Semrush Review 2024: Is it The Best SEO Tool?

| | March 21, 2024

Semrush in a Nutshell

Semrush Review

Excellent: 4.8 / 5


  • Comprehensive SEO Toolset
  • Excellent SEO site audit tool to find all issues with your site
  • Find easy to rank keywords
  • Competitor analysis tool to find which content they are ranking for and find new keyword opportunities
  • Track ranking of your keywords (SERP positions)
  • Backlink analysis to find new backlink opportunity by spying on your competitors
  • Create SEO-friendly content
  • World’s largest database of 20 billion keywords & 310 million ads


  • With so many features, you may have to spend some time to get used to this SEO tool
  • Expensive pricing plans for smaller businesses
  • Limited options available in the free plan

Bottom Line

Semrush is an all-in-one SEO plus marketing tool to improve online visibility of your business be it a online shopping website, an affiliate marketing website or any other website you may have.

It gives you great insight on your competitors. You can easily find what is working for your competitors and replicate the same for your website.

For example, you can quickly compile a list of keywords that are driving traffic to your competitors site. From these list of keywords, Semrush metrics will help you to identify all the low competition keywords that have good monthly volume. Now you can create content based on these keywords to rank high on search engines.

Similarly, you can spy on your competitors backlink profile to find backlink opportunities. You can easily find which content are helping them build more backlinks. Within a short time, you can build a list of all websites that are linking to your competitor. Now, you can create similar content, even better than your competitors and pitch these websites to link to your content.

Well, these may not as easy as it seems but now you know how Semrush can help you gain more visibility to your site.

These are not all, there are plenty of more features and benefits that I am going to reveal in this Semrush Review.

The free trial offered by Semrush is the great option to check if it can help you to take your content marketing to the next level and boost your website ranking. Sign up for the free trial with the link given below.

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Semrush Review: Overview

Semrush SEO Tool Review

Running a website is not an easy task. Even if you can manage all the hard works, there is still a lot of competition in almost every blogging niche. This is also true for businesses planning to sell their products or services online.

Why would people come to your website? How can the ranking of your website be improved? How to appear in the top searches? How to get more organic traffic?

An online visibility management software is all you need to save yourself from all the hassle. Semrush is an all-in-one platform that offers many advanced tools for content marketing, PPC, competitor research, social media marketing, and SEO.

It consists of more than 50 products, tools, and add-ons across different online features. Semrush has been working diligently for years to create awesome features for content marketers. Thus it is a perfect solution for all the websites and businesses that are conscious about their online presence.

There are many tools for a wide range of SEO functioning, every platform offers its unique features, but Semrush is the one that is trusted the most because of its actionable insights and data compared to other sites.

Semrush works by providing you with the key information for the better working of your website. It enables you to do the following things

  • It tells you about the most searched things online
  • You can create the perfect SEO-optimized content to grow your traffic
  • You will be able to identify link-building opportunities
It helps your website in getting higher rankings by adjusting the technical aspects of your content.

Semrush Review: What is It?

Semrush is a worldwide business helper that was first founded in 2008 by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov. The headquarters are located in Boston, but they have seven offices that are spread across five different countries - Dallas (US), Feasterville-Trevose (US), Limassol (CY), Warszawa (PL) and Sankt-Peterburg (RU).

The company now has a very large user base. Over 7 million people are using this platform to grow their business and includes the following important features:

  • Internet Marketing
  • SEO Pricing
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • Local SEO Pricing
  • SEO Audits
  • PPC Management Services
  • Inbound Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Pricing
  • Email Marketing
  • Ecommerce Email Retargeting
  • Online Media Buying
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • MOFU & BOFU Content
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Reputation Management Pricing
  • Review Management Pricing
  • Custom Monthly Reporting
  • Consulting, Speaking & Training
  • Competitive SEO Pricing
  • Search Engine Optimization

Semrush helps you run SEO campaigns and digital marketing methods. It will help you to understand the current trends in your website's niche. This feature will eventually help you understand your page better and optimize it for SEO for a better generation of leads or sales.

In addition, identifying the most valuable keywords for your campaign assistance is the key feature of Semrush. You'll learn what keywords are used in your competition and how they are ranked in the search engines. 

It gives you an abundance of insight as to how you can go up in the competition. This software is designed for users who need assistance with digital marketing.

If you have limited experience or knowledge, Semrush is the perfect tool to understand and use SEO and bring you the best outcome.

The free trial offered by Semrush is the great option to check if it can help you to take your content marketing to the next level and boost your website ranking. Sign up for the free trial with the link given below.

Why Choose Semrush?

Internet is such a crowded place. Whenever you have to choose any tool or app, there are thousands of options for you; how would you know which option is perfect for you and which app can save you from hassles. Here is a Semrush review of why you should opt for this platform?

Effective Keyword Research

The ground surface of your content marketing plans is the optimized keyword strategy. It works as an infrastructure for your website.

How are the people that reach your website going to find you in this massive sea? It goes to keywords. Yes, the better, accurate, and most optimized keywords guarantee your website's perfect and huge audience.

Semrush's work is to identify the keywords and phrases that can provide you with the most traffic. You will be under the guidance of amazing SEO intelligence that will help you in your content strategies.

Semrush keyword research will help you discover the different keyword variations that are related to specific root words. This will help you understand how people search up for a certain thing on the internet and what words are most likely to be used by the visitors.

You can see the average searches for each keyword phrase per month on Semrush; it also provides key metric like - keyword difficulty, monthly searches and others.

You will be able to see the competition for them, the average prices of a click on a PPC ad, and how many pages Google has for the search query; this way, you can easily set your track to achieve goals for a successfully managed website.

Better Site Performance

An SEO campaign is a slow path, and you don't get to see the optimization results immediately and have to wait for quite some time.

If you are a Semrush user, your problem is already solved; you will be able to check the progress of your website performance by viewing the insights.

It shows the complete statistics of an increase or decrease in your website traffic. It covers not only the organic traffic approaching your website but also the paid one too.

You'll also improve your keyword ranking, which is directly proportional to the website's performance.

Analysis and Strategies

There are gazillions of blogs and articles related to a certain topic, spread across the whole internet. You need to make sure that yours have something that others lack to move forward in the competition.

Semrush helps you analyze what your competitors are up to, what techniques they are using, what keywords are selling like hotcakes, and then plan your strategy according to it and make all the useful key points the part of your SEO plan.

Better Advertising Opportunities

Making money online and running your business or website successfully depends greatly on displaying different ads on your blogs.

It is a natural way to draw traffic to your website. Semrush tool allows you the chance to deal with the best advertising companies like Google AdWords.

If you want to become a successful marketer, the Semrush platform allows you to reach out to the successful advertisement hosts that will help in the up-gradation of your website.

It helps in identifying the pay-per-click ads based on the keywords generated by the SEO tools.

Backlinks Analysis

Backlinks are the links you obtain from authority sites, and they are the single most important feature of the online presence of a business. The primary goal of any content marketing strategy is to ultimately get more inbound links to the content they are creating and publishing.

Links are the currency in the world of the internet. As a content marketer, you must have a link-building strategy set to get the best results.

Semrush tells you information regarding the backlinks of your competitor websites, where they are getting them from, and their number. By checking backlinks, you will have many of your problems sorted out.

Engage Your Traffic with Quality Content

Let's say you have got the traffic you were waiting and working for. Now, the next goal is to keep that traffic. If you don't work for this one, people might get tired of your website content and refuse to stay engaged in your web content and leave your website.

That sounds bad. So you must manage to stay away from this issue; you have to keep the audience happy, satisfied and engaged.

Semrush allows you to choose to track certain locations, monitor keyword positions, connect to Google Analytics, and many more to keep your existing traffic available.

It offers all the tools you need to engage your existing traffic while attracting new traffic to your page by continuously providing quality content to visitors.

The tool allows you to add 20 top keywords that can be tracked from a text file or from the information you retrieve from Google Analytics or Google Search Console, and these keywords will be your savior.

Semrush Review: Key Features

Semrush offers a great combination of tools. You no longer have to jump from one platform to another to get different services. Semrush platform provides you the best chance than any other tool to create the perfect website you have always wanted for yourself.

The salient features offered by Semrush are:

  • Domain Analysis
  • Keyword Research features
  • Rank Tracking
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Link Building tools
  • Site Audit

Breakdown of Key Features:

Semrush provides users with many key features. Using these features could be the best decision for your marketing campaign. But to have a grip on all the features, you need to understand them better. This Semrush review on features can help you decide the fate of your website.

Domain Analysis

The best way to start an SEO campaign is to analyze your current results and then set goals for the future progress of your website. The domain analysis tool helps you judge your website's performance and ranking based on the SEO results. It is an overview of the quality of your content from the SEO eye.

Domain analysis can be performed in two ways. You can either analyze your website for the check of SEO improvements needed, or you can also run an analysis on your competitors' website by inserting their URL in the tool and checking their performance and the loopholes you have to overcome to go ahead of your competitors.

It also helps in checking the backlinks or external links since they are an important tool for boosting up the performance of your website.

Checking the URL is very simple; you just have to paste the URL of the desired website in the empty domain bar, and it will provide you results with series of metrics. These metrics include

  • Monthly visitors of the website
  • Important keywords for website
  • Number of backlinks or external links
  • Statistics of advertising
  • Competing websites
  • High-performance keywords
  • Anchor texts for links
  • Authority score

The authority score is the center of the domain overview section. It measures a website's organic search data, backlink data, and website traffic data to deliver a score, and much more.

The higher the score, the better is the performance of the website. No doubt, this tool helps in the progress of your website, but the figures shown in the results are not always 100% correct. There could be an up or down. It is an estimate of stats to track the metrics for your business management.

Keyword Research

Semrush has a wide range of features, but the keyword optimization feature leaves everything behind. The keyword optimization tool has four parts

  • Keyword Overview
  • Keyword Magic
  • Organic Traffic Insights
  • Keyword Manager

The tool tells you that how many people are looking up using a certain keyword, which keyword is the most in use, how to rank for a certain keyword, which websites are ranking for which keywords, and it also suggests the replacement of root words you can use them as secondary keywords in your content.

Users of Semrush can conduct keyword research to know about the most popular keywords. You can type a word and get all the information regarding searches done with that keyword and the number of results appearing on a certain search.

You'll be able to get a hold of keywords used by the competitor websites that you are missing, and you can also start using them. Most people prefer long-tailed keywords since they attract more traffic.

The keyword difficulty levels can also be analyzed using the keyword optimization tool. These levels are shown in the form of percentages.

  • Below 60%: low difficulty
  • 60%-80%: medium difficulty
  • Over 80%: high difficulty

The areas requiring special attention are keyword difficulty, search volume, and trend graph.

Semrush's Keyword Magic tool is amazing, as you can use advanced filtering options to narrow down the list of keywords for your next campaign that is going to be a success.

Rank Tracking

The performance of your website is monitored by a tool called rank or position tracking. It helps you track the ranking of your website in terms of the keyword.

You simply go to the rank tracking section, the domain name and keywords you want to search are entered, and the report is generated.

You can also track the position of the competitor websites. It allows you to compare how your site is performing for chosen keywords against those of your competitors. You can get over the faults your website is facing.

Once you have started using the position tracking feature, the tool will continue sending you emails regarding your website's progress along with the suggestion to attain a better ranking in your business niche.

Backlink Analysis

A good link-building strategy is an important requirement for a content marketer. The Semrush platform provides powerful tools for the analysis and audit of backlinks.

Backlinks are external links that are a key point for upgrading your website's traffic. All you have to do is enter the website's URL, and you will be directed towards the links for link building of your website.

Semrush owns the biggest database of backlinks. You can get a complete analysis report of the links used by websites either they lose or gain using those links.

The backlink section can also be used to view the

  • Top-level domains
  • Anchor texts for links
  • IP addresses for backlinks

Site Audit

Different issues can affect the ranking of your website in search results. Slow-loading content, Duplicate content, SSL problems, Crawl errors, Missing headers, and Overuse of keywords.

When you conduct a site audit, Semrush provides you with the details of areas needing attention, all the problems occurring in your marketing, and how to solve these issues. It tells you the problems, their solutions, and why you should improve in these areas. Isn't this amazing?

The site audit can recommend solutions regarding the following issues

  • Best keywords to add
  • How to make your website appear as a 'featured snippet.'
  • Improving your website's body copy and meta descriptions
  • Which websites are best for backlinks
  • Length of the content

Semrush Pricing and Plan

Semrush Pricing

Software like Semrush that offers a variety of featured tools for your business assistance is quite expensive compared to other website services. But when you take a look at the detailed description of features, you will understand the charges.

Semrush offers three plans

  • Pro: $119.95/month
    Annual billing ($99.95/month)
  • Guru: $229.95/month
    Annual billing ($191.62/month)
  • Business: $449.95/month
    Annual billing ($374.95/month)

Semrush's prices are broadly comparable to the fees charged by key competitors Moz, Ahrefs, and Majestic. The difference in plans is based on the

  • Number of keywords
  • Number of reports
  • Content marketing access
  • Historical data access

Semrush Free Trial

Initially, the Semrush free trial lasted about 7 days, the standard duration, but the company has increased the number of free trial days for users' convenience. Many features cannot be availed in the free version, so you have to buy the plans. The more fees you are willing to pay, the more features you will be able to enjoy.

You have to enter your credit card credentials to enjoy the free trial of Semrush and get a Semrush login. You can cancel the contract before the free trial ends if you are not satisfied with the Semrush, so you won't have to pay any charges.

The free trial offered by Semrush is the great option to check if it can help you to take your content marketing to the next level and boost your website ranking. Sign up for the free trial with the link given below.

Customer Support

There are three ways to contact Semrush customer services via email, phone, or live chat. Initially, users who are using Semrush for the first time might find difficulty in using the some features. After a user join its premium plan, they're ably supported by the customer support service. 

Even the competitors don't offer multiple range of channels to contact the service. Semrush try their best to facilitate you with immediate help. The phone numbers and email addresses are also listed on the website.

Wrapping Up

I hope this Semrush review has help you to know more about Semrush and how it can up your game in search engine rankings and drive more visitors to your site.

Get started with Semrush if you want to easily monitor and mange ranking of your keywords, identify issues with your site, spy on your competitors to find keywords, backlink opportunities & ppc campaigns, and much more.

It has already helped millions of website around the globe and can help you also if you're struggling to get traffic from search engine like Google. Get started with Semrush today with a free trial.

Sign up for the free trial with the link given below.

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