WebinarJam Review 2024 – Get 14 Day WebinarJam Trial for $1

| | March 30, 2024

Are you searching for a webinar software that has the capability to launch Live Chat with the options of Automated Recordings, Flexible Scheduling, Page Builder, Email System and many more?

If your answer is Yes, then you need WebinarJam.

Before I tell you more about this wonder software, I quickly want to tell you that currently WebinarJam Trial for 14 days is on offer for only $1.

At only $1, you get access to test the full version of WebinarJam with all its features and benefits for full 14 days.

Claim the 14 days trial today as the offer is for a limited time.

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How To Join WebinarJam Trial?

To activate the trial, go to WebinarJam home page. On the home page, select Plans & Pricing to see all the plans of WebinarJam.

On the WebinarJam Pricing page you will see all the plans offered by WebinarJam.

Now you will get a popup as shown in the image below asking you to opt for 14-day trial for only $1.

WebinarJam Free Trial

WebinarJam Free Trial

Selet, YES, Try WebinarJam for $1 from the popup and all the WebinarJam plans would include the 14-day trial for $1.

WebinarJam Free Trial Plans

Choose Start My Trial and you would be taken to the Cart. See the image below.

WebinarJam Free Trial Cart

Click Continue and enter your billing details and make payment. Now your WebinarJam trial for 14-days is activated.

If you are not sure whether to activate the WebinarJam trial or want to know more about this webinar software, read on the WebinarJam review below.

Get WebinarJam trial for only $1.

What Is A Webinar?

Before I tell you more about WebinarJam in this review, let me tell you what is a webinar software and why it is important to use webinars to grow your business.

A webinar software allows you to create and deliver high-quality visual content to explain your business model and offers that can have a positive impact on your audience.

It allows you to held live interaction with your audiences. It provides wonderful opportunity to engage your audience engaged for hours. It also has the ability to allow your audience to ask questions to you.

You can clear any doubt or query your audience might have and you can provide them a solution in real-time.

At the concluding part of a live webinar you can get your audience to take action and you might have some conversions also before the webinar ends.

This explains why webinars are regarded as one of the highest converting forms of marketing in a business.

WebinarJam is one such software that has the potential to grow your business teremendously.

Let's check out more about this wonderful software in the next section.

What Is WebinarJam?

WebinarJam is one of the best webinar hosting platforms. Currently over 50,000 people across 40 different industries are using it.

Live interaction with your attendants is crucial to keep your webinar events engaging and alive and most importantly even gain some clients right before a live webinar ends.

WebinarJam empowers you with the following options: live chat, question and answer session, private comments, moderation capabilities, highlighted comments, sticky announcements, etc.

In short, you’ll have everything you need to keep your attendees fully engaged all the way through.

Let's see some of its exciting features:

  • Real-time chat with your audience
  • Password-protected webinar rooms
  • Launch right-now webinar, a scheduled webinar, or a recurring series
  • Highly customizable registration templates
  • Notify your registrants via email and SMS text
  • Create visually-captivating live offer displays
  • Create engaging polls and surveys
  • Share files with your attendees during live webinar
  • Drawing board to enhance your presentations
  • Run pre-recorded video on autopilot
  • Create paid webinar

WebinarJam Review

Out of all the webinar platforms available in the market, WebinarJam is right there among the best.

Let's see all of its features in detail below.

1. Talk To Thousands At A Time

One of the main reason why webinars are considered the best way to grow your business is the ability to have a conversation with hundreds or even thousands of people at a time.

WebinarJam uses cloud-based broadcasting technology that allows you to connect with up to 5000 people in one presentation.

You can either host the presentation solo or with a group of experts (maximum 6 experts) to collaborate on the presentation and share their knowledge on screen.

2. Automation Is At Its Best At WebinarJam

Allowing people to register for webinar, sending them confirmation messages and following up emails and SMSs till the webinar starts, are all done on automation in WebinarJam.

WebinarJam also offers one-click registration to simplify registration process to bring in more prospective customers to register for your webinar.

You just need to send your customers an email with your special invitation link via your autoresponder (such as Aweber, GetResponse and others) or any CRM software of your choice.

By simply clicking on the registration link, WebinarJam will automatically extract all the necessary information about your customers and register them for the webinar straightaway.

3. Schedule Webinar At Your Comfort

One of the excellent feature of WebinarJam is the ability to schedule your webinars exactly when you need them to run.

You have the ability to broadcast your webinar immediately, or schedule a session in a near future, or run multiple webinar sessions scheduled over many days, weeks or even months.

You can also keep a dedicated "always-on" room for recurrent on-demand use so that you can log in at any time and go live within seconds.

4. Present Right Offer At The Right Moment

In a live webinar, when you think that the this is right moment to place an offer, WebinarJam allows you to display Active Offer to your audiences with an instant signup button.

You can even infuse a sense of urgency or scarcity, or limit the number of copies available or activate an expiration countdown. This will help in boosting your sales and revenue significantly.

5. Comprehensive Data Analytics

A comprehensive and robust data analytics tool is all you need to track a range of metrics such as total registration made, number of people attending the webinar, number of people staying till the end of webinar, replay watched and many more.

You also get to know the financial metrics such as dollar-per-registrant and dollar-per-attendee.

Thus, WebinarJam offers a comprehensive and most advanced data analytics toolkit you’ll get in a webinar platform.

6. Make Your Webinar Session Free or Paid

Most webinars session are conducted for free but that depends on the type of products you are going to sell to your customers.

If you are someone who provides online consultation to your customers then you might want to charge your customers a fee to attend your live webinar.

WebinarJam has made this super simple to achieve. You just need to add any payment gateway of your choice such as credit card or PayPal.

To join your webinar for consultation your customers will have to submit the payment in order to complete their registration process.

WebinarJam Pricing

WebinarJam Pricing

WebinarJam comes with three plans - Basic, Professional and Enterprise.

Basic Plan Price and Features

  • Basic Plan is best suited for beginners
  • It costs $499 per year, when billed annually
  • It has the ability to hold unlimited webinars
  • 2 presenters per webinar
  • Up to 2000 attendees can join the webinar at a time
  • Webinars can be held for a maximum of 3 hours

Professional Plan Price and Features

  • It is best for professionals who host webinars regularly
  • It costs $699 per year, when billed annually
  • It has the ability to hold unlimited webinars
  • 4 presenters per webinar
  • Up to 500 attendees can join the webinar at a time
  • Webinars can be held for a maximum of 2 hours
  • Always-on live room, best for conducting recurring live sessions
  • Panic button, if some technical mishaps happens, simply click this button. The system will immediately boot up a brand new live room

Enterprise Plan Price and Features

  • Perfect for businesses that rely heavily on webinars for marketing
  • It costs $999 per year, when billed annually
  • It also has the ability to hold unlimited webinars
  • 6 presenters per webinar
  • Up to 5000 attendees can join the webinar at a time
  • Webinars can be held for a maximum of 4 hours
  • Always-on live room and Panic button
  • Add your staff to moderate and manage the event

As mentioned earlier in the beginning of this article, you can try any of these three plans for only $1.

For $1, you get full access to all the features of these three plans for 14 days.

Try WebinarJam trial for only $1.


WebinarJam software is loaded with excellent features such as holding live question answer session with your customers, resolve their queries in real-time, presenting active offers with the ability to sign up in real-time and other interaction features has the ability to increase your sales and generate revenue for your businesses.

It has got considerable number of positive reviews that are a testament to the excellence of WebinarJam.

If you are just starting out to organize a webinar and are nervous to begin, WebinarJam has covered you up with its step-by-step video tutorials. These easy to follow tutorials are enough for you to host a successful webinar even if you are a beginner.

You can try all the premium features at just $1 for 14 days if you subscribe to WebinarJam trial.

Thus, use the premium features for 14-days and it will be enough for you to determine whether it’s right for your business or not.

Get WebinarJam trial for only $1.

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