Free Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog Posts in 2021

| | September 22, 2021

In this article, I will tell you about free blog directories where you can submit your blog posts. 

Now you may ask why should we submit a blog to free blog submission directories in the first place. 

The answer is, if you have a new blog then it is very difficult to rank high in Google Search results in absence of backlinks. And if you don't rank high you won't get any organic traffic.

Let's see some reasons why should you submit your blog in blog submission directories.

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Why Should You Submit Your Blog in Free Blog Directories?

When you submit your blog in free blog submission websites or directories you get the following benefits:

  • You get some free backlinks for your blog. (Backlinks are still one of the main factor for ranking your blog HIGH in Google search)
  • Your blog gets exposure to new audience.
  • Backlinks increases your ranking in Google Search results page.
  • Increase of ranking in Google Search results in increase in your blog traffic.

Before submitting your blog to any directory, take time to verify its Domain Authority (DA). 

If you submit your blog to any low profile directory having low DA and create backlinks, Google may penalize your blog for low quality backlinks which means your blog will move down in search results instead of moving up.

Also see: How to Submit your Blog to Google

One more reason is that creating a high quality backlink is tough especially for a new blog. Submitting your blog to these directories is very easy and blog submission doesn't require any specific requirement.

Hope you now understand how important it is to submit your blog in blog submission directories.

Let's see what are these directories and how to submit your blog to these directories. Also keep ready some basic information about your blog as shown in the image given below.

blog directory submission details

Blog directory submission details


Most of these blog directories require you to submit same kind of information (see the above image) so it would be easier and faster to submit if you keep the following information ready in a tool like Notepad or Notepad++.

  • Title of your blog or blog post
  • URL of your blog or blog post
  • Description
  • META Description
  • Your Name and Email
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List of High DA Blog Directories Submission Site

Below I have listed some of the high DA blog submission sites where you can submit your blog or blog post to create backlinks. 

These are free blog directories where you are not required to pay anything. You need to pay only when you want to create backlink instantly.

Otherwise if you can wait one or two month then you need not pay anything to these free blog directories.

I would advise you to go for free options.

The best strategy would be submit your blog in only two or three directories in a day.

So, by the end of two months your created backlinks would start providing link juice for your blog or websites giving your site nice little boost in ranking.

Another benefit is that the backlinks would look natural to search engines.

Blog Submission Directories/Websites

* Domain Authority (DA)























So now you have the list of some high DA blog submission directories. If you have not yet submitted your blogs in these directories, start adding your blog today.

These are some awesome blog submission directories to create backlinks.

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90+ Free Blog Directories Submission Site

Please also check out the following 90 blog directories where you can submit your website.

Before submitting your blog in these blog directories please check the Domain Authority (DA) of each of the blog directories to avoid penalty from Google.

Use Semrush or Moz DA checker to find the domain authority of these directories.

Here is the list.

Must Read: Blog FAQs

As mentioned earlier, don't submit your blog in these directories in one go. As it will look spam.

Submit your blog in only two or three directory in a day. This way search engine will view your backlinks from these blog directories as natural.

Also, don't expect to see result soon as hundreds if not thousands of blogs visit these directories and submit their blogs every day.

Due to such huge volume of blog submission, these directories take some time to approve your blog.

Some may even take 1 or 2 months for approval. So be patient and till then continue writing some awesome blog content.

Wrapping Up

So, now you have the list of blog directories where you can submit your website to create easy backlinks.

You also get the idea why you should add your blog or blog post link to the high DA blog submission directories.

Submitting your newly created blog or website to blog directory submission sites should always be among your backlinks creation strategy.

There are various ways by which you can increase your blog exposure and also improve traffic, submitting your blog in these directories is also among them.

If you are also using this strategy of creating backlinks by submitting your blog in free blog directories, high DA of-course, please share your experience by commenting below.

If you also have any list of these free blog submission websites please share it below.

Hope you liked this article. If you have any questions or suggestion please comment below.

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