11 Best Old English Fonts on Canva [Updated 2024]

| | April 26, 2024

Using old English fonts can add some vintage charm, sophistication, or a fun vibe to your designs. They give you unique typefaces that take us back to the olden days.

When you're creating a logo, designing a book cover or a poster, or giving your social media pics a cool old-fashioned feel, choosing the right font will make your design look more attractive.

In this blog article, we will explore 11 of the best old English fonts on Canva that will help you design your perfect project.

Let's get started.

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Best Old English Fonts on Canva

What are the Best Old English Fonts on Canva?

Here are some really cool old English fonts you can use to make awesome designs on Canva.

Let's check out all of them one by one.

1. Unifraktur Maguntia

Unifraktur Maguntia Font

Unifraktur Maguntia is a black letter font that brings to mind the historical style often seen in Old English writing.

This cool font style started in Western Europe in the 11th Century. You've probably seen this font on merchandise with a medieval vibe.

The font can be used for various projects with a historical or vintage theme. This includes book covers, certificates, or invitations.

2. Engravers’ Old English

Engravers’ Old English Font

The Engravers' Old English font captures the essence of that classic old English handwriting style.

It keeps the unique features of old English lettering and makes sure the text is easy to read, even when it's small.

It has a cool, old-school vibe that brings out a feeling of history and tradition. Perfect for certificates, invites, or book covers that need that traditional touch.

3. Brixton

Brixton Font

Brixton was designed by Tom Chalky. It may not be exactly like those old English fonts with spikey features, but it definitely brings a vintage or classic vibe to your Canva designs.

It's characters have variations that mimic hand-lettering, giving it a timeless, handmade look.

4. Doppler

Doppler Font

The Doppler font family is designed by Koen Hachmang. The font is licensed as free for personal use.

This font is excellent for creating a design that mixes traditional and modern styles, such as a contemporary art poster.

It's clean design also makes it more readable, even for body text.

5. Abibas

Abibas Font

Abibas is a blackletter font that offers a contemporary twist on the classic Old English style. It looks eye-catching and stand out on Canva's design.

It has a mix of sharp and rounded features, giving it a bold and fancy look. That means it can be used for all kinds of stuff on Canva, from casual designs to logos.

6. IM Fell English

IM Fell English Font

IM Fell English is a fancy, typewriter font designed by Igino Marini.

While only available in uppercase on Canva, it comes in various weights and styles. It's easy to read. On your Canva design, you can use this font for titles, headings, or quick blurbs.

7. Germania One

Germania One Font

Germania One font is designed by John Vargas Beltrán at Adobe Fonts. It bridges the gap between classic and modern.

It is categorized as an old English font but it is readable. This is because it incorporates geometric elements.

The blackletter font's sharp angles and strong vertical strokes makes it ideal for logos, posters, flyers, and social media graphics.

8. Pirata One

Pirata One Font

Pirata One is a gothic, modern font designed by Rodrigo Fuenzalida. As the name suggests, Pirata One draws inspiration from pirates and the sea.

Using this font, you can evoke a sense of exploration and excitement in your Canva designs.

9. EFCO Brookshire

EFCO Brookshire Font

EFCO Brookshire font was designed by Gilang Purnama Jaya. As an old English font, it strikes a balance between elegance and playfulness.

Since, it is available in uppercase only, it is mostly suitable for headlines, posters, invitations and more.

10. Celandine

Celandine Font

Celandine is a blackletter font, a style historically used for old English manuscripts. However, it also offers a modern and minimalist approach.

It is easier to read and looks visually appealing in designs compared to some more traditional blackletter fonts.

11. Roller Coaster Serif

Roller Coaster Serif Font

Roller Coaster is a serif that is decorative, vintage and antique and elegant. The font's round shapes and swashes can give designs a classic and whimsical touch.

It offers better readability which makes it more versatile for various design projects on Canva.

Wrapping Up

The availability of these fonts on Canva means these can easily be incorporated into various design projects without the need for additional downloads or installations.

I hope you found this article on some of the best old English fonts on Canva helpful. If you've liked it, please share it with your friends on social media.

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