ePub VS PDF, Which One is Better eBook Format and Why?

epub vs pdf

Ebooks are on the rise and they are a great way to publish your content. There are many reasons why people prefer eBooks over other digital formats. The most popular reason is that they can be shared easily, adapt and supports different kinds of devices offering a great readability experience to … Read more

8 Best Email List Building Tools to Grow Your Subscribers

Email List Building Tools

Building an email list is one of the most important parts of any successful online business. An email list is a group of people that you have collected information about, and who have given you permission to contact them with offers or services.The best list building tools are those that … Read more

Designrr Lifetime Deal 2023: Limited One-time Fixed Price Offer

Designrr Lifetime Deal

If you’re looking for the Designrr lifetime deal offer, you have come to the right place.Designrr comes with the following four paid plans:Standard: At $29/month, this is the cheapest plan currently on offer. It supports 1 user and allows to create unlimited eBooks. Pre-built project templates, copyright-free images, flipbook generator … Read more

How to Get Google Adsense Approval Easily in 2023

Google Adsense Approval

Google Adsense program is a major source of income for many websites. However, it can be hard for beginners to get approval from Adsense because Google has a strict set of guidelines that you have to follow in order to be eligible for approval, and if you do not follow … Read more

6 Best Tips to Protect eBook Piracy in 2023

Protect eBook Piracy

eBook piracy is the act of illegally copying eBooks and distributing them to the public either for free or at a very low price. It is a problem because it prevents writers and publishers from getting paid for their work.There are many reasons why people pirate eBooks, but one of … Read more