GetResponse Affiliate Program: Earn 33%/Month or $100/Sale

| | March 21, 2024

If you are looking for a consistent and reliable way to earn a recurring commission through affiliate marketing, GetResponse affiliate program is the best choice. 

GetResponse is one of the most popular email marketing and automation tools available, and its affiliate program is an excellent choice for those looking to build a solid source of income. 

The affiliate program offers a generous recurring commission for partners who refer customers. When you refer a customer to GetResponse, you will receive a commission for the life of their account. 

This means that for as long as that customer remains with GetResponse, you will continue to receive a commission from their subscription payments. 

In addition to the recurring commission, the GetResponse affiliate program offers a great bounty program that offers upfront commission per sale instead of recurring commission.

In this blog post, I have reviewed the affiliate program offered by GetResponse in detail by explaining the following: affiliate commission you can earn, how to join the affiliate program, which affiliate commission model is better - recurring program or bounty program, and more.

Let's get started.

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GetResponse Affiliate Program

What is GetResponse - An Overview

GetResponse Email Tool

GetResponse is a powerful email marketing platform that allows you to create, send, and track emails with ease. GetResponse makes it easy to engage with your customers and grow your list by providing a comprehensive suite of tools and features. 

From email automation and list building tools to segmentation and website builders, GetResponse has everything you need to create successful campaigns. 

Here are some of the key features of GetResponse: 

  • Automation: You can create automated campaigns that send emails based on customer behaviors and preferences. You can also use triggered emails and autoresponders to keep your customers engaged and send them timely messages. 
  • Segmentation: You can create segments based on a variety of criteria like demographics, purchase history, and engagement. This allows you to send targeted messages and get better results from your campaigns. 
  • Landing Pages: GetResponse offers a variety of landing page and website builder templates to help you create beautiful pages that convert. You can create landing pages for special offers, promotions, product launches, and more. 
  • Integration: GetResponse offers integration with a variety of third-party tools and services. This allows you to track, analyze, and optimize your campaigns from one place. 
  • Analytics: GetResponse provides comprehensive analytics to track the performance of your campaigns. You can monitor open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and more. This allows you to make informed decisions about your campaigns and optimize for better results.

If you want to try the platform before upgrading to the paid plans, you can consider joining the free trial offered by GetResponse. Under the GetResponse free trial, you can enjoy the premium features for free for 30 days.

Get started with the free trial using the link given below.

About GetResponse Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program GetResponse

The GetResponse Affiliate Program offers a great opportunity for anyone to make extra income by promoting GetResponse products and services. Through this affiliate program, you can earn commissions on sales of GetResponse products and services.

The program also provides tools, resources and support to help you become a successful affiliate. As an affiliate, you will have access to promotional materials such as banners and text links that you can use to help spread the word about the GetResponse Affiliate Program.

What is the Getresponse affiliate program?

The affiliate program is a great way for you to earn commission on sales of Getresponse products and services. As an affiliate, you'll be given a unique affiliate link that you can share with your audience. When someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you'll earn a commission.

What products and services can you promote?

As an affiliate, you can promote any of Getresponse's products and services, including their email marketing plans, landing pages, webinars, website builder, and more.

How much can you earn?

If you join the recurring program the affiliate program offers a 33% recurring commission on each sale as long as your referral remains a paying subscriber of GetResponse.

Or, if you join the bounty program, you'll earn a upfront commission of $100 per sale.

What are the requirements to join?

You don't need to have a premium account to join the GetResponse affiliate program. You'll also need to have a website or blog where you can promote Getresponse products and services. Other places where you can promote GetResponse is your social media pages, email newsletter, YouTube channel and more.

Getresponse affiliate program features

  • Affiliate Commission: Earn 33% recurring or one-time $100 per sale commission.
  • Cookie Period: Offers a 120 day long cookie period.
  • Minimum Payout: You need to reach a minimum threshold of $50 to receive payment.
  • Payment Mode: GetResponse pays the affiliate commission via PayPal and Wire Transfer.
  • Earning Limit: There is no limit to how much you can earn promoting GetResponse.

How to Join the GetResponse Affiliate Program?

Anyone can join the affiliate program offered by GetResponse for free. You don't need to be a paid subscriber of GetResponse; however, if you're familiar with this platform, it would be easier to promote this email marketing tool to your audience.

To join the affiliate program, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Go to GetResponse. It will take you to the Home Page of GetResponse.

Step 2: Scroll down till the bottom of the page to find the link - Affiliate Programs. Click on this link which will take you to the affiliate program page.

As I have mentioned earlier, GetResponse offers two types of affiliate program - Recurring and Bounty. Join the recurring program if you want to earn a 33% monthly passive income or join the bounty program if you want to earn a upfront commission of $100 per sale (see the image given below).

Please note that you can join both the affiliate programs. Thus, I would advise you to join both the programs and see which one works best for you.

GetResponse Recurring Bounty Commission

Step 3: As seen in the above image, click on the Sign Up button which will open a page as shown below where you need to enter your details like name, email address, password, and more. After entering the details, click on the button - Create Account.

Step 4: You'll get a verification email from GetResponse. Open the email you get from GetResponse and click on the link given inside the email to verify your account.

On successful verification of your email address, you can log in to your affiliate account and access all the promotional materials - affiliate links, banners, logos, and more.

That's it; in just 4 easy steps, you can join the affiliate program by GetResponse.

How to Promote GetResponse?

By following the tips outlined below, you can successfully promote GetResponse as an affiliate marketer and earn money from affiliate sales.

Thus, make sure to use these methods to your advantage in order to effectively promote GetResponse and encourage customers to make a purchase from your affiliate link. 

  1. Blogging: It is a great way to build relationships with customers and provide them with helpful information that can assist them in making a decision about a purchase. You should use your blog posts to talk about GetResponse, its features, and how it can benefit potential customers. Additionally, you should make sure to include links back to the GetResponse website, as well as any affiliate links you may have.
  2. Social Media: With social media, you can share helpful content with your followers, as well as post links to your blog posts, the GetResponse website, and any affiliate links you may have. Additionally, you can use social media to engage with customers and provide them with more information about GetResponse.
  3. Email marketing: It is another great way to promote GetResponse’s services and products as an affiliate marketer. By sending emails to GetResponse’s customers, you can provide them with information about GetResponse and the great features they offer. You can also create exclusive deals and discounts that customers would not be able to get elsewhere.
  4. Video marketing: This is another effective way to promote GetResponse’s services and products. You can create informative and engaging videos about GetResponse’s features and how they can help customers. By sharing these videos, you can reach a larger audience and potentially increase your affiliate sales.
  5. Paid advertising: It can also be used to promote GetResponse as an affiliate marketer. You can create advertisements and campaigns on social media and search engines, as well as web-based platforms such as YouTube. Paid advertising can be a great way to get your GetResponse content in front of potential customers and increase your affiliate sales.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions on the affiliate program offered by GetResponse.

Who can join the GetResponse affiliate program?

The affiliate program is free to join and is open to bloggers, social media influencers, YouTubers, online marketers, digital entrepreneurs, and more.

What type of affiliate program is offered by GetResponse?

Affiliate marketers can join either the recurring program (30% recurring commission) or the bounty program ($100 one-time commission).

What is the minimum threshold to get paid and when will I get paid?

You need to earn a minimum of $50 to get paid and you'll be paid around the 20th of each month for verified sales from the previous month.

How do affiliates receive the affiliate commission?

GetResponse pays the affiliate commission to eligible affiliates either by PayPal or Wire Transfer.

What is the cookie duration?

GetResponse offers a very long 120 days cookie period giving you plenty of time to convert your referral into customers.

Wrapping Up

The GetResponse Affiliate Program is an excellent way to make money while promoting a great product. With generous commission rates, bonuses and rewards, and exclusive deals and discounts, GetResponse makes it easy to earn a steady recurring commission.

If you are looking to make money by promoting GetResponse, look no further than the GetResponse Affiliate Program.

So, why not get started today? Sign up for the affiliate program and start earning recurring commissions and bounties!

The affiliate program by GetResponse is free to join. You don't need to be a paid subscriber of GetResponse to promote it on your blog, email or social media. Plus, if you like to experience this platform for free, you can join the GetResponse free plan. Get started for free today.

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