How to Use Star Wars Font in Google Docs [A 2024 Guide]

| | April 17, 2024

Adding a Star Wars font to your Google Docs can be a fun way to engage your readers or to add a creative touch to your documents. 

While Google Docs offers a variety of fonts, the Star Wars font is not included in the default font library. 

However, with a few simple steps, you can easily add the iconic Star Wars font to your Google Document.

In this tutorial, you'll learn step-by-step how to use Star Wars font in Google Docs.

Let's get started.

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Star Wars Font in Google Docs

Using Star Wars Font in Google Docs

As mentioned earlier, the Google Docs font library doesn't contain the Star Wars fonts.

So, to use this font, you would need to use the third-party websites to generate this font style and add it to your Google document.

In this tutorial, we're going to use the text generator by to generate graphics whose font will be almost similar to that of Star Wars font.

And the font that we will be using on this tool to generate our text is Star Jedi.

What is Star Jedi font? It is a science fiction-inspired typeface designed to evoke the Star Wars universe. It's not an official font used in the Star Wars movies, but rather a creative interpretation designed by Boba Fonts.

So, if you're looking for a font to give your Google Docs document a Star Wars vibe, Star Jedi could be a good option.

Let's see step-by-step how to generate text whose font style exactly matched that of the Star Wars font using the text generator and the Star Jedi font.

Step 1: Go to Text Generator

First, you need to visit this link -, to load the text generator that will help us convert your text into a graphics with Star Wars font.

Below is a screenshot of the text graphic generator we were talking about.

Star Wars Font Generator

Now, you need to enter your text and select appropriate settings as shown below.

  • Enter your text in the given text box.
  • No need to select a font, as Starjedi font is already selected by default.
  • Set font size as per your need.
  • Select effect for your text. I would recommend you to choose None as we don't any effect.
  • Select a color for your text graphics. I will choose black for this tutorial.

After entering your text and choosing settings like font size, text effect, and text color, click on the red Generate button to generate your text graphics in Star Wars font style.

Below you can see that I have successfully generated my text in a font similar to Star Wars.

Star Wars Font Generated

In the next step, we will copy the image generated and paste it to our Google document.

Step 2: Adding Star Wars Font in Google Docs

Now, right-click on the image generated and select Copy image to copy it the clipboard. Alternatively, you can also download the image to your computer by selecting the option - Save image as.

Copy Star Wars Font Graphics

Now, open a new Google Docs document by visiting this link - and select Blank document as shown below.

Open Blank Document in Google Docs

Now, place the cursor inside your document where you would like to paste the Star Wars font graphics we just generated, and press the shortcut Ctrl+V on Windows or Cmd+V on Mac.

The generated graphics will be added to your document as shown below.

Star Wars Font in Google Document

Now, you can edit this image just like you edit any other images. You can resize it, and position it anywhere inside your document.

However, to move the image, you need to select your image and select Wrap Text as shown below.

Wrap Text Image

That's it, this is how you can apply Star Wars font style in your Google Documents.

Other Star Wars font generator available online are:


Wrapping Up

By following the simple steps covered in this tutorial, you can now easily add the iconic Star Wars font to your Google document. It will give your documents a unique and memorable look.

I hope you found this tutorial on adding Star Wars font in Google Docs, helpful. If you've liked it, please consider sharing it with your friends on social media.

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