Best AI Video Generator Tools to Create Amazing Videos

As an avid user of AI video generator tools, I've witnessed how these tools can help you create engaging videos for your online business. 

These tools have not only streamlined my workflow but have also significantly enhanced the quality and impact of the videos I create.

In this article, we will explore some of the popular video generator tools in terms of features, benefits, pricing, ease of use, and more to help you choose the best video generator tools.

Let's get started.

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AI Video Generator

What are the Best AI Video Generator Tools?

1. Synthesia

Synthesia AI Video Generator


Synthesia is one of the best AI video generators on the market today. The platform offers 90+ digital avatars and creates videos in 120+ languages and accents.

It can create high-quality videos with AI avatars in minutes, allowing users to create professional-looking training, marketing, and how-to videos quickly.

I like that you don't need to be in front of the camera. Instead, you can use digital avatars.

You can also use Synthesia to convert your documents, PowerPoint presentations, and PDFs into engaging videos.

The interface is easy to use, and you don't need prior knowledge of video editing. You can create videos from 55+ fully customizable video templates and a built-in screen recorder & media library.

Once you have created videos on the Synthesia platform, you can share, embed, or download them as MP4 and upload them on YouTube or other online video platform.

Synthesia is a web-based app, so you don't need downloading software to create videos. The paid plans start at $22 per month, and if you want to try this platform for free, check out this link - Try Synthesia for Free.

key features

  • Offers 90+ digital avatars to create realistic looking videos.
  • You can creates videos in 125+ languages.
  • Offer 55+ customizable video templates - training, presentation, demonstration, tutorials.
  • Offers 200+ voices so that you can create videos in almost any accent.
  • Creates fully editable videos for future use.
  • It is also able to convert your blog post, PDF, article or email into high-quality videos.

pricing plans

Synthesia offers the following paid plans - Starter ($22/month) and Creator ($67/month).

Starter allows you to generate 120 minutes of AI videos per year while Creator allows you to generate 360 minutes of videos every year.

Useful features and affordable pricing make Synthesia one of the best AI video generators for all kinds of businesses. Get started with Synthesia using the link given below.

2. Pictory

Pictory AI Video Maker

overview is another popular AI video generator that helps content creators create stunning videos from existing text scripts.

You can also convert long-form content like blog posts into highly-quality videos with realistic AI voices to boost user engagement.

And if you have a very long video, such as a webinar or podcasts recording, you can easily create short branded videos to post on your social media pages.

The platform is easy to use, allowing you to easily add captions to your videos, edit them, and share them on social media or your website.

You can add colors, intros, outros, logos, and fonts to videos to match your brand.

Paid plan starts at $29 per month. The free trial plan allows you to create 3 video projects, each up to 10 mins long.

key features

  • Pictory's unique ReelFast technology converts your script into videos.
  • Automatically converts blogs to videos.
  • Offers 25 plus text to speech voices.
  • Offers royalty-free 3 million videos clips and images plus 15,000 music tracks.
  • It automatically add caption to your videos to increase engagement and watch time.
  • Creates videos in 11 popular languages.
  • Generate short summary videos from your webinars, podcasts and Zoom recordings.

pricing plans

Pictory offers three main pricing plans - Starter ($29/month for 30 videos), Professional ($59/month for 60 videos) and Teams ($149/month for 90 videos).

If you pay the yearly price, you can save 34% on the monthly price. Learn more.

Pictory offers a free trial where you can create 3 videos of 10-minute long for free. Plus, it provides a 14-day money back guarantee if you purchase the premium plan. Sign up for the free trial using the link given below.

3. Invideo

InVideo Video Creator

overview is a fantastic video creator that effortlessly enables you to produce high-quality videos within minutes.

It uses smart AI technology to change text into videos, making it simple for everyone to create exciting and interesting videos.

You can pick from a wide range of video templates (5000+) and make your videos unique by adding pictures, images, and text.

It also offers cool visuals and animations to add to your videos to make them more engaging. You can even record voiceovers or convert text to speech.

Its AI-based text-to-video editor can convert any form of text - scriptarticle, or blog into a video in minutes. It also offers a mobile app that lets users create videos on their mobiles.

After completing a video, you can publish it on YouTube and other popular video-sharing platforms. You can also upload your videos directly to your website or blog.

Invideo offers a free plan for beginners, and its paid plans start at $25 monthly.

key features

  • Offers 5000+ templates - marketing, YouTube, intro, outro, advertisement, & real estate.
  • Offers 5 million plus stock photos and videos from sites like Pexels, Pixabay and Unsplash.
  • Offers video editing tools, such as trimming, cropping, adding effects, and more.
  • You can also add captions, titles, and audio to your videos.
  • You get 50+ AI-powered themes to create videos.
  • You collaborate with other users on the same project.

pricing plans

Invideo offers a completely free plan where users can create 10 minutes of videos every week for free.

Apart from the free plan, Invideo also offers paid plan for users looking for more advanced features - Plus ($25/month) and Max ($60/month).

You can save 20% if you prepay the annual price upfront. offers a wide range of tools, features and templates that can help you create professional quality videos with ease. Your purchase of Invideo is backed by a 7-day refund guarantee. Get started with Invideo free plan using the link below.


Veed AI Video Generator

overview is another powerful and easy-to-use AI video generator tool. The platform is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing anyone to create professional-quality videos with ease. 

It also offers many video customization features. For example, users can add their branding, logo, and music to their videos. It also provides tools for editing, such as trimming the beginning, middle, or end of videos.

You can also extract certain features from video clips, such as visual appearance, optical flow, and audio.

To create videos, you can select from ready-made, fully customizable video templates. You can edit these templates to create unique videos and share it on platforms like YouTube or your website.

Free plan allows you to create videos in 720p format; however, if you subscribe to the paid plans, you can easily create videos in 1080p or 4k format.

The paid plans by start at $25 per user per month.

key features

  • You can create videos from scratch, or by using existing templates.
  • You can create promo video, video ad, intro, outro, explainer video and more.
  • Offers a library of stock audio, images and videos that you can use on your projects.
  • You can create a brand kit (brand color, fonts, images, audio and custom watermark) that can be reused across your projects.
  • You can collaborate with your team members.
  • You get comprehensive analytics, giving users an insight into video performance and engagement.

pricing plans offers a free plan for beginners with basic features. However, the videos you create are watermarked.

The free plan is for users who wants to try out the platform to see if it is the right AI video generator or not.

Veed offers the following paid plans - Basic ($25/month), Pro ($38/month) and Business ($70/month).

You can save 28% by paying the yearly price upfront. Under the yearly price, the price will reduce to the following - Basic ($18/month), Pro ($30/month) and Business ($59/month). is the ultimate platform for creating engaging, informative, and effective videos for free. Get started with the free plan using the link given below.

Lumen5 Video Maker


Lumen5 is an innovative online video creator based on AI that allows users to quickly and easily create engaging videos for social media, advertising campaigns, and more.

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can create videos with just a few clicks.

You can add media such as photos, videos, GIFs, and audio clips to your videos. You can also customize the video by adding text, animated elements, and other effects. 

Once the video is completed, you can share the video on social media or integrate it into your website.

Lumen5 also offers a powerful text-to-video feature, which converts text into a video. Not only that, you can also convert your blog posts, articles, PDFs, and whitepapers into videos.

Beginners can join its free plan to create up to 5 videos every month. The paid plan starts at $29 per month.

key features

  • Offers text to video feature convert scripts into videos.
  • Repurpose your  existing content like blog posts, PDFs, etc. into videos.
  • Provides a library of pre-designed and editable video templates.
  • Offers a library of 50 million plus royalty-free media clips, photos, and audio clips.
  • Allows users to add text to videos, GIFs and even images.
  • Offers multiple output formats - MP4, MOV, GIF, and even 360-degree videos.
  • Businesses can create videos with their own branding - colors, fonts and logo.

pricing plans

Lumen5 offers a completely free plan called Community which allows users to create unlimited videos in 720p video resolution but it will contain Lumen5 watermark.

The paid plans offered by Lumen5 are - Basic ($29/month), Starter ($79/month) and Professional ($199/month).

By paying the yearly price upfront, you can save 25% on the monthly plan.

Lumen5 is an innovative AI video creator that allows users to create quality videos from text. Get started with the free plan using the link given below.

What are AI Video Generator?

AI video generation is an exciting and fast-growing area of computer science. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to create videos automatically.

Businesses have been using this technology to create personalized videos that match user preferences.

Not only these video generators create video content from scratch but they are also able to repurpose your existing content into videos.

For example, you can convert your blog posts, PDFs, zoom meetings, podcasts, and more to videos. You can also create music videos using these AI tools.

Some of these tools also offers AI avatars that can be added to your videos to make it more engaging.

One of my favorite AI video generator is Synthesys. It offers lifelike voiceovers, multiple languages, and avatars to create videos that converts.

Get started with Synthesys using the link below.

How to Create AI Videos?

Creating AI videos with Synthesia is easier than ever. With Synthesia's powerful AI video creation tools, you can easily create stunning AI videos in minutes.

Here, we'll explore how to get started with Synthesia and create AI videos with ease.

Step 1: Choose a template

Synthesia offer more than 55 high-quality and professionally designed video templates to help you get started with your first video. To start with, you need to select any one AI video template.

Step 2: Select your AI avatar

After selecting the video template, now you need to choose a digital avatar. Synthesia offer 90+ AI avatar that will narrate your video. It also allow features to create your own avatar.

Step 3: Type in your text

If you're starting from scratch, type in your copy inside the AI tool. Or, if you already have the content, you can paste in your text. The text to video maker tool by Synthesia will automatically create a voicever for your video.

Step 4: Customize and edit

As I have already stated earlier, the AI video templates offered by Synthesia are fully customizable. So, you can easily change fonts, colors, shapes, add transitions, photos, background music or upload your own images and audio.

Step 5: Generate and share

Once you're done editing your videos, you can download, stream, embed and share videos created in Synthesia on platforms like YouTube or any other video platforms.

FAQ on AI Video Generator

Q1. Which is the best AI video generator?

Answer. Synthesia is the best AI video generator as it allows you to create training videos, how-to videos and explainer videos using its digital avatars in 120 languages and accent.

Q2. Which is the free video generator?

Answer. InVideo is the best free tool as it offers a completely free plan that allows users to create 40 minutes of videos for free.

Q3. What type of videos can be created with AI video generators?

Answer. Using AI video makers you can create explainer videos, training videos, how-to videos, product demonstrations, presentations and marketing videos.

Q4. Can I customize the videos created with video generators?

Answer. Whether you create videos created from scratch or from an existing video templates, most video generators allows you to customize every elements of a video - text, image, font, audio, video, background color and more.

Q5. Are AI video generators easy to use?

Answer. Most of these tools are easy to use and beginner-friendly. You don't need to have a technical skill to create videos using these AI tools.

Wrapping Up

Video generators are a powerful tool that can help businesses and organizations create high-quality videos quickly and efficiently.

Using this tool businesses can save time and money while creating videos that are sure to engage viewers.

I hope you found this article on some of the best AI video generators helpful. If you've liked it, please share it with your friends on social media.

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