AMZ Table Assistant Review: The Best Addon Chrome Extension for AAWP

| | June 14, 2021

If you are making money using the Amazon Affiliate program, chances are you use a plugin like AAWP to display product boxes, tables, or widgets.

Product boxes are a great way to visually display a product in your product reviews and they help convert readers into buyers.

Here’s an example AAWP product box.

To create boxes like the image above, AAWP makes use of shortcodes. The shortcode you’d paste into your article would look like:

[amazon box=”ENTER ASIN HERE”]

Normally when you build product boxes, you first must type the shortcode template (ie. – the shortcode without the ASIN) in WordPress, then go to Amazon to find the ASIN, and then go back to WordPress to manually paste it in.

That’s a lot of work!

So, we use a Chrome extension called AMZ Table Assistant to simplify the process.

AMZTA is also universal and works with EasyAzon, Azonpress, or AmaLinks Pro. But in this review, we’re going to focus on AAWP.

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What is AMZ Table Assistant?

AMZ Table Assistant is a Google Chrome extension that automatically adds Amazon ASIN’s into your AAWP shortcodes.

It does this by overlaying “shortcode buttons” directly on

AMZ Table AAWP Shortcodes

Whenever you click on one of those buttons, it automatically adds that product’s ASIN into the shortcode template and copies everything to your clipboard.

For example, if you clicked the AAWP Vertical Box button, the shortcode copied to clipboard would be

[amazon box="B07MMZ2LTB" template="vertical"]

This lets you do your product research right on and quickly paste a perfect shortcode into your posts in just 1 click.

AMZTA Features

AMZ Table Assistant is the best Chrome extension for Amazon Affiliates and is a huge time saving tool.

You no longer need to remember the correct AAWP syntax to use, keep switching tabs, or manually search for the ASIN again!

 Below is a list of all the features AMZTA offers.

1. Copy ASIN button

The Copy ASIN button will automatically grab an Amazon ASIN and copy it to your clipboard. No more searching the URL or scrolling halfway down the page to find it.

2. Default Shortcode Buttons

Default shortcode buttons are commonly used AAWP shortcodes. These are things like simple product boxes, text links, or image links. We’ve pre-created these for you so can get started just seconds after installing the extension.

3. Custom Shortcode Buttons

Want to customize your buttons? You can do that too. Feel free to create as simple or complex of buttons as you’d like and use one of the many AAWP modifiers.

You could create a custom shortcode with modifers for dark theme, nofollow, hide price, etc.

One of the biggest advantages of custom shortcode buttons is that you can add alternate tracking ID’s into them. AAWP is hardcoded to only use 1 Amazon tracking ID. But, a lot of people like to A/B test their CTA buttons to see which one receives more clicks.

Using AMZTA, you can create several buttons, each with a unique tracking ID, and paste those in to override the default tracking ID.

4. Custom Title buttons

By default, AAWP pulls in the Amazon product title. However, AAWP lets you add your own SEO title.

To simplify entering custom titles, just enter |Custom Title| into your custom shortcode button. Once you click your new button, a message pops up on screen asking you to enter a custom title. This title is then added into your shortcode.

5. Add Multiple ASINS

This is a huge time-saving features when building multi-ASIN lists, grids, or tables.

Simply click the Append to List button located on an Amazon product or product search page, and it will add the ASIN to your list.

AMZ Table Append To List

6. Delete Buttons

In the options, you can delete any default buttons you don’t use. Since AMZTA is universal, we’ve added a few default buttons for AmaLinks Pro and AzonPress.

If you don’t use those, simply delete them.

7. Hide Buttons

Instead of deleting buttons, you can also simply hide them. This prevents them from showing up on Hiding buttons is great for buttons that don’t get used very often, but you don’t want to get rid of permanently.

8. Import / Export Button Configurations

In the options, you can export or import your custom button configurations. This is especially useful if you have writers or VA’s.

You create the shortcodes you want them to use, export the config, and then have them import it. This ensures they format the shortcode correctly each time.

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

AMZTA Pricing

AMZ Table Assistant has 3 pricing plans: Free, Pro, and Agency. All of these are 1-time costs with no monthly fees.

AMZ Table Assistant Pricing Plans

Free Plan

The free plan is completely free and doesn’t need a product key to use. You are only able to use the Copy ASIN button with the free plan.

Pro Plan

The Pro version is just $37 (one-time fee) for a 1-user license and grants you access to all features.

Agency Plan

The Agency plan is a 1-time $79 fee. It allows you to share the product key with up to 25 VA’s or writers and grants you access to all features.


If you are using AAWP to build product boxes, AMZ Table Assistant is a great way to simplify the process of building your shortcodes. AMZTA is a great addon tool for AAWP.

It’s easy to use and you can get started just seconds after installing it. There is also some really great documentation and a How To Use AMZTA video if you still have questions.

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