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A2 HOSTING India Review & Tutorial

Make Your WEBSITE 20X Faster and Reduce BOUNCE RATE & Boost Your Website’s CONVERSION RATE

Why You Need A2 HOSTING?

As per Kissmetrics study, 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less and 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

If your website is loading slow it will greatly affect your conversion rate which means less revenue for you. 

If you are having trouble with your website's

  • slow loading speed,
  • lower conversion rate,
  • less revenue and
  • are looking for a web host which could provide you an amazing speed

then continue reading on this review.

Before we start let me tell you that this blog is also hosted on A2hosting India.

A2 Hosting was launched in the year 2001 and is one of the fastest growing web hosting company in the world. Although it is not that popular like other web host but it quickly gaining ground and boast of some astounding features which its competitors can envy of.

The hosting plan of A2 Hosting India has some amazing features like 20X Faster Turbo speed, A2 Site Accelerator and Turbo Cache which can optimize your website or blog to load super fast. In terms of speed, A2 Hosting is way ahead of its competitors.

In this article I have explained all its features in detail. I am sure that by the end of this A2 Hosting India review you will be able to decide whether A2 Hosting is right for your website or not.

If you are looking for a reliable web hosting provider then look no further than A2 Hosting. Also, it is backed by its anytime money back guarantee where you can claim full refund within 30-days of purchase if you somehow don't like its service.

So if you are looking to buy a web hosting plan for your new website or if you are looking to transfer your existing website read this whole review which I have created to give you in-depth review of A2 Hosting India plans, features, and benefits.

In this review I will tell you about SHARED HOSTING plan of A2 Hosting and how it can help you to build an incredibly fast website. Even if you have an existing website you can easily transfer your website to A2 Hosting for free.

In this A2 Hosting India review, let's see what are the shared hosting plans offered by .

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A2 Hosting India shared hosting plan

Note: If you are not seeing currency of your choice then you can easily change it from the top of the A2 Hosting India page.

A2 Hosting comes with four shared hosting plan - STARTUP, DRIVE, TURBO BOOST and TURBO MAX.

Let's see features of these plans in the next section.

Common Features of STARTUP, DRIVE, TURBO BOOST and TURBO MAX plan

Unlimited SSD Storage & Transfer

A2 Hosting offers Solid State Drive (SSD) which can perform thousands of input/output operations in comparison to standard hard drives.

It not only host your OS or databases, but also your files due to which page loads faster.

Free & Easy Site Migration

If you have an existing website and you are tired of it's slow loading speed then you can consider moving your website to A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting have an expert migration team dedicated to website transfers. You don't have to worry about transferring your website to A2 Hosting as their expert team will do it for free

Free SSL Certificate

A2 Hosting has partnered with Let’s Encrypt to provide you with free and automated SSL Certificates for enhanced website security and protection. 

Let's Encrypt gives websites trusted HTTPS for an encrypted connection so that your website always remain secure.

In A2 Hosting, Let's Encrypt protection is setup automatically for your domain by default.

Easy cPanel Control Panel

It has easy to use cPanel Control Panel to manage the following-

  • One-click installation of softwares
  • Create & Manage Databases
  • Create  & Manage Sub-Domains
  • Manage Emails
  • File Manager to manage all your websites's files and folders
  • PhpMyAdmin to manage all your MySQl databases and tables.
  • Mange PHP
  • And many more features

24/7/365 Phone, Live Chat & Email Support

You can contact Guru Crew Support of A2 Hosting 24/7/365 via email, chat or by submitting your ticket.

Whether you need support to install WordPress, PHP Hosting or even if you need help to set up your blog the support staff of A2 Hosting will provide you all the required support.

Choice of Data Center Location

You can choose your website to host on a server located closer to you and your visitors. You can choose any one of the data center mentioned below.
  • USA-Michigan
  • USA-Arizona
  • Europe-Amsterdam
  • Asia-Singapore

Free Website Builder

With A2 Website Builder you can easily build and maintain your website.

Just choose a theme from its selection, design your site with easy drag & drop tools and publish!

99.9% Uptime Commitment

A2 Hosting employs industry's best practices, feature servers in the best data centers and make sure that the server includes the latest security patches.

Rest assured that the uptime of your blog will be 99.9% and will never face any lag in your blog.

Free Cloudflare CDN

With free Cloudflare CDN you can boost your website's performance and security for free.

A CDN automatically determines the fastest route to deliver your site to your visitors thus reducing your site's loading time.

1 Click Software Installation

A2 Hosting provides 1-Click software installation. With just a click you can install  popular softwares like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, phBB and CubeCart.

You'll automatically be notified when a new version of your software is available, so you can update it with just 1-click.

All the above three plans of A2 Hosting India comes with 


If you are not satisfied with the service of A2 Hosting you can claim refund any time within 30 days of your purchase. But I am sure that it will not be required.

Above you have seen the common features of all the FOUR plan. I don't recommend STARTUP plan as you can create only one website under this plan and it also has limited features than the other three plans.

Now let's see the basic difference between all the three plans - DRIVE, TURBO BOOST and TURBO MAX.


  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free Automatic Backups
  • 2X Resources
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Traffic Spike Protection



  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free Automatic Backups
  • 2X Resources
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Traffic Spike Protection
  • Upto 20X Faster
  • A2 Site Accelerator
  • Turbo Cache
  • Few Users Per Server



  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free Automatic Backups
  • 2X Resources
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Traffic Spike Protection
  • Upto 20X Faster
  • 5X More Resources
  • A2 Site Accelerator
  • Turbo Cache
  • Few Users Per Server


This is the most popular shared hosting plan of A2 Hosting India.

In this plan you can create unlimited website, unlimited email accounts and unlimited databases

One of the best features of this plan is free automatic backups. In case something goes wrong you can always restore your website.

It has 2X resources more than the STARTUP plan

It also provides protection against traffic spike. If any of your blog post goes viral driving huge traffic to your website rest assured that your site won't be affected.


It covers all the features of DRIVE plan. In terms of features this is the best shared hosting plan offered by A2 Hosting India.

Besides all the features of SWIFT plan it also provides a feature which you won't find in any other web host. These are 20X Faster Turbo speed and A2 Site Accelerator and Turbo Cache.

These features will make your blog incredibly fast.

Let's see three reasons why you should consider SPEED as a number one factor in selecting a good web host- 

  1. Now a days Google considers speed of a website as an important factor for ranking in Google Search Result Page.

    A fast website will outrank its competitor in terms of appearance in Google Search Results Page.
  2. Fast website speed also helps in reducing your site bounce rate. Most of the visitors abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

    Thus, bounce rate of a site increases significantly if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

    A website with high bounce rate lower than its competitor in Google Search.
  3. If you are monetizing your website by promoting affiliate product then a slow website with high bounce rate will result in lower conversions that means lower sales and lower income.

Thus, while choosing a web host for your blog you must also consider the above three factors apart from other features.

With TURBO BOOST hosting plan your website will get amazing 20X Faster Turbo speed and A2 Site Accelerator and Turbo Cache.

These features will super optimize your website or blog to load your website under 3 seconds.


It covers all the features of TURBO BOOST plan. In addition to that, it has 5X More Resources 

It is the best plan of A2hosting but could be expensive for new bloggers. I would recommend newbie bloggers to go with Turbo Boost plan.

These features will super optimize your website or blog to load your website under 3 seconds.

For my blog,, I am using TURBO BOOST plan of A2 Hosting India and it has helped my site to load incredibly fast under 3 seconds. You can check my website speed in either GTMetrix or Pingdom or Google Pagespeed Insight. 

Let's see the loading speed of my site in all these three sites.

GTmetrix speed result

GTMetrix Speed Test

Pingdom Speed Test After Installing WP Rocket

Pingdom Speed Test

Pagespeed result for Desktop

Google Pagespeed Insight Speed Test

Thus, you can see that by using A2 Hosting Turbo plan my blog is loading incredibly fast UNDER 3 SECONDS. Since I was much satisfied with my website performance I decided to write about A2 Hosting India review so that users like me could also take correct decision.

Now, let's see a simple tutorial on how you can start creating a Blog in A2 Hosting.

Click on this link and you will redirected to A2hosting website.

a2hosting shared plans

Here select SHARED HOSTING. You would be taken to the following page.

A2 Hosting India shared hosting plan

As you can see in the above image, the current discount is 58%

A2hosting India is now providing 58% discount on DRIVE and 50% of TURBO BOOST plan (as of 24th April 2020).

I would recommend you to go with DRIVE plan as it is more affordable and contains almost all essential features and benefits.


choose domain

See the above image. Here you will get three main options to choose from-

1. If you have already purchased your domain from other registrar, for example, Godaddy and want to transfer it to A2hosting India then you have to select the option- Transfer your domain from another registrar.

2. If you have already purchased your domain from other registrar and don't want to transfer it to A2hosting then you will have to select the option- I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers.

3. If you are creating a new website enter a unique domain name under Register a new domain. A top level domain is recommended here. So I would advise you to go with .com or .org.

After entering the domain name select Check. It will tell you whether the domain name entered by you is available or not. If it is not available try again.

If the domain name entered by you is available then click on Continue.

If you need help in selecting a domain name, refer this article - How to select a good domain name.

On selecting Continue, now you will be redirected to cart page.

By default DRIVE shared hosting plan would be automatically selected.

Whether you choose DRIVE plan or TURBO BOOST plan keep in mind to choose the hosting plan for a longer period. I will tell you why.

Think your website as your business. You don't do business just for a year, isn't it? You are creating a website so that you can run it for a longer term. So when you are buying a hosting plan go for the longer term.

There is one more reason for which you may decide to buy hosting plan for longer term. Let's see what is it.

Most of the web hosting company including A2hosting India gives discount to its new customer for first time only. So if you take hosting plan for only one year period then on second year when you renew your hosting plan you will have to pay the original price. You won't get any discount on renewal.

So, I will suggest you to go for either 2 year or a 3 year hosting plan. It will save you good amount of money.

After selecting a plan of your choice select Continue. Now review the price and select Checkout.

On the Checkout page enter your personal details like name, email, phone number, address, city and country. Under your preferred payment method you can choose either credit card, debit card, net banking, paypal, bank wire transfer or skrill.

The payment process is fairly simple. Make payment after selecting the payment method and entering all the account details. 

That's it. Now you own one of the best hosting plan. Now start building a conversion focused and super fast website with A2 hosting India.

If you have any problem during payment process or you have any confusion regarding purchase just contact the customer support by selecting SALES & SUPPORT link at the top of A2hosting India website and they will be happy to guide you.

I have tried to explain all the features of all the share hosting plan of A2hosting. I hope that you like the A2 hosting India review and it will help you in making a decision on selecting the best hosting plan.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by A2 Hosting India's 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. A2 Hosting offer an Anytime Money Back Guarantee for its users.

After using A2hosting if you decide that this is not the right host for your website, just claim for your refund within 30 days of purchase and they will refund your money. Yeah you heard it right. They will give you a completely hassle-free full refund!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best hosting plan- LITE, SWIFT or TURBO?

Can I transfer my existing website to A2 Hosting for free?

Can I upgrade my plan from SWIFT to TURBO later?

How do I claim refund if I am not happy with A2 Hosting?

I hope you liked the A2 Hosting India Review.

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