How to Delete Unused WordPress Themes Installed on Your Blog?

| | March 21, 2024

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In this article we will learn why and how to delete unused WordPress themes installed on your blog.

As a new blogger we try all different things to customize the look and feel of our blog.

Many new bloggers install many themes in their blog to see how it performs in terms of appearance and functionality.

Even when I started my blog, I began with quite few a themes. In fact, I tried 6 themes in addition to basic WordPress theme, but eventually got settled with GeneratePress theme.

Why I selected GeneratePress? Because it is very lightweight, customizable and does not use much of your resources. Many top bloggers has also recommended GeneratePress as their preferred WordPress theme.

If you have also tried many themes and are not happy with your current theme, I would advise you to go with either GeneratePress or Astra Pro WordPress theme.

Let's see how we can find the list of all the unused themes in our blog.

Just head over to WordPress Dashboard and go to Appearance >> Themes. See the image given below.

One thing I want to mention here is that WordPress powers almost 75 million websites and is, by far, the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS).

It is free to install, deploy, and upgrade.

If you are any other platform for blogging it would advisable to move over to WordPress.

You may ask why? Because it is very flexible and has simple interface which a novice blogger can also use with ease.

WordPress also supports thousands of plugins and free themes which reduces development costs and deployment time.

Now let's move down to our topic - why and how to delete unused themes.

As WordPress is much simple to use and has loads of customization feature new bloggers get excited and try too many different plugins and themes.

Let's learn why you should delete unused themes that has already been installed in your blog.

Why You Should Delete Unused WordPress Themes Installed on Your Blog?

You may already know that using too many plugins may slow down your blog which negatively affects your blog ranking. So, it is suggested to use no more than 5 -8 plugins in your blog and removed those which are slowing down your blog.

In a similar way, having unused themes in your blog may also slow down the loading speed of your blog. Moreover, unused themes take disk space and increase the size of your backup file.

Google doesn't like a slow website. A slow websites tends to lag behind their competitors in Google Search rankings. So, you will do yourself a favor by removing the unused themes in your blog.

Let's see how we can delete any unused WordPress themes in the next section.

How To Delete Unused WordPress Themes Installed on Your Blog

As a good idea I would suggest you that before deleting any unused themes please check your website loading speed in different speed testing tools. Below are some of the most popular website speed testing tools where you can check your website loading speed. Check them out now.

Okay I hope you have checked your website speed in these tools. Results may vary among them due to different factors such as server location and due to their unique and different system to check website speed.

Here, you can take the average of all the tools to get an idea of your blog loading speed. After deleting the unused themes you can again check your blog's speed after few days to compare whether you have been able to reduce your blog's loading time.

Now, let see how we can delete the unused themes from WordPress Dashboard.

1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.

2. Go to Appearances >> Themes.

3. On selecting Themes it will show up all the themes you have installed on your blog. Find the unused theme that you want to remove.

4. To remove the unused theme, just hover your mouse over that theme and click on Theme Details which appear at the center of the installed theme.

5. This will display information about the theme. In the bottom corner, in red, you'll find Delete. Click Delete. See the image given below.

how to remove unused themes

6. Click OK to confirm if you really want to delete the theme. Once you select OK, the theme will be permanently deleted from your WordPress site.


Before making any of the above changes please ensure to take a back up of your blog. In case something goes wrong or you make any mistake you will have the option to restore your blog.


By learning how to delete unused WordPress themes installed on your blog I hope that you have gained some insight on how it can help in optimizing your blog loading speed.

By deleting the unused themes you are not only reducing the loading speed but also saving your disk space as well as the size of your backup file.

I hope you like this article. If you have any questions or suggestions please offer your comment below.

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