Best ePub Reader for Android, Mac & Windows in 2023

Best ePub Reader

One of the most popular eBook format is EPUB. It uses the “.epub” extension. It is the short term for electronic publication but most often used as ePub. We’re going to use ePub through out the content in this article.ePub format are supported by many e-readers. However, there are different … Read more

How to Create an eBook in Canva for Free

How to Create an eBook in Canva

In this tutorial, I am going to show how to create an eBook in Canva for free.Canva is an very popular online design and publishing tool that lets you create resume, infographics, Instagram post, Facebook post, YouTube thumbnails, blog banners, brochure and more.And of course, not to forget, eBooks.You may … Read more