6 Best Micro Jobs Sites To Make Money Online in 2021

Deepak Choudhary
| | January 15, 2021

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Do you know what are the best paying micro jobs sites where you can make money working online as a freelancer right from your home?

If your answer to the above question is no, then we've got you covered in this article.

I have compiled a list of some of the best websites for doing online micro jobs that you can join today for free and start your freelancing career.

Before I tell you more about this wonderful micro sites let me first start with explaining what is freelancing and why it is an exciting and rewarding career.

What is a freelancer?

A freelance job is one where you work for yourself, rather than for a company. You work on a contract work for companies and organizations, but you will be ultimately self-employed.

You will have the freedom to set your working hours, set your charges per job, keep track of time spent per job and billing clients.

If having a bit more control and freedom in your professional life, is that you want in your life then freelancing could be an attractive option for you.

Thus, a freelancer is someone who who offers their services for a fee. It's a form of self-employment where you do all your wort right at the comfort of your home.

Why Would You Want to Freelance?

Let see some of the reasons to start freelancing:

  • It allows for greater independence over a job.
  • You can supplement your regular job to generate some extra income.
  • It's flexible, allowing you to work full-time or part-time.
  • If you have the right skill and equipment you can start quite quickly.

Many people are working as freelancer on micro job sites. These sites allows you to find clients related to your skills.

Thus, it act as a medium to connect a freelancer with its probable clients.

These micro job sites are best way to build a successful career as a freelancer.

Let's get started.

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List Of Best Online Micro Job Sites

So, as promised earlier, here is the list of some of the best paying micro job sites that people across the world are using to earn money by working from home.

1. Fiverr

Fiverr Micro Jobs

Fiverr is one of the world's largest marketplace for digital services.

It is typically a marketplace where a buyer meets a seller. 

As a buyer you can browse through the selection of freelancers offering services, and to place orders in just one click.

A service offered by a seller on Fiverr is called a Gig.

You can join Fiverr as a freelancer and offer your services. The basic gig starts at $5. However, you can set the price according to the service type and your experience.

You can offer your services on Fiverr on the following categories.

  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Business
  • Lifestyle
  • Industries

So, if your skill matches any of the above categories you can join Fiverr for free and post your Gig.

Your basic gig starts at $5 but depending on the extra services you offer or your buyer demands you can always create a custom gig at extra cost.

Fiverr charges 20% commission. So, if you are selling your gig at $5 Fiverr would take $1 as commission, giving you $4.

Though the commission is high but as a beginner you can start your freelancing career here and you would have the opportunity to gain exposure & experience and to work with some big clients also.

Start your online micro jobs on Fiverr today.

2. Guru

Guru Micro Jobs

Guru is another reliable online micro site that you can join as a seller to offer your services and make money.

3 million people around the world uses Guru for their online job requirements.

Check out below some of the skill sets where you can post your services.

  • Programming & Development
  • Writing & Translation
  • Design & Art
  • Administrative & Secretarial
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business & Finance
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Legal
  • Education & Training

Check out the image given below for all the top skills where freelancers can offer their services.

Guru Skills Set

If your skill set falls in any of these categories, you can join Guru and start offering your services to prospective employers.

Guru allows you to offer your services on the following payment terms.

  • Fixed Price. You can set a total fixed cost for your job and create milestones with due date. Your buyer will pay you on every completion of milestones.
  • Hourly. You can fix a hourly-rate to your job.
  • Tasked-Based. Charge your buyer for a single completed online freelance task.
  • Recurring Payment. If you buyer prefer recurring payment, you can set that too. Set up to four recurring payment rules for any given job - pay every week, every other week, every month, or every quarter.

Join Guru today.

3. Upwork (Formerly oDesk)

UpWork Micro Jobs

Whether you want to work as a freelancer on complex projects, longer-term contract or short term, Upwork has it all.

It has 2 million plus reviews with an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 which speaks volume of this online micro job site.

Upwork Real Reviews

Upwork has 9 million registered users with over 4 million clients. Prospective buyers can get their jobs done in many different categories.

Some of the categories where highly expert freelancers are providing their services at Upwork are given below.

  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Design & Creative
  • Writing
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • and many others

I have used this platform to get my blog's logo done and hired content writers to write blog articles.

Many freelancers are earning thousands of dollars (some even millions of dollars) every month at Upwork.

If your skill set matches to those at Upwork you can join this awesome micro job site to make some serious money online.

Join Upwork today and start your freelancing career.

Freelancer Micro Jobs

Millions of people around the world hire freelancers from freelancer.com to get their job done.

Some of the popular areas where freelancer at this site offer their services are:

  • Website Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing
  • Writing
  • Mobile App Development

They have in fact 1350 different categories where you can post your skill as a freelancer. Have a look at some of them.

Freelancer Micro Job Categories

Previous I have worked with freelancer.com as a buyer to get my job done related to PHP to run quizzes on one of my website and CSS to customize one of my HTML website. 

Please see the image below. If your skill or expertise falls on any of these job categories then you can create your account at freelancer.com as a freelancer.

Freelancer Micro Site Categories

After creating your account you can create your profile and mention all your details such as your area of expertise and experience.

When any buyer post a job requirement which is related to your expertise then you can apply for it along with your charges for the work.

Fees and Charges at Freelancer.com

  • The fee for fixed price projects is 10% or $5.00 USD, whichever is greater, and 10% for hourly projects.
  • The freelancer contest fee is 10% or $5.00 USD, whichever is greater.
  • If you are in the Preferred Freelancer Program, you will be charged 15% project fee.

Join Freelancer.com today.

Truelancer Recurring Affiliate Program

Truelancer is an online micro jobs platform where employers can hire expert freelancers to get their job done.

Freelancers can earn money by working with real clients from across the world.

Customers can hire top rated freelancers and award them projects. At Truelancer, customers and freelancers can chat, share files & collaborate with each other to get their job done.

Freelancers can join this platform as Developers, Designers, Content Writers, Virtual Assitants, Mobile App Developers and many other.

You can work on different projects related to categories like IT & Programming, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Data Entry, Finance, Sales, Marketing and many more.

Fees and charges

Truelancer.com charges Freelancers a Service Fee of 8% to 10% on all billed works. Check the membership plan to find the actual service fee.

Join Truelancer.com today.

SEO Clerk Micro Job Site

SEO Clerk is another marketplace where you would find micro jobs related to WordPress blogs, SEO, link building and others.

If you are a web developer, SEO expert or content writer you can join this site as a freelancer and offer your service.

You can offer your services on SEO Clerk on the following categories.

  • Content & Writing
  • Onsite SEO & Research
  • Programming
  • Art & Design
  • Link Building
  • Guest Posts
  • Social Networks
  • Traffic

From the list of job categories mentioned above you can see that as a web developer or content writer or SEO expert, there are lots of opportunities for you.

If you are a graphic designer you can also offer your service as a logo maker, t-shirt design or even digital banners for Facebook or websites.

SEO Clerk charges 20% commission for every job.

Get started with SEO Clerk today.


You can join any one or all of these best paying micro job sites as a freelancer that best suits your skill set or expertise.

Many freelancers are using these sites to make some serious money working right from home.

You can also join these sites to generate some extra cash flow to supplement your regular income.

Or if you're not satisfy with your daily 9-5 job and are looking to do work with flexible timings with greater independence over a job, these micro job sites can certainly help you achieve that.

However, reputation is a key to achieve success as a freelancer. Many of these micro job sites categorize their freelancers based on their achievements like completion of work within schedule time, buyers feedback, refunds and others.

For example, in Fiverr, they rate a seller according to buyers feedback - Level 1 Seller, Level 2 Seller and Top Rated Seller.

What micro jobs sites you love working with and why, please comment below. It will help other readers to start their career as a successful freelancer.

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