SurveySparrow Review 2024: Best Online Survey Tool

| | March 21, 2024
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The customer is the king! But many a time, brands take this too seriously, forget to reach out to their customers and Ask the Right Question!

Gaining valuable information from your customers can be tacky, but not impossible and this is why I would like to introduce you to SurveySparrow, one of the best online survey tools of 2021.

From services offered by the platform to its pros and cons, you have it all here, so that ultimately you can decide if the tool is worth your time and efforts.

Let's get started with the SurveySparrow Review.

About SurveySparrow


Founded in the October of 2017, SurveySparrow is an end-to-end omnichannel experience management platform that lets you convert bland surveys to engaging conversations that yield a whopping 40% engagement rates.

This multi-UI platform offers both chat-like surveys and conversational-style surveys, thus ensuring surveys aren’t a dull affair.

Prime Services Offered by SurveySparrow

1. 360-degree feedback assessments

Unquestionably, SurveySparrow is a prominent name that comes to the mind of most HRs when it comes to 360-degree assessments.

The boring, bland and dreary employee assessment surveys can be made fun, engaging, and fruitful with Survey Sparrow’s 360-degree assessment tool.

The platform promises a highly engaging and personalized survey experience, thereby allowing HRs to capture the valuable responses that actually make sense.

The surveys can be automated and therefore, conducted at regular time intervals without much hassle.

Further, the platform lets you know the channels that yield you better response rates.

2. NPS Software

SurveySparrow’s NPS Software comes with a myriad of features and is highly recommended by its users for its quite intuitive and engaging survey experience.

The conversational style interface gives your customer the feeling that you are directly interacting with them.

These gripping surveys, therefore help you capture more responses. Higher the response rates, the better insights you gain.

Additionally, the report savvy dashboard provides insightful reports which unravel the story behind all these responses your survey collected, and that too within no-time.

The moment your customers hit the submit button, the responses are captured, and you can see live analysis of the responses even when the responses are pouring in.

3. Offline Surveys

SurveySparrow’s offline surveys are easy to set-up and easy to collect the required data. Once you create and share the survey, and set-up their mobile app, the responses start pouring in.

The data collected will be synced automatically onto your database once you are under the range of stable wi-fi.

Further, you can lock the surveys in kiosk mode to jump-start your data collection.

4. Chatbots for website

SurveySparrow’s no-code Chatbot for a website is a life savior and can be created within minutes without any programming needs.

Place the chatbot wherever you want it on your website and set the required trigger conditions.

As SurveySparrow specializes in conversational style surveys, their chatbots are no different.

This interactive, virtual assistant will provide all the supports your customers need while collecting all the valuable information you need.

Top Features Offered by SurveySparrow

Here are some of the features of SurveySparrow that caught my attention and what makes the tool worth your money and time.

1. Recurring Surveys

Scheduling surveys has never been this easy with SurveySparrow. Automate the surveys once and for all, sit back and collect the responses when they start to pour in.

You can set whatever frequency you wish to, be it be daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly.

Further, you can remind your non-responders to take the survey and partial-responders to pick it up from where they left it off.

2. White label the surveys

White label your surveys to make them truly represent your brand tone.

You can host and share the survey from your brand’s domain, create custom CSS to theme your surveys as per your brand’s identity, and customize the email surveys with your brand logo, fonts, etc.

These options let you promote your brand, and thereby churn in higher response rates.

3. Embedded surveys

Blend the required surveys seamlessly onto the desired web pages with SurveySparrow.

As there are no redirections for the embed surveys, your customers won’t be pissed and you can set pop-up cards that auto-trigger the surveys and display one question at a time.

Completely customize the position of this widget, and decide when to trigger the pop-up card.

Embedding the survey is quite easy as well. As there are no codes involved, you can set it up within minutes.

Just copy and paste the auto-generated code snippet onto the desired web pages.

4. Mobile-first surveys

SurveySparrow’s mobile-first surveys let you collect feedback on the move and yield better response rates.

The surveys are also multi-device compatible, thereby making them perfect for remote data collection.

5. Gain rich insights

Let’s face it. Survey data analysis is tricky and dreary. But with SurveySparrow’s report savvy dashboard, you can effortlessly gain rich insights into the data collected within minutes.

The responses are captured the moment the respondents hit the submit button and you can see the patterns and trends obtained from the data at hand.

Further, you can analyze the surveys at the question level and also identify the channel that fetched you better response rates.

The advanced report filters help you sort out the responses based on a variety of factors and assist you in juice-out the patterns, as much as possible.

Also, if the survey completion time extends over a long period, you can schedule the survey reports that reach your inbox.

SurveySparrow: Pros and Cons


  • Let’s you craft beautiful surveys
  • Promises 40% engagement rates
  • Provides quick responses to the queries, issues, and concerns
  • Constantly evolving software
  • Dual embedding options – inline or chat widget
  • Mobile-first responsive surveys
  • Quickly gain insights into the responses captured
  • Total data privacy ensured
  • Offers affordable services


  • Chat-like surveys don’t support multiple lines
  • A bit more customizations would be great
  • Not possible to change the branding of each survey
  • Comparatively new in the field

Wrapping Up

Online survey tools are essential for a business to grow. To know and understand what your customer needs and wants, to help your business get a head start against your customers.

SurveySparrow is a tool in which you can place your trust. It's highly engaging, has a beautiful, interactive UI, and affordable as well.

As the tool is continuously evolving, you can expect new features and services that make the tool even more worthwhile.

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