Pianoforall Music Affiliate Program

Pianoforall has been providing online piano courses to students all over the world since 2006.

Already 300000 plus students have joined their popular courses and learned to play the piano beautifully.

Whatever may be your choices - Ballads, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Ragtime, or even amazing Classical pieces, Pianoforall has covered them all in their courses.

Pianoforall online course features:

  • 200 videos
  • 500 audio lessons
  • 9 interactive ebooks
  • Offline access
  • Easily downloadable or transferable to any devices
  • All future updates of Pianoforall are FREE
  • Just one payment for lifetime access
  • Dedicated support

About Pianoforall affiliate program

You can join the Pianoforall affiliate program through Clickbank. It means that you would have to create an account at Clickbank.com to join this program.

After joining Clickbank, you would be required to apply for the Pianoforall affiliate program.

After getting approval, you would be provided with affiliate links and banners that you can use to promote the affiliate program.


Under this affiliate program, you would earn a 60% commission on each successful sale.

The program also offers a long 90-days cookie period, which means that if any of your referrals makes a purchase within the 90 days from their first visit, you will earn a commission.

You get paid by check or directly into your bank account weekly or bi-monthly.

You can use beautiful banners and promotional videos provided by Pianoforall to promote it on your blog or to your email subscribers.

A whopping 60% commission and a long 90-days cookie period make it an attractive affiliate program.

Join the Pianoforall affiliate program today.

Rocket Piano Music Affiliate Program

Rocket Piano, like Pianoforall, is another popular site that offers online lessons and tutorials to learn how to play the piano.

Their tutorials include hundreds of sound files, pictures, diagrams, video lessons and step-by-step instructions.

Over 90,000 plus people have already learned to play the piano through their tutorials.

Rocket Piano online tutorial features:

  • Three books with step-by-step lessons
  • Video demonstrations
  • High-quality sound files
  • Lesson divided into Beginner through Intermediate to Advanced
  • The Rocket Piano Jazz Book
  • The Rocket Piano Gospel, Spiritual & Hymns Book
  • Plus five free bonuses - Metronome, Jayde Musica Pro, Advanced Learning Techniques for Piano and Perfect Your Pitch Pro.

And another fantastic feature of this course is the 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.

About Rocket Piano affiliate program

This affiliate program is also offered through Clickbank. So, you need to join Clickbank first before you can start promoting this program.


The affiliate program offers 75% commission on download edition of Rocket Piano and 25% commission on hard copy edition of Rocket Piano.

The cookie period is 90-days.

Join the Rocket Piano affiliate program here.

Singorama Music Affiliate Program

Singorama is an online learning platform that helps you become a better singer.

They have a program for anyone looking to improve vocal range, strength & agility, or master the perfect pitch.

Their programs include audio lessons and lots of bonus material. They offer a generous 60-days money-back guarantee so that their potential customer can try their program risk-free for 60 days.

About Singorama affiliate program

The affiliate program is offered through Clickbank. If you already have a Clickbank account, then you can join the program to promote it as an affiliate.


Their affiliates receive a whopping 70% commission on instant downloads and 40% commission on shipped media courses.

The cookie period is 60-days.

Get started with the Singorama affiliate program.

4. Virtual Sheet Music Affiliate Program

Virtual Sheet Music Affiliate Program

Virtual Sheet Music is a popular sheet music download site that provides musicians and all music lovers the ability to locate sheet music quickly.

It is the leading source of classical sheet music downloads, traditional and jazz sheet music, and Midi and Mp3 files on the web.

High-quality sheet music plus audio files are available for instant download from their site. Users can download these desired titles from the Virtual Sheet Music website directly to their home computer.

The site receives over 20,000 unique visitors per day, which shows its popularity among sheet music lovers.

About Virtual Sheet Music affiliate program

The affiliate program is free and easy to join. When you join this program, you also get free 1-year membership on Virtual Sheet Music.


Affiliates receive a 30% commission on all sales.

The cookie period under this affiliate program is 30 years. So, the cookie in actual terms never expires. So, if a customer clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase within these 30 years, you earn a commission.

Join the Virtual Sheet Music affiliate program here.

5. MasterClass Affiliate Program

MasterClass Music Affiliate Program

Masterclass is a popular online learning platform. It provides online classes related to culinary arts, film & tv, lifestyle, writing, sports & games, cooking, interior design and others, including music.

They have highly-qualified and experienced educators in almost all categories, as mentioned above.

The music class features popular artists like Usher, Carlos Santana, Herbie Hancock, Steve Martin, Christina Aguillera, Timbaland and others.

Anyone can try MasterClass for free by opting for their 24-hour free trial.

About MasterClass affiliate program

The Masterclass affiliate program is offered through ShareASale. If you don't already have an account at ShareASale, join here.

MasterClass Music Affiliate Program Details

The affiliate program offers a 25% commission on each successful sale.

The cookie period is 30-days.

They also offer monthly sales bonuses to affiliates who reach specific sales volumes milestone as per the following structure.

  • $1,500 in total sales = $100 bonus
  • $3,500 in total sales = $150 bonus
  • $6,000 in total sales = $200 bonus
  • $9,000 in total sales = $250 bonus
  • $12,000 in total sales = $300 bonus
  • $15,000 in total sales = $350 bonus
  • $18,000 in total sales = $400 bonus

Join the Masterclass affiliate program today.

Guitar Center Affiliate Program

Guitar Center is an online musical instruments store. They sell wide range of musical equipments including guitars, drums, recording instruments, sound softwares, keyboards, wireless microphones and others.

Users can also buy used products from its store.

They also sell online home lessons and vintage instruments. You can also hire musical instruments on rent.

Guitar Center Repairs section is dedicated to repairs, upgrades and servicing of damaged instruments.

About Guitar Center affiliate program

The affiliate program is offered through cj.com. The affiliate program pays a commission of 6% on each successful sale which I think is on the lower side.

The cookie period is also low at only two weeks.

However, with 40000 products under their store, you can make good commission if backed by good number of sales.

Join Guitar Center Affiliate Program and make money.

Who Can Join Music Affiliate Programs?

Anyone having a blog can join these music affiliate programs. However, music affiliate programs convert best when they are promoted on blogs related to the music niche.

So, if you are a musician or a music teacher or a singer and have a blog related to music, you can make huge amounts of money promoting these affiliate programs.

Please Note. When you join any affiliate program as an affiliate, you would be provided with a unique affiliate link.

This affiliate link helps in tracking sales.

An affiliate link may look like this - 


You may also cloak an affiliate link to make it short like this - 


You would also be provided with attractive banners of different formats. These banners are in the form of HTML code containing your affiliate link.

Below I have mentioned different strategies to use these affiliate links and banners to promote these music programs.

How To Promote Music Affiliate Programs?

Below I have mentioned different strategies that you can follow today to promote these affiliate programs.

One strategy doesn't fit all. So, you must apply all the strategies mentioned here to become successful in affiliate marketing.

Let's check out all the strategies one by one.

1. Write Reviews

If you have a music blog, you can write reviews on the music classes or lessons to promote your affiliate program.

Reviews help people to invest their money wisely on the right products.

So, write a detailed review and include your affiliate links inside the content.

At the end of review article, it is crucial to have a call-to-action (CTA) button leading your readers to take action after they finish reading your review.

Start your own Music Blog at DreamHost at only $2.59 per month.

2. Use Email Marketing For Promotion

Other than search engine traffic, email marketing is one of the best methods to promote affiliate products.

If you have an email list, you can send promotional offers and discounts to your subscribers.

If you are not building your email list, start doing it today by joining professional email marketing services such as ConvertKit.

ConvertKit is a popular email marketing service provider. You can send a regular newsletter, offers and automated email series to your email subscribers.

You can also use Thrive Leads to display different kinds of opt-in form inside your blog. For example, you can display an email opt-in form at the header or footer, in your blog sidebar or at the end of your blog post.

Join ConvertKit and unlock 1000 subscribers for FREE.

3. Add Banners

Each music affiliate program provides banners of different formats to its affiliates.

Affiliates can place these banners inside their blog content.

The banner size, which converts most, is 300 x 250, 336 x 280, and 300 x 600.

Place banners of size 300 x 250 and 336 x 280 inside your blog articles. The best position would be Above The Fold, where there are maximum chances of conversion. Place the 300 x 600 banner in the blog sidebar.

If you are not already using banners to promote these affiliate programs, start using it today to maximize your conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Join Music Affiliate Programs?

Music affiliate programs convert best when they are promoted on blogs related to the music niche. So, if you are a musician or a music teacher or a singer and have a blog related to music, you can make huge amounts of money promoting these affiliate programs.

How To Promote Music Affiliate Programs?

You can promote music affiliate programs by writing reviews on music affiliate products on your blog and putting your unique affiliate links inside the review. Video review, email marketing and social media channels are some other areas where you can promote your affiliate products.

How much one can earn from music affiliate programs?

Popular music affiliate programs offer commission up to 75%. So, how much you earn will depend on your promotion methods and volume of traffic that you get on your site.


So, these are the music affiliate programs that you can join today and start making money.

Using the strategies I have mentioned above, you can make your affiliate program promotion hugely successful.

Let us know which music affiliate programs you are promoting and which one worked best for you!

I would love to hear about your experiences in promoting these music affiliate programs in the comments below!

Sharing is Caring! If you like this article, please comment below.

Best Music Affiliate Programs
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