10 Best Chalk Fonts on Canva for Engaging & Creative Designs

| | April 26, 2024

Are you tired of using the same old fonts in your Canva designs? Do you want to add a touch of creativity and playfulness to your projects? Look no further! 

In this article, we will explore the best chalk fonts on Canva that will elevate your designs to a whole new level.

Chalk fonts have gained immense popularity due to their ability to bring a whimsical and nostalgic feel to any design. 

Whether you're creating invitations, posters, or social media graphics, using chalk fonts can instantly transform your work into something extraordinary.

Let's get started with the Best Canva Chalk Fonts.

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Chalk Fonts on Canva

What are the Best Chalk Fonts on Canva?

Canva is a popular graphic designing software that allows users to create different types of designs such as YouTube thumbnails, resumes, infographics, ebooks, posters, flyers, banners, and more.

It also offers hundreds of attractive fonts that can make you design look more professional and attractive.

Whether you're creating a classroom poster, a summer picnic invitation, or just adding a quirky touch to your social media graphics, Canva offers a wide variety of chalk-inspired fonts to choose from.

Here are 10 of the best:

1. Six Hands Chalk

Six Hands Chalk

The first chalk font on Canva that I like the most is Six Hands Chalk.

This font family comes in six different weights, from light and airy to bold and chunky. Its slightly imperfect lines and subtle shading give it a genuine handwritten feel.

Developed with precision and creativity, this font stands out for its handcrafted appeal, combining the rustic aesthetic of chalk writing with a modern twist.

The chalk-inspired strokes evoke a nostalgic classroom ambiance, making it an excellent choice for educational content, posters, and signage.

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2. Berton


Hand-drawn by Italian illustrator Matteo Berton, this chalky beauty - Berton font was made to complement his digital painting style.

Its wide-set spacing and clean lines make it perfect for creating classy headlines, logos, and magazine titles.

Berton is one of the best chalk fonts in Canva that you can use for bringing elegance and readability to small details in posters, invitations, and branding.

3. Waterlily


The Waterlily font mimicks the movement of watercolors, the letters connect and swirl, and resembles the delicate brushstrokes.

If you want to give a hand-painted feel, adding a touch of authenticity to your text and designs, make sure to try this wonderful chalk font in Canva.

So, whether you're crafting personal notes, designing eye-catching invitations, or adding a splash of creativity to your social media graphics, Waterlily is ready to make your words bloom.

4. Homemade Apple

Homemade Apple

Homemade Apple isn't just a font, it's a warm blanket knitted from letters. This charming script evokes memories of cozy kitchens and handwritten recipes.

Whether in regular or Pro versions, Homemade Apple feels like the words scrawled on a favorite recipe card, instantly inviting and personal.

While creating your designs in Canva, you can use this font to bake heartwarming invitations, add personality to branding, or personalize cards and greetings. Every bite, er, read, will leave a taste of comfort and joy.

5. Cabin Sketch

Cabin Sketch

Fifth popular chalk font in Canva is Cabin Sketch.

Born from the classic Cabin typeface, Sketch adds a layer of hand-drawn charm. Uneven lines, subtle textures, and playful imperfections give it a distinctly human touch.

It comes in two friendly weights: Regular for a casual vibe and Bold for when you want your words to shout with personality. Both work beautifully for headlines, quotes, branding, and short bursts of text.

So, next time your design needs a dose of rustic charm, grab Cabin Sketch on Canva and let the fun begin. Remember, in the world of fonts, sometimes the most imperfect lines tell the most interesting stories.

6. Sprite Graffiti

Sprite Graffiti

Sprite Graffiti explodes onto the scene like a can of citrusy energy, bringing the vibrancy of street art to your digital canvas.

This isn't your average graffiti font - it's a meticulously crafted blend of urban rebellion and artistic finesse.

This chunky letterforms with dripping paint splatters and spray can textures scream urban cool. Perfect for making a statement in posters, flyers, and album covers.

This font is also ideal for logos, branding, and children's book illustrations.

7. Londrina Sketch

Londrina Sketch

Londrina Sketch stretches vertically, with elongated ascenders and descenders, making it perfect for large posters, signage, and headings that demand attention.

You can use this font to design a flyer in Canva for a street festival, to craft a funky logo, or to create engaging social media graphics.

8. Abys


The Abys font's unique letterforms captivate the eye, making it a versatile choice for various design applications, from branding to editorial layouts.

The meticulously crafted letterforms mirror the nuanced imperfections of hand-drawn chalk, instilling an authentic, nostalgic feel.

Whether you're crafting movie posters, designing album covers, or adding a touch of drama to your social media graphics designed in Canva, Abys is your font confidante.

9. Rushk

Rushk chalk font

The ninth chalk font on our list is Rushk. It bursts onto the scene like a playful explosion of chalk dust, leaving bold, energetic letters dancing across the screen.

Its large, chunky characters are perfect for headlines, quotes, and logos that demand to be seen.

But don't let its boldness fool you - Rushk also holds a playful charm, making it ideal for invitations, packaging, and social media graphics.

10. Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker is an all-caps font that offers a thick, chunky strokes and sharp angles that is perfect for headlines, quotes, and short bursts of text that need to grab attention instantly.

This typeface exudes an effortless handwritten charm, mimicking the bold strokes of a permanent marker on a chalkboard.

Its thick, expressive lines capture the boldness and dynamic energy associated with chalk-based lettering. 

Its clean lines and well-defined characters ensure readability, making it suitable for branding, packaging, and even short body text.

What are Chalk Fonts?

Chalk fonts are a distinctive and creative category of typefaces that mimic the appearance of chalk writing on a chalkboard.

These fonts aim to replicate the textured and hand-drawn characteristics of traditional chalk lettering, bringing a nostalgic and whimsical feel to digital or printed designs.

They evoke a sense of nostalgia for school days gone by, cozy cafes, and street art scribbles.

Thus, Chalk fonts are a delightful way to add personality and texture to your Canva designs.

So, next time you're looking for a font that's both playful and nostalgic, try chalk fonts!

Wrapping Up

When it comes to using chalk fonts in Canva designs, the options are truly endless.

From delicate and elegant handwritten scripts to bold and whimsical designs, there is a chalk font out there for every creative vision.

I hope you find this article on some of the best chalk fonts on Canva helpful. If you've liked it, please share it with your friends on social media.

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