How To Create Free Logo and Featured Image For Your Website

| | September 13, 2020
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In this article you will learn how to create free logo and featured image for your website. I will tell you about some awesome website from where you can create logo and featured image for free for your website or blog.

A logo is the identity of your blog. When you create your blog, you must create an attractive and unique logo for it.

There are many tools available online from where you can easily create logo for your blog and that too for free.

Today you will learn about one such tool that allows you to create beautiful and attractive logo for your website for free.

How to create free LOGO for your website or blog?

For creating logo we will use resources of online website In this popular website you can create various properties like logo, presentation, infographics, Facebook cover, Pinterest graphics, etc. However, in this article our focus will be to create a logo for your site.

Let's see how to do it.

Visit Create an account for yourself. If you have an account at canva all the designs or presentations created by you will be saved automatically.

After login, the interface will look like this. interface interface

Select Logo. Now, a blank logo will be displayed. On the left hand side you will see many logo templates.

You can select 'See all' to see all the different logo design offered by canva. Many of the logos are free to use.

Canva also have premium logo design which you can use for $1. But here our aim is to create a free logo. So, choose a free template.

Canva logo template

Canva logo template

Let's select the UGREIN template. See the above image.

On selection your blank template will look like the image given below. Here you can change the picture and text. To change just point your mouse to the object and select it.

For example, to change the default text, just select it, point the cursor inside the text box, delete the text and enter text of your choice.

You can see that I have also changed the background color to White.

To change background color, click anywhere inside the screen, other than the logo and text, and select the color option, and select any color of your choice.

Canva logo editing

Canva logo editing

To change the default picture, select the picture and delete it.

Canva has some picture elements which you can use. Select Elements >> See all (under Icons).

Here, select any free picture of your choice.

Canva pic editing

Canva picture editing

That's it, a logo has been created. Now to download this logo, select Download button at the top right of the screen.

By default the image type selected is PNG. PNG images are best for blogs. Download the logo and use it on your blog.

You can use multiple pictures, multiple text, different colors, different fonts in a logo. There is no limit. It's all depend upon your imagination.

Quick Tips:

Before using the logo in your blog don't forget to compress it to reduce its size. If your logo is in PNG format compress it at or if it is in JPEG format compress it at

Now let's see how to create featured image for your blog.

How to create free FEATURED IMAGE for your blog?

Let's see how we can create an attractive featured image for free at

At select create a design button, then select custom dimensions as 1280 by 720. This is an ideal dimension for a featured image.


Creating featured image at Canvas

After selecting Create design you will be presented with a blank format of size 1280 by 720.

Now from the left, select any template design of choice. See the template I have selected. You can edit the template just as we did in creation of logo earlier.

template design

Template design

In the above template, let's do some changes...

featured image final

Final featured image

In the above featured image example, I have done some editing like changed the background color, reduce the size of image, changed the text and its color and also the alignment.

I assumed that till now you may have an idea on how to do editing of picture and text. So, you can see that canvas is a great tool to create stuff like logo and featured image for your blog or website.

If you have question or suggestion please comment below.

How to create free logo for your website
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