Grammarly Review (2024): Write Error Free English

| | March 21, 2024

Are you looking for an online tool that can help you in writing better English free from grammatical and spelling errors?

Meet Grammarly.

Though there are many Grammarly alternatives like ProWritingAid, Ginger and others, I personally feel that Grammarly tool gives you the best features to write error free content.

Grammarly Review

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Grammarly Review

In this article, I am going to review Grammarly in which you will learn how this tool can help you to become a better writer and a better communicator.

Grammarly offers an intuitive and real-time interface that works instantly whenever you use one of the following options to type - a browser extension, a web-based editor, a Microsoft Office add-in, a desktop interface, and mobile keyboards.

So whatever writing interface you are using you will find that Grammarly works equally well with all of these.

Grammarly is used by 2000 plus institutions around the world and has 20,000,000+ daily active users.

Let's check out is Grammarly the most accurate grammar checker? Is it worth paying for?

Everything is revealed inside this Grammarly Review.

Let's get started.

1. What Are The Features of Grammarly?

As a blogger who writes prominently in English language I was looking for a tool that can help me instantly in correcting any errors in grammar, spelling or punctuation when I would be writing any articles.

This search led me to Grammarly.

Grammarly is actually an AI-powered writing tool that helps you to correct following types of errors.

  • Spell Check
  • Grammar & Punctuation Check
  • Recommend Better Words
  • Plagiarism Check
  • Tone Detector

Spell Check

Grammarly is a strong spell checker tool. It can identify all the spelling errors in a paragraph and suggest the correct spelling too.

Grammarly Spelling Correction

Grammar & Punctuation Check

Worrying about grammatical error in your writing. Grammarly had got you covered in this segment also.

It allows you to check and correct all the grammatical errors instantly. The real-time suggestions and guidelines provided by Grammarly is all you need to remain assured of error free content.

What's more, it also find punctuation errors as soon as you make such error. Just move your mouse over the highlighted error or click on it and it will provide you suggestion to correct it.

Grammarly Grammar Checker

Recommend Better Words

Wouldn't it be great if there is someone who could suggest you words better than that you have included in your content.

Grammarly excels here too.

As soon as Grammarly finds that there are better words than that you had written, it highlights it. Just click on the highlighted word and it will recommend you all the better words.

Just select the recommended word and it will replace the highlighted word. That's it.

Grammarly better words suggestion

Plagiarism Check

You can use Grammarly to detects plagiarism also. It is especially an important tools for bloggers and content writers. It allows them to check whether they have inadvertently copied content from other sources. It does so by comparing your content to billions of web pages across the web.

Tone Detector

Communication works best when it is written in the right tone. Before you hit the Send button you might want to check the tone of your message to assure yourself that your reader will react the way you want to.

With Grammarly tool you can check that too.

Grammarly Tone Checker

2. Who Can Use Grammarly?

Grammarly works best for those who are not native English speakers. Though native English speakers can also find this very handy.

Grammarly is quite popular among people belonging to the following category:

  • Students
  • Bloggers
  • Freelance content writers
  • Authors
  • Business professionals

3. How Grammarly Works?

Grammarly is free to join. Whey you join Grammarly you are welcomed to its Dashboard which looks like this.

Grammarly Dashboard

Here you can either upload your document to check for errors or you can select New to start writing right in the Grammarly interface.

When the latter option is selected, you are asked to set your goals - Audience, Formality, Domain, Tone and Intent. Once it is selected you can start writing your content. 

Grammarly - set Goals

As you finish writing some sentences Grammarly with its AI-powered tool starts finding errors in the sentences.

It underlines a word or sentences if an error is found.

Grammarly also helps you to improve your knowledge of English language grammar rules. By constantly working with Grammarly you learn what are the common mistakes that you make quite often and in the longer run you stop making those mistakes.

4. How To Use Grammarly?

Grammarly supports different types of devices and application.

Whether you prefer to work on Desktop or mobile devices, or you work profile requires you to write lots of email everyday, or you are a blogger who writes lots of blog content on page editor, Grammarly has got you covered.

Let's check out all the options available to use Grammarly below.

  • Grammarly Dashboard: Just log in to Grammarly and start writing your content right under its Dashboard.
  • Google Chrome Extension: Add Grammarly extension to Google Chrome.
  • Grammarly Desktop App for Windows and Mac
  • Grammarly App for both Android and iOS
  • Grammarly Microsoft Office Add-in

Just use the option which fits you best.

You can also write your content in any application and after you are done, you can just copy it and paste it in Grammarly Dashboard and check for all the errors.

And once you are done, you can copy the error free content from Grammarly Dashboard and use it.

If you prefer writing in Microsoft Word, you can install Microsoft Office Add-in and continue enjoying the wonderful features of Grammarly right under MS Word.

If you use application like Gmail or Yahoo (or any other email tools) to send regular mails or social media websites like Facebook or Twitter to post regular updates, you can use Grammarly chrome extension which works wonderfully well to check short pieces of writing for errors.

How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

Grammarly offers three individual plans.

  1. Monthly Plan: $29.95 per month
  2. Quarterly Plan: $19.98 per month
  3. Yearly Plan: $11.66 per month

Monthly plan is costly as compared to the Yearly plan. If you subscribe to Yearly plan it would save you a good $219.48 per year over the Monthly plan.

Before subscribing to any paid plans you could always try Grammarly for free in case you want to test it out first.


In this Grammarly review, I have tried to explain all the features and benefits of Grammarly.

In a nutshell, I can say that Grammarly is an excellent tool that can help you find and fix errors like spelling, grammar or punctuation in your writing fast and it’s easy to use too.

By correcting errors using Grammarly you also learn how to avoid the common mistakes in English writing.

It easily integrates with different other tools you use for your writing.

Sign up Grammarly for free and start using this wonderful tool.

I hope you like this review on Grammarly. If you also use Grammarly please share your experiences in the comment.

Also if you use any other alternatives that you think is better than Grammarly please comment it below.

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