5 Best Time Tracking Software of 2023 to Boost Productivity

| | March 21, 2024
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A time tracking software in simple term is a computer program that keeps track of the time spent on different tasks. It can be used in many ways like to measure productivity, to monitor how much time people spend on social media or to see how long employees are taking for lunch breaks and more.

Companies can use time tracking software to measure how much time an employee spends on a task, or the time spent by a team. This is done by having the user enter in the start and end date of the task. It is also possible to track how many hours are spent on different tasks, which can be useful for managers who want to see where their employees spend their time.

Time tracking software can help business keep track of their employees performance on work and identify patterns that may need improvement. It's also possible for business managers to keep track of how much time is being spent on specific tasks so they know where they should put more resources if necessary.

This article will review and compare top 5 best time tracking software of 2023 in terms of benefits, features, price, ease of use and more.

Best Time Tracking Software

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5 Best Time Tracking Software of 2023

Time Doctor Time Tracking Software


Time Doctor is one of the best time tracking software used by companies to facilitate full transparency and accountability of their employees. Apart from time tracking, it also offers important features like Payroll, Timesheets, Screen Monitoring and more.

For teams working on different time-bound projects, Time Doctor help companies to measure and analyze how each team spends its time. By going through these analytics, you can see whether your employees are over or under-utilized and who are strong or weak performers.

You can get all these valuable insights on your employees including their strengths or weaknesses. Thus, to make your employees more productive, accountable and self-motivated, Time Doctor comes as an essential tool.

The pricing of Time Doctor starts at $70 per user per year with features like time tracking, tasks and projects, unlimited screenshots and more.

key features of TIME DOCTOR

  • Easily track the time spent on each project, client, or task
  • Easily analyze the time spent (worked today, worked this week, worked this month)
  • Create tasks and start tracking time with the click of a button
  • Accurately track time to send accurate bills to your clients
  • Pay employees correctly for exact time spent on their projects
  • Ability to track time on computers, tablets, and mobiles
  • Send automatic alerts when your computer is idle to help keep you and your team on track
  • Businesses can track time with remote employees and outsourced teams


Time Doctor offers the following paid plans - Basic ($70/user/year), Standard ($100/user/year) and Premium ($200/user/year).

Basic Plan covers features like time tracking, activity tracking, tasks and projects, 1 month of storage, unlimited screenshots and more.

Standard Plan covers additional features like payroll, email notification, 64+ integration, 6 months of storage and more.

Premium Plan offers more advanced features like client login access, video screen captures, internet connectivity report, unlimited data storage and more.

Time Doctor offers a 14-day free trial to let users try and explore all the premium features before upgrading to the paid plans. You can even cancel your free trial any time. Join the free trial and start tracking time spent on projects for yourself, remote employees, and outsourced teams.

Timecamp Time Tracking Software

what is TIMEcamp

Another time tracking software that is very popular among business owners is Timecamp that accurately track time against your projects and create reports and timesheets.

To complete a project in the scheduled time, you need to track the performance of your team to ensure that it gets completed in time. TimeCamp provides you with all the data you need to analyze the projects' performance and reasonable estimates for your future projects.

You can measure how your team is performing and how much time they're spending against a particular project. This helps in figuring out whether a project is being completed within the budget and is profitable.

Businesses looking to try Timecamp before upgrading to the paid plans can join the free plan that currently offers unlimited users and unlimited projects & tasks. Paid plan by Timecamp starts at $6.3/user/month.

For large businesses, Timecamp offers Enterprise time tracker that supports unlimited number of projects with a private cloud implementation and other advanced features.

key features of TIMecamp

  • Supports unlimited users, unlimited projects and tasks
  • Offers both Desktop and Mobile app for easy time tracking
  • Accurately measures the profitability of your projects by tracking time spent by your team members on each projects
  • Timecamp easily integrates with third-party applications like Trello, Quickbooks, Jira, Google Chrome, Asana and more
  • Daily, weekly timesheets to get more detailed information on your project performance
  • Also supports idle-time tracking
  • Export data to PDF or Excel and generate productivity reports
  • Offers a completely free plan for beginners

TIMecamp pricing

Timecamp offers three paid plans - Basic ($6.3/user/month), Pro ($9/user/month) and Enterprise (custom pricing).

Under the Basic Plan, you get the following features - time entries, multi-platform tracking, projects & tasks, automatic time tracking, idle time tracking, productivity reports, export to PDF and Excel, attendance and more.

Pro Plan covers everything under the Basic Plan and offers additional features like - timesheet approvals, approval workflow, invoices, billing rates and more.

Timecamp offers a completely free plan that let you try the platform to see if it is the right time tracking tool for you or not. It also offers a 14-day free trial on its paid plans where you can enjoy all the premium features for full 14 days. No credit card is required to join the free trial.

Desktime Time Tracking Software

what is DESKTIME

Another very popular time tracker that I recommend is Desktime. It claims to boost productivity of your business by 30% and if you look at the features it currently offer, you may agree that it truly justifies it claims.

Desktime excels at simple time tracking with advanced reporting so that you can run your business profitably. You can easily bill your customer based on time spent on the project and also create payroll for your employees. 

The Desktime app works flawlessly on all platforms - desktop, mobile or tablet. And it supports almost all the modern day browsers - Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

The three most important features offered by Desktime are employee monitoring, project management and productivity analysis. Apart from tracking time it also helps in calculating the daily productivity.

You can easily set Desktime software to take automatic screenshot, integrate with project management apps, create daily productive timeline, invoicing and more.

The free plan by Desktime offers features like automatic time tracking, URL & app tracking, integrated web timer and more. Paid plan (Pro) starts at $7 per user per month with additional features like project time tracking, idle time tracking and more. Invoicing, integration with payroll tools, offline time approval features are offered in the Premium plan.


  • Automatically tracks time analyzing amount of time spent on activities, tasks, and other projects
  • Create customized reports and data analysis using the time tracking data to generate automated invoices that can be sent to your clients
  • Filter time entries by project, team or date to create insightful reports
  • DeskTime's Project feature to accurately calculate the estimated costs for a project according to employees’ hourly rates
  • DeskTime screen monitoring software takes automatic screenshots of the computer screen at random intervals to monitor your remote team
  • You can integrate Desktime with applications like Asana, Trello, Google Calendar, Zapier, Jira, Basecamp and more
  • DeskTime application for Mac, Windows or Linux
  • Supports URL, program name and app tracking
  • Offers 14-day free trial plan on its paid plans
  • Offers a completely free plan


Destime offers a completely free plan with basic features like automatic time tracking, URL tracking, program tracking, app tracking, web timer, mobile apps and more.

Pro plan will cost you $7/user/month and includes all the features covered under Free. Besides, it also offers additional features like productivity calculation, idle time tracking, project time tracking and more.

You can subscribe to the Premium plan at $7/user/month where you get everything under Pro with other key features like automatic screenshots, absence calendar, shift scheduling, invoicing and more.

You can join the Free plan if you want to try the Desktime platform. All paid plans comes with a risk-free  14-day free trial. No credit card is required to join the free trial. You can sign up for the free trial using the link given below.

Toggl Time Tracking Tool

what is toggl

Toggle is another great option for businesses. It currently offers three popular products - Toggl Track, Toggl Plan and Toggl Hire. Toggl Track is the software that is currently used by more than 70,000 organizations around the world.

Businesses looking to pay salaries to their employees by accurately tracking the time spent by them can use this software. By adopting Toggl Track, you can drastically reduce the time spent on processing payroll and get employees paid on time.

Businesses working on multiple large projects and with multiple clients can quickly measure how time are spent so that they can measure accurately measure the profitability of each project.

You can also use the historical project time tracking insights to plan for your future projects and also set realistic budget to remain profitable.

You can sign up for the free plan by Toggl Track and add up to 5 users with added features like unlimited time tracking, unlimited projects, tags and clients, automatic time tracking, track time on multiple devices like - web app, mobile app and desktop app and more.

Paid plans starts at $9 per user per month and goes up to $18 per user per month.

key features of toggl

  • Automatically tracks time for each employee, projects and clients
  • Effortlessly calculates salaries for your employees based on time spent by them on different projects
  • Filter time entries by project, team or date to create insightful reports
  • Tracks idle time
  • Create project forecast and analysis
  • You can also track time using its extension for popular browsers like - Google Chrome and Firefox 
  • Supports 100+ integration with applications like Asana, Evernote, Notion, Jira, Salesforce, Adobe Photoshop, Trello and more
  • Web  app, mobile apps, and desktop apps to sync your time tracking across multiple devices, online or offline
  • Completely free plan for first time users

toggl pricing

Toggl Track offers a completely free plan for users who may want to try the platform before upgrading to the premium plans. The paid plans offered by Toggl Track are - Starter ($9/user/month) and Premium ($18/user/month).

Free plan include features like unlimited time tracking, unlimited projects, supports web apps, mobile apps, & desktop apps, automated time tracking triggers, idle time detection and more.

Starter plan include everything covered under the free plan. Additional features offered are billable rates, favorite time entries, project time estimates & alerts, project templates and more.

Premium plan include all features under the Starter plan and offers advanced features like team time tracking reminders, time tracking audits, project forecasts, centralized control of labor costs and billable rates, single sign-on and more.

If you want to have a complete control on how your employees are spending time on each projects, then you must give Toggl Track a try. To start with you can join the Free plan and upgrade if needed. Plus, all paid plans comes with a 30-day free trial. No credit card is required to join the free trial.

Webwork Time Tracker


WebWork is a time-tracking and employee-monitoring software that is on its way to becoming a complete remote work management tool.

Initially a time tracker, WebWork offers a variety of features for tracking time and work process. It tracks time, app and website usage, attendance, and more. All this tracked information gives you an insight into your employees’ work process. 

Time tracking with screenshots makes the work process transparent. Instead of wondering or estimating how much time a project or task took, you get accurately tracked time with screenshots as proof. 

If privacy is an issue, you can use the Blurred mode of screenshots, so that you see the work process but without the details.

key features

  • Tracks time, app and website usage, and productivity levels
  • Offers 4 screenshot modes
  • Offers built-in Task Management and Communication tools
  • Works on Web, Desktop, Mobile and has a Chrome Extension
  • Provides detailed reports of all the tracked information
  • Reports can be exported
  • Offers billable hours and invoice creation system
  • Offers Simple and affordable pricing

pricing Plans

WebWork offers a 14-day free trial, followed by Basic and Enterprise Plans.

The Basic Plan costs $4.99 per user/month and involves all features of WebWork, including time tracking, attendance monitoring, app and website usage, productivity monitoring, task management, and more.

The Enterprise plan also includes all features but is meant for large teams and the price can be customized.

Wrapping Up

A good time tracking app can help save you and your company save precious time and money. Not only it will automatically monitor what your employees do on their computers during working hours and show how much time they spend on projects but also calculates the project estimates and its profitability.

Having a best time tracking software by your side, employers and managers can enjoy the peace of mind knowing their employees are on schedule and spending their time effectively to the assigned task or projects.

I would recommend you to give Time Doctor a try as it is currently one of the best time tracking tools in the industry with the best features.

Which time tracking software you like the most and why? Please share your experience using the comment section below.

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