How to Block Google Analytics from Tracking Your Own Visits

| | March 21, 2024

If you don't want Google to track your own visit but doesn't know how to block Google Analytics from tracking your own visits then you're at the right place.

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google Inc. that allows you to track, monitor and report traffic to your website.

When you add Google Analytics in your website, it allows you to track your website traffic and users activity such as session duration, pages per session, bounce rate, etc. along with the information on the source of the traffic.

Let's get started and learn how to block IP address in Google Analytics.

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Does Google Analytics track IP addresses?

The answer to the question whether Google Analytics track IP addresses or not is NO.

While Google does collect IP addresses but this data are not shared with the end users. So, in Google Analytics report you will not see any data related to IP addresses of users.

Does Google Analytics track my own visits?

The answer is Yes. Google Analytics counts each visits to your website, including your own, as real data.

Though Google Analytics allows you to analyze what people do after landing on a website, how long they stay, what other pages do they visit, etc. But you must ensure that your visits are not included in the metrics.

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Why Should I block Google Analytics from tracking my own visits or IP address?

Blocking Google Analytics is important for websites that has been launched recently and receive fewer traffic.

As soon as you add tracking code provided by Google Analytics in your site, it starts measuring traffic coming to your website.

But if Google Analytics is tracking your own visits to your site then your traffic data is not accurate.

For a blog that is new, you may want to accurately measure your site traffic.

It may happen so that on one particular you could see a sudden spike in traffic on your site.

It may bring smile to your face seeing some traffic grown. But on careful examination on your analytics data, you can see that Google Analytics is reporting your visit to the site also in calculating the traffic stats.

Let see how we can avoid this by following two easy methods.


How to Block Google Analytics from Tracking Your Own Visits or IP address?

There are many options to achieve this. In this post we will focus on two easy options to block your visits or IP address.

Option 1:

This is the simplest option. Add a Chrome extension - Block Yourself from Analytics.

Install it and add the name of website where you don't want Google Analytics to track your visits.

Add this extension by visiting the link given below.

Block Yourself from Analytics chrome extension.

Block Yourself from Analytics extension

Block Yourself from Analytics Chrome Extension

After installation of extension, select the icon added in the top right bar of Google Chrome. Now, select Options. See the image given below.

Now you will see the following dialog box.

Block Google Analytics

Block Google Analytics

Enter the name of the website here. See the above image. After entering the name select Add button and click on Save.

Now your IP address or your visit will not be counted towards website traffic for this website in Google Analytics report.

However, if you don't want to use any extension then there is another option to do this.

Now, let's see option 2.

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Inside Google Analytics you can easily make some changes and block your own visits by adding your IP address. If you don't know your IP address visit the following sites to find it- and

Your IP address will look like this: (example). Now that you know your IP address please note it down.

Login to Your Google Analytics Dashboard and select your website property.

Now select Admin from the left side pane. Select the account where you don't want the visits to be tracked. Now, select All Filters. Then click on ADD FILTER.

Enter any filter name, for example, I have given "Exclude Own Visits". 

Under Filter Type, by default Predefined is selected. Leave it as it is.

Under select filter type select Exclude.

Under select source or destination select traffic from the IP addresses.

Under Select expression select that are equal to.

Now enter your IP address which you don't Google Analytics to track.

Then under Apply Filter to Views select All Web Site Data and click on Add.

Now scroll down a bit and select Save.

Google Analytics Filter

Creating Google Analytics Filter

Thus, a new filter has been created which will now block Google Analytics from tracking your IP address.

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Wrapping Up

Blocking your own visits in Google Analytics will give you an accurate metrics on traffic. This is especially important for website owners who have recently launched their site and comparing Google Analytics metrics to measure their website's performance in search engines.

I hope this article has helped you learn how to block your own IP in Google Analytics.

Above I have explain why it is important to block Google Analytics on a website that is new and also provided two methods that are very easy to follow and implement.

Just follow the above mentioned steps and your visit to your site won't be ever counted as visits in Google Analytics.

I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial that can help you in blocking your own visits in Google Analytics report.

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